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<p>ESRI PowerPoint Master Template 2008</p> <p>What is Geocaching?</p> <p>Esri UC2010 | Tech Workshops</p> <p>What is GEOCACHING?A treasure hunt!A game!Hide and seek!</p> <p>Esri UC2010 | Tech Workshops2How do you play?Hide a cache, but give its GPS coordinates as a clueOther clues and puzzles are sometimes involvedSeek the hidden cache using a GPS receiver and the coordinatesFind the cache and record your findings in the logbook</p> <p>You are here (X, Y, Z)</p> <p>Esri UC2010 | Tech WorkshopsTraditional geocaching hides caches stored in boxes, then the GPS coordinates are recorded</p> <p>Use a GPS device to find the cache</p> <p>At the cache is a logbook sign in when you find the cache!</p> <p>Some caches let you leave or take tokens; other caches are strictly leave nothing take nothing3What is GPS?Global Positioning System24 satellites in geostationary orbitGPS receiversReceives information from the satellitesGeographic coordinatesPosition on the Earths surfaceLatitude and longitudeGiven in Degrees Minutes Seconds or Decimal Degrees</p> <p>Esri UC2010 | Tech WorkshopsWhere are we now? San Diego Convention Center: 32.706278 N, 117.161207 W </p> <p>Show the coordinates in ArcGIS Explorer to find Kids Camp!</p> <p>If you have one, hook a mobile device to the laptop, show it using MyMobiler, and simulate the GPS location..4How popular is geocaching?Over one million active cachesEstimated 3-4 million participants worldwideOver 100 countries and all 7 continents (yes, Antarctica!) have geocaches</p> <p>Esri UC2010 | Tech WorkshopsGeocaching has become extremely popular, but a lot of places dont like having caches left at their sites. </p> <p>This is becoming a major issue in places like the National Parks.5Geocaching vs. Virtual cachingVirtual caching highlights points of interest, and is ecofriendlyLeave nothing, take nothingNational parks only allow virtual caching in their boundaries</p> <p>Esri UC2010 | Tech WorkshopsThe National Park Service does NOT allow for traditional geocaching.</p> <p>The NPS DOES support virtual caching in their parks: it helps highlight special sites, important historical events, and protected areas without endangering those sites. </p> <p>In your exercise, you will use GPS coordinates and clues to find virtual caches throughout national parks in the United States.</p> <p>(Before turning them loose, walk students through the example clue in their instructions, using ArcGIS Explorer.)6Esri UC2010 | Tech WorkshopsSuggestion for ending slide.7</p>