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  • Evolution of Pinterest Shopping   Tim Weingarten | June 20, 2019

  • Tim Weingarten

  • 2015 2019

  • 2015 2019

    Clicks on Product Pins

    In-app Native Purchases

  • What is the actual user problem?

  • “I can type in sort of what I have in my head and see lots and lots of pictures that relate and see how that translates in real life… I can visually see the ideas I have for the project and how they work.”

    Allie Kitchen Redo

  • Allie’s kitchen Board

  • Search Textual

    Objective Retrieve Answer

    Discovery Visual

    Subjective Explore


  • Typical search queries

    Use case

    “I just type what’s in my head and see lots of related pictures that help me visualize my project”

    Broad queries

    stylish kitchen

    minimal kitchens


    Tuscan kitchen


    modern remodels

    Leads to time spent in Related Pins and recommendations surfaces

  • Types of Discovery

  • Passive Discovery Profile following 50x - 100x viewers to followers

  • Products Scenes

  • Scenes Different intents triggered by a scene image

    “I want exactly this”

    “I love the look of this”


  • Shopping Intent

    Highly specific

    Right now


    Very broad

  • Spark Feeling/sense

    Knowns & unknowns

    Bump up against obstacle &

    Compare options & make trade-offs

    Explore the possibilities

    Instance of excitement

    “I’ll know it when I see it”

  • Three user problems

    “Where can I buy this?”

    What are the possibilities? 

    What do I like? 

  • Product vision

    For every idea you discover on Pinterest you can easily buy it or something like it.

  • Product Themes

    Visual Discovery

    Pinterest Shopping Taste-based

    personalization Shoppable


  • Features Visual search Board ideas

    Discovery Visual discovery

    Visual discovery

  • Visual search Find Pins visually similar to something in an image

  • Board Ideas Recommendations for each of your boards

  • Features Search ideas Packages

    Visual Discovery Community


  • Search ideas Personalized curation and recommended searches

  • Packages Shopping recommendations based on your recent activity

  • Features Shop the look Related products Shoppable Boards

    Visual Discovery Community Do

    Shoppable images Shoppable images

  • Shop the look See products matching what’s in an image

  • Related See products related to the style & essence of the image

  • Shoppable Boards See products related to the style of an entire board

  • Allie’s Home Remodel

    User Journey

  • Broad query

    living room ideas

  • She sees shoppable inspiration in search

  • Most of her search results have shopping options

  • Shoppable query

    sectional couch

  • She now sees relevant products 
 and can filter to her favorite brands

  • Recommended ideas

  • She sees products personalized to her taste for each recommended ‘idea’

  • Allie finds an item she likes and saves it to a board

  • Shopping recommendation s for Boards

  • She visits the ‘More Ideas’ tab on her Board to get personalized shopping ideas

  • Allie finds a couch she likes and she clicks out to the retailer’s product page

  • Pinterest Shopping takes Pinners from inpiration to action


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