entrepreneurship for developers: key for success

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WordCamp NYC 2014 


 [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc Entrepreneurship for Developers: The Keys to SuccessPresented by Cory J. Miller, iThemes CEO [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc The toughest, loneliest job. Ever. [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc What Ive Learned: My Priorities 1. You 2. Your Team 3. Your Customers [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc Code is awesome. But its all about people. You [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc PRIORITY #1 [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc Your happiness MATTERS MOST [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc If youre not happy NOBODY IS [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc I was miserable. [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc Enough is enough. NEVER AGAIN. [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc Your WHY & Your HAPPY [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc Your Life Support System 1. Spouse or Signicant Other 2. My Team 3. Mentors & Coaches 4. Mental Health Counselor 5. Like-Minded Entrepreneurs My Support Group [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc Retreat & Recharge YOUR TEAM [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc PRIORITY #2 If you want to go fast, go alone. [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc If you want to go far, go together. AFRICAN PROVERB People Who Can & Will Attempt The Summit With You [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc Anger and frustration come from [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc UNMET EXPECTATIONS. SMITTY, MY COACH One person can bring it all down. Beware! [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc What Should You Hire For? [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc 1. Fit 2. Skill 3. Potential Fire for POISON or PERFORMANCE [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc Firing is about BOUNDARIES [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc One indisputable leadership fact: CARE YOUR CUSTOMERS [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc PRIORITY #3 [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc We had a problem. [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc MAKE PEOPLES LIVES AWESOME! [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc Protect & Prosper Customers are the Cause we Champion [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc What Are Their Dreams? And how do we help them get there? [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc Marketing Is Not Evil Its your greatest ally. [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc Dont apologize for making money! [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc The best customers want you to make money. [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc The Worst Customers Arent Even Customers Theyre vampires and terrorists. [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc Reaching Nirvana [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc Money + Meaning Profit + Purpose [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc LIVE IN THE ARENA [email protected] // @corymiller303 // #wcnyc Get in Touch [email protected] // @corymiller303 slideshare.net/corymiller303