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Welcome to ENGR 1186.01. Excellence – Impact - Innovation. Today’s Plan. Part 1 Welcome and Teaching Team Introduction Class Style and Expectations Course Structure Expectations of Students Overview of the Course Syllabus Daily Assignment List Part 2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Material Choices and Beam Bending

Welcome to ENGR 1186.01

Excellence Impact - Innovation

ENGR 1186.01[Revised by L. Long, March 2012][Revised by B. Trott, December, 2012 for 1182]

Instructors Note:

This presentation is designed to serve as a course introduction for 1182 Nanotechnology.

Take the time to introduce your Instructional Team (Instructor, GTAs, and UTAs)

[This slide should take approximately 3 minutes.]Introductions1Todays PlanPart 1Welcome and Teaching Team IntroductionClass Style and ExpectationsCourse StructureExpectations of StudentsOverview of the Course Syllabus Daily Assignment ListPart 2Introduce Basic Isometric Sketches and Coded PlansENGR 1186.012 Teaching Team IntroductionFaculty Leader

Graduate Teaching Associate

Undergraduate Teaching AssociatesENGR 1186.013Modified 7/16/12 by R.C.BUSICK HI 221 247-6223 to provide for naming of the instructional team

Instructors Note: For students the basic information to contact instructional staff is on course syllabus and located on Carmen.Current research indicates that introductions are very important to freshman students in developing year-long personal relationships with their instructional staff. Consider adding your own introductory slide following this slide. Make sure that the TAs and UTAs are involved in this area.Introduce yourself - Name, Educational background, Department, areas you teach in, areas of research, personal interest that they might share. Make sure to have TAs and UTSs each introduce self Name, degree program and/or Department, hometown, OSU campus club or activity they are involved inOffice hours for Faculty and TAs to be set once quarter gets started. Will announce later and will be on the online syllabus. Always available e-mail, phone if needed.

The First-Year Engineering ProgramFocus1187Problem Solving with Engineering Tools1186Visualization and CAD

ENGR 1186.014Online Course Management Systems(The EEIC Course and Carmen websites)Online tool for most course resources such as course assignments and lecture materials are in the EEIC Courses website.Online tool for some course resources such as gradebook, quizzes, journals and NEWS are in Carmen.For 24/7 access using your OSU login EEIC https://eeiccourses.engineering.osu.edu Carmen https://carmen.osu.eduENGR 1186.01Modified 8/06/13 by R.C.BUSICK HI 221 247-6223 to change reference from DAL to EEIC website

Instructors Note: How to access the EEIC and CARMEN websites is covered in the Student Survival Guide.

5Logging on in any Hitchcock classroom

Windows 7 Logon

Press - - WINDOWS 7

Then fill in the logon window with

Your User ID *Your Password (case sensitive text) ** As illustrated on the following slideENGR 1186.01Created 7/16/12 by R.C.BUSICK HI 221 247-6223 to allow the students to logon and access Carmen during the presentationIntroductions6Entering your default password

User Nameemail ID (name.#) First letter of last name (UPPER CASE)

Your ID number ( number immediately under your name )Then follow the instructions to create your personal password for the classroom environment. It must be at least 8 characters, with 3 of the 4 complexity categories: lower case letters, upper case letters, special symbols and numbers. First letter of first name (lower case) periodNEXTENGR 1186.01Created 7/16/12 by R.C.BUSICK HI 221 247-6223

Introductions7Your Class Schedule for Today (Three Phases enumerated in the EEIC website:.)

1186 Before classTopics covered and activities begun In ClassAfter classStudent: Please logon to the EEIC Courses websiteENGR 1186.01Created 8/06/13 by R.C.BUSICK HI 221 247-6223 to change reference from DAL to EEIC website


Class AnnouncementsSpecial Material, etc Quizzes and JournalsGradebook EntriesENGR 1186.01New to be updates with new Carmen mateirals.9Understanding the Syllabus and DALIt is your responsibility to carefully review and follow the syllabus and the Class Schedule!ENGR 1186.0110Highlights from the Syllabus Lets quickly review the following content:Assignment PolicyMakeup Exam Policy and Guidelines:Attendance and Participation: (Engineering is not a spectator sport)Grading ( graded problems returned within 1 week )Journal EntriesAcademic Misconduct

ENGR 1186.0111Modified 7/17/12 by R.C.BUSICK HI 221 247-6223 to add reference to Grading.Instructors Note: The following slides have been reorganized to follow the syllabus more closely. It is intended that the lecturer and the students view the syllabus in its HARD COPY FORM with the lecturer using the slides as a suggested guide through the syllabus, adding comments as appropriate. Use the physical Syllabus to call attention to the most important sections: The course layout, grading, course materials, Academic Misconduct, Assignment schedule.Clarify how late assignments will be handled. This is always a contentious issue.

