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Do you struggle with finding strategies to teach entrepreneurship to all students across the curriculum? This interactive session will give you a chance to understand the impact that entrepreneurship education can have on your NAF academies, provide several turn-key activities to incorporate entrepreneurship and identify additional resources for implementation.


  • 1. #NAFNext2014 Kim Pickering, Extension Educator for Entrepreneurship University of Nebraska - Lincoln

2. Entrepreneurship: A Blueprint for Success! #NAFNext2014 3. Introduction What is entrepreneurship? Why is entrepreneurship important? Activities Resources Overview for today: #NAFNext2014 4. Anyone who creates and starts a business venture, especially those that can focus on innovation. It is the engine driving our economy. It is NOT management. Entrepreneurs must constantly respond to the changing environment. What is entrepreneurship? #NAFNext2014 5. Entrepreneurship = Opportunity + the Discovery Process. It is the process of searching for the intersection of our talent, interests, abilities and needs of our fellow human beings. We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Albert Einstein What is entrepreneurship? #NAFNext2014 6. It begins with a mindset. A mindset that: Exposes opportunities and ignites ambition Requires curiosity and creativity, willingness to experiment, and try new things Requires communication, collaboration and ability to solve real world problems Can empower anyone regardless of their circumstances, interests or chosen field EVERY student needs this! -The Ice House Entrepreneurship Program What is entrepreneurship? #NAFNext2014 7. Aspen Institute Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy Group 7,000 high school students dropout daily 1 in every 2 minority students fail to graduate For every dropout, our nation loses $1 million in wages Youth entrepreneurship is at the heart of the American dream Youth feel more connected to school when they participate in entrepreneurship programs Why is entrepreneurship important? #NAFNext2014 8. Youth employment is at a 60-year low 23% of youth surveyed said they started a business because of ing able to find a job. In 2011, 83% of youth surveyed said entrepreneurship education is important. -The Gallup Organization Why is entrepreneurship important? #NAFNext2014 9. Benefits: Work Freedom Confidence Recognition Achievement Happiness Money Balance Growth Respect Satisfaction Knowledge Independence Flexibility Providing Quality of Life Employment Creative Networking Why is entrepreneurship important? #NAFNext2014 10. Creates jobs Innovation Solutions for problems or needs in society Make a sector so our country can survive in the competitive world. Why is entrepreneurship important? #NAFNext2014 11. Positive impact on dropout rates and community engagement, and development of risk-taking and opportunity for recognition Helps develop leadership skills and innovative thinking Places that grow more entrepreneurs have stronger economic growth. Why is entrepreneurship important? #NAFNext2014 12. 43% of youth want to start their own business Only 59% said their school offers any classes on entrepreneurship Gallup Hope Survey involves goal setting, and motivation to get there. Students with high hope are more likely to find solutions when obstacles get in their way. Gallup Survey #NAFNext2014 13. A pitch where the entrepreneur must clearly and briefly describe their product or service, what it does and how it will benefit the customer. It is an important tool to quickly and clearly define a business idea to potential investors and customers. Quick Pitch project: #NAFNext2014 14. What is the problem your product/service can solve? What is your solution for that problem? Who is your target market? Who is your competition? Why are you the best person for the job? Quick Pitch components: #NAFNext2014 15. BAG ACTIVITY #NAFNext2014 16. WHATCHAMACALLIT ACTIVITY #NAFNext2014 17. Dream, Design Deliver: A 3-D Blueprint for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Curriculum Materials #NAFNext2014 18. Eship.unl.edu Huskerpreneur.com Facebook.com/unleship Twitter.com/unleship Youtube.com/unleship Pinterest.com/unexted/unl- extension- social-media-for- entrepreneurs/ Additional Resources #NAFNext2014 19. Dane Carlson Blog Ted.com Kauffman Foundation Rule of Thumb for Business Additional Resources #NAFNext2014 20. www.video.foxnews.com/v/2473423772 001/ http://www.ellentv.com/videos/0- wkeytyp1/ Additional Resources #NAFNext2014 21. Kim Pickering, UNL Extentsion 4-H Youth Development 114 Ag Hall Lincoln NE 68583-0700 402-472-9198 kpickering2@unl.edu Contact Information #NAFNext2014