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Social Media: Whats Hot And Whats Not

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Todays TakeawaysWhy storytelling is so vital to any fundraising & marketing strategyWays you can use social media to tell storiesExamples from libraries and nonprofits who are doing great storytelling@JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


@JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


Story SampleThe new economy of twenty-four-hour online shopping, global markets and just-in-time inventory churning, have created a demand for "flexible" labor--rapid-fire changes in schedules, shift-swapping, on-call staff. In a new book, Unequal Time, sociologists Dan Clawson and Naomi Gerstel survey how time is distributed across this new economic landscape, and finds that flexibility--and its evil twin, unpredictability--is creating a new social order that brings chaos to the workplace and the home.When the Workday Never Really Ends, The Nation, Michelle Chenon October 15, 2014 @JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


@JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


Story SampleIn a typical last-minute scramble, Jannette Navarro, a 22-year-old Starbucks barista and single mother, scraped together a plan for surviving the month of July without setting off family or financial disaster... Youre waiting on your job to control your life, she said, with the scheduling software used by her employer dictating everything from how much sleep Gavin will get to what groceries Ill be able to buy this month.Working Anything but 9 to 5: Scheduling Technology Leaves Low-Income Parents With Hours of ChaosBy Jodi Kantor, Photograph by Sam Hodgson, August 13, 2014@JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


Why Storytelling?People dont remember bullet points. People respond to emotion.Feelings, not analytical thinking, drive actions.@JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


What Storytelling Will Not DoFix bad management or ineffective programs.Replace other marketing strategies.Replace tried-and-true fundraising tactics.BUT if done well, it will augment all other communication efforts! @JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


How To Do Storytelling?Think of your audience FIRST and ALWAYS. How can you tell a story in a way that will resonate with them?What is important to them? What will inspire them to action? What are they interested in?@JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


@JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


Change In MindsetBecome a storytelling organization.Most library communications are boring and org-centric.What is interesting and new? @JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


Focus on PeopleNeed to focus on BENEFITS, not features. Need to focus on PEOPLE, not programs. @JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


Its less about technology and more about what the visitor can bring to the equation. In the end, we want people to feel ownership of this museum. We ask them to tell us what they think. They can give us a bad review when we make a mistake they can come to our rescue. We want to engage with our community.~Shelley Bernstein, Chief Technology Officer, the Brooklyn Museum@JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


5 Main Types of Stories @JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


1) Creation StoriesWhat was the need?What is the need now?Story of the foundersThe real WHY you exist@JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com16

Creation StoriesIt began with a question. A small boy begging in the streets of India. What do you want most in the world?A pencil, he replied.I reached into my backpack, handed him my pencil, and watched as a wave of possibility washed over him.@JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com17

2) Resilience StoriesContinuous improvementShow that your org is always trying to adapt, change, evolveChallenges facedMistakes madeLessons learned@JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


Resilience StoriesThe Denver Foundation10 Years 10 Stories Celebrating 10 years of inclusivenessStories from the Journey stories told by the nonprofits awarded grantsNonprofits discussed what they learned and what they still have to work on.Focused on their target audience and thought about what would resonate with them.@JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


3) Behind-The-Scenes StoriesFeature donorsFeature Board membersFeature staffFeature volunteers@JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com20

Behind-The-Scenes StoriesCentral Rappahannock Regional Library in Fredericksburg, VirginiaLibraries Will Survive on YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8QjjKrEK7Y @JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


Behind-The-Scenes Stories

@JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


Behind-The-Scenes Stories@JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com

The rise of the #shelfie



4) User-Generated Stories Geek The Library: www.geekthelibrary.org Yes, librarians geek, too. See what they are passionate about and why they think the public library is a vital community resource. Are you a librarian?Tell us what you geek.

@JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


User-Generated Stories Libraries for Real Life: http://www.librariesforreallife.org/stories/

@JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


User-Generated Stories

@JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com



5) Impact StoriesShowcase the difference you are makingShowcase the impact on the communityDoesnt have to be sugary sweet @JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


Impact Stories"I am a mother of 3 who is trying to finish my bachelors degree. I love the quiet glass enclosed room. I come here regularly to study, and because of this solitude I have been able to accomplish much more of my classes than I had been able to do at home. Thank you for providing a quiet, non-distracting place for me to study!!"http://www.librarypoint.org/patrons_love_stories @JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


Impact StoriesAlways show donors where their money is going. Make them smile when they see the results their gift helped achieve. https://www.fb.com/BostonChildrensHospital @JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


Where To Find Stories?Everywhere! Everyone is responsible!Requires a big change of culture.No silos! Get on the front lines.Talk with people.@JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


Everyone Has A StoryEveryone has a story it might not be one that you can use, but it might lead you to an idea or person who can help.

@JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


How To Get Good StoriesLook over all of those thank you notes! Ask users include a share your story page on your website, conduct surveys, ask at live events.Be enthusiastic. Choose your language:Memories, experience, tips,advice, thoughts. @JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


How To Get Good StoriesExplain the purpose.Keep the stories varied. Talk about kids, adults, teens, community, schools, sponsors, donors. @JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


Story-Generating QuestionsWhen did our library:Help you through a difficult situation?Make you laugh?Make you think?Teach you something important?Contribute to your education, empowerment, employment, etc.?How would life be different if the library didnt exist?

@JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


Stories from the FieldDelainey L.(Lincoln), 7th grade, Gere Library customerOne summer, boredom got me full throttle. I would basically lay in my room, wishing I had something to do besides swim just to stay cool. Then one day my mom asked if I would like to go to the Library with her, and loved it so much! I had been to the library before, but that day really got me into a reading frenzy, which I've had ever since! I love going to the Library, it has done a lot for me :)favorite book:Harry Potterby J.K. Rowlingscurrently reading:Indigoby Alice Hoffmanhttp://www.lincolnlibraries.org/info/Your_Library_Stories.htm @JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


Have A SystemCollect stories & all story ideas. Keep these confidential for now. Nothing is too small to collect.Save your stories & ideas in a virtual Story Bank.Use Dropbox or Google Drive.Form a Storytelling Committee. Start thinking like a reporter.Use your smart phone, tablet, GoPro, flip camera. @JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


Mine The GoldThink of the story itself as gold. You mine the gold, capture the story. Then you bring it back to your office and you need to pound that gold into different shapes and sizes depending on whom youre talking to, or also where youre telling it. ~ Andy Goodman@JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


You Need to Go MultichannelPrint, electronic, mobile and everything in between. Be where your users are, not where you want them to be.@JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


Channels for StorytellingWebsite HOME BASEBlogsEmail newslettersPublications Social media Public speaking, community educationUser-generated encourage your online community to share their stories

@JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com


Library WebsiteWebsite is the HOME BASE for all communicationsHave a place to collect storie


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