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<ul><li><p>Effective SEO Strategies to Increase the Website Traffic Brisbane </p><p>SEO is the best way to increase the traffic of your website and a significant means of revenue </p><p>for those who do this business. Another greatest challenge is to maintain the traffic constantly </p><p>and get the best ranking possible by the Google. The best ways of attaining the quality links and </p><p>effective way for a website are as follows: </p><p>Create a Subject Expert Influencer: In Search Engine Optimization an Influencer is the means of </p><p>contact between the people and company through online. So, create an influencer on your side </p><p>who is subject expert and head up to content creation on your website. Having an influencer </p><p>indirectly refers to more people to you site, share your blog posts and trust your content. </p><p>Optimistic Content Marketing Strategy: For Better ranking and SEO a result writing the content which is fresh and resourceful is very important. The content you write must contain </p><p>the top rated keywords in the title or the body such that Google can recognize them and give </p><p>the ranking accordingly. Hyperlinks in the body will redirect you to the other websites is also a </p><p>reason for ranking and regular sharing of your website on social media makes it gain the traffic. </p><p>One more important strategy is that Google recognizes the regular updation of fresh content in </p><p>the website. By doing this Google gets a signal that the site is active and the ranking chances </p><p>will increase as a whole. </p><p>Create Mobile Version for your Website: According to the Google update Mobilegeddon, you </p><p>must have a mobile friendly website ready by April 21st 2015 otherwise you will lose your </p><p>rankings in the Google search listings. In the year 2016, your website should be mobile friendly </p><p>to gai the ra ki gs a d there are three types of a epted optio s for a o ile site i Googles eyes that include </p><p> Responsive design Being set up on a mobile subdomain or </p><p>http://tprmedia.net.au/seo-brisbane/http://tprmedia.net.au/seo-brisbane/http://tprmedia.net.au/seo-brisbane/</p></li><li><p> Use dynamic serving. </p><p>Create Secured Sites: In 2016, Google is boosting ranking to the sites which are secured. As an </p><p>SEO you must work on the websites which start with Https instead of working on Http. Here S </p><p>in the Https means security. Make sure to turn your website to Https like other website that </p><p>already turned. </p><p>Mark-up your Website using Schema.org: Schema.org is the markup that you can add in the </p><p>code of your website. By adding his you can tell Google which picture on your site is your logo, </p><p>where your reviews are, where your videos are, what type of company you are, where you are </p><p>located and much more. The Higher officials of the Google Company have confirmed that by </p><p>using this markup the ranking of the website will increase. </p><p>Powerful Backlinks Generation: Best Content writing will lead to the powerful backlink </p><p>generation for your website or web page. In order to get optimal results you must hire a Public </p><p>Relations Company or write to a large publication or recommending the content to people who </p><p>matter. </p><p>SEO is mainly based on the fresh and high quality content and generating powerful backlinks. In </p><p>the year 2016 make sure that your website is mobile friendly and secure. Add these tips to your </p><p>regular SEO works to get the optimal ranking for your website in the Google. Get more details </p><p>at http://tprmedia.net.au/seo-brisbane/ </p><p>ADDRESS: </p><p>304 Montague Road </p><p>West End </p><p>QLD </p><p>4101 </p><p>Phone: 1800 896 599 </p><p>Email: support@tprmedia.com.au </p><p>http://tprmedia.net.au/seo-brisbane/http://tprmedia.net.au/seo-brisbane/http://tprmedia.net.au/seo-brisbane/</p></li></ul>