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History:Leopards Courier Services was inaugurated in 1983 with five destinations, serving as offices for Saadat insurance, as well as for Leopards Courier, with delivery restricted to five destinations alone.As industry developed in Pakistan, and more raw materials and other products were to be dispatched nationwide, the need for a courier service grew, and Leopards found itself fulfilling a bigger need-helping local industry grow. As a result of this business growth, Leopards has now expanded to over 1036 destinations for general clients (express centers). At each of these express centers, Leopards employees have been trained and placed to help clients find services that best fulfill their needs. Currently, we employ over 3000 couriers and 1000 express center employees.These destinations are fed and controlled by 164 Major Hubs located throughout Pakistan, where courier is sorted and dispatched for nationwide destinations. As a result, we have the largest nationwide network in terms of destinations, reaching Pakistani remote areas that no other courier service reaches, through both ground and air transport.The distribution network is designed in such a way so that mail from all over Pakistan is distributed the very next day except for few areas/stations mentioned in our Station List, where local underdevelopment of resources has not made this possible, and where many courier services do not offer delivery. However, our dream is to connect all Pakistanis together, whether they live in underdeveloped villages or large metropolitan cities, and we deliver everywhere.Overtime, Leopards has added various products and services as a mode of convenience for clients, including overland trucking for cheaper delivery of non-urgent products, Leopards flyer for documents and other official documents that are delivered sealed, Yellow-box services, international delivery services, the Economy service offering cheaper rates for a slightly delayed delivery, and the Leopards Loveline gift service.The Leopards Team is always when it comes to solving logistic and courier issues with new products, and continue to come up with new and innovative products, which help our company and employees grow.

MissionTo direct all our organizational efforts at building upon the existing organizational strengths and brand recognition to achieve enhanced levels of profitable growth in the core business, and diversify into new areas that compliment and supplement the core business, with the diversification aimed at achieving excellence and industry leader status in the new areas.

VisionLCS will be recognized and respected as professional, innovative, profitable information, and knowledge based logistics/services enterprise. LCS embeds internet based technologies into its internal operating structures and as business solutions for customers; with customer, employee and shareholder interests at the core of its operations; demonstrating a clear concern for ethical conduct and good corporate citizenship.

LCS SloganFaster than your ImaginationWe Never Sleep

ManagementJehangir ShahidCEOThe 20th century and the technological revolution it has bought with it, is about global change, which can only be achieved by connecting minds globally. Therefore, at Leopards, we believe in connecting ideas-worldwideJehangir Shahid is the founder and CEO of Leopards courier ltd., Pakistans leading Courier Company which unites people nationwide and offers services in the most remote areas of the country.Born on July 15th, 1947, Shahid grew up in Lahore with his five siblings. Their father, Saadat Din, was a cotton dealer and his mother was a homemaker.Jehangir attended school away from his family in the city of Abbotabad, at the Abbotabad Public School. He was an inquisitive and innovative student who liked to experiment with new ideas; an aptitude which would later lead him to find his potential in the courier industry.After completing his Masters Degree in Economics, Jehangir moved to Karachi in 1970 and joined the countries newly developing advertising industry. His company made billboards which targeted the cities major commercial districts. New ideas for promoting products were being developed, and the concept of advertising was becoming popular.However, as a recession hit the country in the 1970s, businesses in Pakistan were greatly de-valued and could no longer afford to spend money on expensive advertisement campaigns. Then entering the manufacturing industry following his advertising streak, Jehangir was surprised by the involuntary lack of correspondence between businesses due to the lack of a secure and systemized courier or postal service.Seeing potential for a courier company that could connect the whole nation, Jehangir established Leopards Courier in 1983 within five destinations in the country. Jehangirs foresight and visionary attitude lead towards expansion of the company, and after establishing one of the largest nationwide networks, Leopards went international in the year 2000, setting up offices in Dubai, Singapore and China.Moreover, Jehangir recently opened Leopards logistics and shipments; a division of leopards focused towards the national and international transportation of heavy shipments and containers. Being a lively socialite, Jehangir is a part of many business organizations in Pakistan, including the Chamber of Commerce and FPCCI. As a treasurer for the RAVIANS association, Jehangir has been a part of many charitable drives for the underprivileged.

