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  • 1. Our vision is to nurture the dreams of manypromising entrepreneurs by rendering endto end services in the field of finance andother allied consultancy services in matterspertaining to business operations &business expansion. Our Mission is to make the most of our skills and core competencies to develop and deliver leading-edge services that reflect our knowledge, expertise & experience.

2. Non Resident Indian [NRI] / High Net worth Individuals [HNI] Services 3. Assist and Advise on Inward andOutward transactions. Assistand advise on Loans andborrowings Interact or coordinate with the bank Assist and advise on bank deposits 4. Investment advise Assist in execution ofthe transaction Taxation advise Assist in Rent collection/ inspection of property Advise on propertypurchases and sales Payment of propertytaxes / Insurance Advise on repatriationof Funds Assist in Legal matters Regular PropertyManagement Services 5. Showcasing the Indian Private companies lookingfor investment Provideall information about the company andfacilitate the contact with the promoters Assistin negotiation to arrive a fair valuation ofshares Adviseand Execute all legal compliances underRBI/FDI 6. Advise onPeriodical Insurance Mutual Funds,Report OnManagementDeposits & InvestmentsBonds 7. Finance & Tax Planning Updating the latest changes in Tax LawsAddressing the queriesthrough mail/ call 8. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY IN BANGALORE, INDIA 9. Projects/ Companies looking for Angel or VC or Private Equity Investments Conducting business valuations or writing business plans Conducting due diligence 10. Scout for projects looking for investments Conduct due diligenceOur Conduct businessServices valuations Prepare detailed project report 11. We can act as business associates of Investment bankers or Corporate advisory firms based in USA & UK in Bangalore, India We can act as the representative office of Investment bankers or Corporate Advisory Firms 12. Off Shore Services Youcan outsource any work which our team can work on in India Wecan assist any companies want to set up business in India Wecan conduct feasibility study for any company