Modified 07/26/10 by R.C.Busick HI 221 247-6223

Minimum Grade Requirements

A minimum grade of 50% is requiredin both of the following course components to receive a passing grade for this course:- Class Activities- Exams

From SyllabusGraded as 0/5/10 pointsENGR 1186.01Created 7/16/12 by R.C.BUSICK HI 221 247-6223 to address 50% requirement.Introductions12Access to the Class DriveAll of the class material for preparation and application is on the EEIC website.So you will have access whether in Hitchcock Hall or not.ENGR 1186.01Introductions13Ways of Getting Help during Regular SemestersUTA tutoring is available in the Freshman Engineering computer lab in HI 324. This Tutor Room is staffed throughout most of the day [Mon-Fri].Make an appointment or stop by your GTAs office during scheduled office hours

Make an appointment or stop by your Instructors office during scheduled office hours

ENGR 1186.01Check Room number of tutoring.14

Student Resources Guide

The Student Resources Guide is on the EEIC Courses Website under Content.The Student Resources Guide contains critical information which helps you understand how to find course materials and helpful hints about the course operation.Familiarize yourself with this document ASAP! ( Note upcoming journal question )

ENGR 1186.0115Modified 8/13/13 by R.C.BUSICK HI 221 247-6223 to correct reference to Student Resources Guide.Instructors Notes: If a student scores below 20 on the Purdue Visualization Test, they can expect to have to put in extra effort to sharpen their visualization skills.If students fail to complete the test after they started working on it due to some reasons. They should get in touch with the TA, who can reset the test for them.Tips for Taking:Please be aware that the first two questions on the test are instructions and an example so they do not need to be answered. Please click on next for the first two and start with question #3. Avoid using Netscape or Internet Explorer Version 6. If you have an earlier version on your computer at home or can find one on campus, please try and use that. Avoid is using a dial-up connection this can hamper the quiz b/c its graphic-intensive. If you are logging into the OSU network from outside of the campus, make sure you use the longer connection so you dont get timed out. If you see half of a picture or no answers, click on the middle square at the top right corner of your browser to make the screen smaller and then maximize it again. Im not sure the reason, but this sometimes causes the picture to refresh without changing the question. Dont refresh your screen it will cause you to skip ahead on questions

Modified 07/26/10 by R.C.Busick HI 221 247-6223

Technical Graphics ResourcesWe will be using the book Fundamentals of Engineering from the publisher Cengage for our Technical Drawing resources at the beginning of this course (starting today).You, also, have online access to the textbook material plus supplemental study aids from Cengage.See the Powerpoint slides titled Cengage_Access in the EEIC website for registration details. Your instructor will provide you the access key information.ENGR 1186.01Introductions16Enter your Course Key in CourseMateInclude screen captures*

Step 6: Enter your Section Course Key CM-9781111567620-0000048NOTE: Use the Course Key Number provided by your instructor.

*You can still access resources if you do not have a Course Key.ENGR 1186.01Youll want to provide a few slides that set-up the student on your specific product.17FLASH DRIVES LOVE TO STAY IN WHATEVER PC THEY ARE PLUGGED INTO!Each semester about 100 drives are turned into HI 244 and are never picked up.So if you would like our LOST & FOUND to let you know if your drive wanders away, complete the form and load Flash_Drive_Owner_Name excel file at the top level of your drive.

ENGR 1186.01Modified 8/13/13 by R.C.BUSICK HI 221 247-6223 to correct reference to Flash_Drive_Owner_Name .

Introductions18Today and Wednesday

This is the last slide normally presented. For any student needing help with activating their OSU account, see the following SUPPLEMENTAL SLIDESLets look at the Class Schedule on the EEIC website for whats next!ENGR 1186.0119Your Class Schedule for Next Class

Before classTopics covered and activities begun In ClassAfter classENGR 1186.01Created 8/06/13 by R.C.BUSICK HI 221 247-6223 to change reference from DAL to EEIC website

20SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIAL - LoginsThe following material is not intended to be shown during the normal class lecture. P. 21NEXTENGR 1186.0121SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALACTIVATING YOUR OSU ACCOUNTselect : OSU Internet Username P. 22

select again: OSU Internet UsernameNEXTENGR 1186.0122