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  • 1. Septo Indarto

2. Your Goal 3. To look at good opportunity what is aproduct you could sell into the market. 4. When you sell you product to market you willget the competition from the othercompanies. Give your product that will sellby different style of quality. Example: Nintendo Wii creates the differentproduct of video game to add the newcustomer, especially Non-lover video game,such as women and the parents. 5. You have to make a very good and attractivemarketing concept to increase selling of yourproducts. Using Video Marketing (You Tube),Social Networking (Facebook), E-commerce(Yahoo.com) (Example: Coca-cola and Toyota Yaris arehaving a good advertisement to embracemany customers). 6. Day by day, the market will full withvarious products. Every day you will seethere is a new product launching to themarket. The question to you is how tosurvive? You must do research and development tocreate a new product by a goodinnovation. Data base from customersurvey is important to boost your researchand development. (SAMSUNG Electronic does this strategy tocreate innovation products in themarket). 7. Your Strategy 8. You need to see about a new space in themarket when your competitor neverentering. Its a good achievement to yourcompany as a pioneer. (SAMSUNG is the first company doesinnovation in LCD TV-Flat and selling massiveto customers). 9. The ability to process information quicklyhas almost entirely been neglected (Kemampuan memproses informasi secaracepat yang diabaikan oleh para pesaing). Many Japanese companies do this strategyof the marketing strategy. In 1970s whenthe world was in oil big crisis. Theautomotive car makers created a smallcar to reduce oil/gasoline using. In shorttime cars from Japan were too popular inthe world). 10. Up grade information coming from themarket is so important to use as analyzethe market trend. It will help so much forthe marketer to do their marketingactivities on selling their market. Themarketer could do a survey aboutcharacteristic of products they will sellcontinuously. In the other way, the otherway, the marketer could see the markettrend from trading fair, information frominternet, newspaper, magazine etc. 11. Your company must be having the bestteam of marketing. Every marketing teamshould have a strategy how to create anopportunity to open space of the marketand then to sell products to the market.Training for marketing is somethingimportant to increase the marketers doingimprovisation to catch the market. (General Electric always gives the goodtraining for their marketer to createinnovation marketing).

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