Rizwan SaadatExecutive DirectorBorn on February 1'st, 1986, Rizwan Saadat spent his childhood years in Karachi with his family. His father, Jehangir Shahid, had already established a progressive courier business by this time.In the year 2005, Rizwan joined Leopards Courier to devote his energies to a rapidly growing company in the need of a newer, and bigger, direction. Aspiring towards developing a company which matched global standards, Rizwan set out towards enabling the organizational structures of the company to cater towards the international market.Under Rizwan Saadats administration, a new system of computerized barcode package tracking was implemented to track the forwarding of packages, making the whole mailing process highly secure and efficient.Rizwan Saadat established a new and improved sales and marketing division of the company along with the Leopards Loveline gift services division, bringing in new trends at Leopards Courier.Expanding its boundaries further still, Leopards was able to acquire agency of Aramex in Pakistan.In the future, Rizwan plans to further strengthen the companys security and economic features by broadening the companys prospective in the international market.To contact Rizwan Saadat, email him at: rizwan@leopardscourier.com

Awards & Achievement to Employee Old age benefits Medical Awards Reward Injured facilities Holiday Leave incentive Over time Full day rest Bonus

Core Values1. Quality:Quality of service very good.

2. Ethics:Give value to customers and they have qualified staff.

3. Justice:Whenever they feel guilty L.C.S accept and focus on justice.

4. Creative Growth:Introduce the services like Loveline, NPB (National Police Bureau), only for Spain visitors, check complete data and attest the documents from ministry of foreign affairs.

PromotionL.C.S Use Paper Media

Market ShareL.C.S50%



Market Strategies Gift & Greeting Service: Loveline

Air Freight Solution:From; Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Rawalpindi.

Supply Chain:More than 1500 cities provide the L.C.S services. Each city have more than 10 to 12 pickup points and 1 head office. Some cities have only one pick up point and 1 head office.In all over Pakistan more than 10,000 points and 175 head offices of L.C.S. Main head office in Karachi.

Nationwide NetworkAt Leopards, we offer our customers the convenience of sending goods anywhere across Pakistan, with the largest nationwide network. We reach were no other courier service does.Our ever-growing network is divided into 8 zones throughout Pakistan, which act as control points. In addition, we have 54 area offices, stretching out to 153 branches, over 1500 express centers, and newly introduced Mobile Express centers, which are introduced as per service demand in busy business districts.The express centers and offices are strategically situated nationwide to manage pickups and deliveries for all kinds of items, ranging from heavy machinery and lifesaving drugs, to gift items from the Loveline gift service.Please visit the links bellow for a details list of our express centers and offices.

Services International:ChinaU.A.EUnited KingdomSingaporeThailand

CompetitorsTCSCompetitive Advantage:Where T.C.S is not provide services.Where L.C.S is provide service.

Transportation DistributionWithin city or up to 200 to 300km, use vans.For Maintenance of Van:They have their own work shop near Gujjar Khadda, MultanHead Office:KarachiNext Morning48 Areas

DTN/Economy ServicesMore Economical Services for your Heavy Shipments to be delivered across Pakistan. If your shipment is not time sensitive you can send throughout Economy Services and save on your shipping cost.

Standard size of shipment: 12cm x 12cm x 12cmThe calculated weight will be compared to the actual weight and the higher of the two will be charged. 36 to 48 hours Delivery

Overnight (Absolutely the Next Day)When it is urgent and important Overnight takes your parcel to your destination the very next day, very convenient for all your shipping needs.

Note: Deliveries on Holidays and Sundays include service charges of Rs. 200

Leopards FlyerLeopards Flyer is designed to send very important and confidential documents in a sealed flyer at very affordable rates.Delive