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Expanding the Library’s Value to the University. Designing a Research Service for Senior Administrators. Gloria Colvin & Trip Wyckoff Florida State University Libraries Florida Library Association Conference May 2, 2013. FSU Libraries. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Library Services for Administrators

Expanding the Librarys Value to the UniversityDesigning a Research Service for Senior AdministratorsGloria Colvin & Trip Wyckoff Florida State University LibrariesFlorida Library Association ConferenceMay 2, 2013FSU LibrariesReference & research services organized by constituencyLearning Commons Undergraduate StudentsScholars Commons Faculty & Graduate StudentsScience Commons STEM community

Constituencies of Academic Libraries Faculty Students Staff Alumni CommunityAdministrators

By CollegeDegrees360

Why Administrators?Unserved campus constituencyUtilizes research expertise in libraryStrategically positions library

Process 1 : Brainstorming

Information Needs of AdministratorsData

Issues in Higher Education

Biographical Information

By Colin Swan

Photo: Harry Wad

Journal Impact Research

Process 2: Market Research Literature ReviewModels and Best Practices

Needs assessmentDean of Faculties OfficeProvostGraduate SchoolOffice of Institutional Research

Process 3: Making the CaseDevelop proposalTargeted research service for senior administratorsConfidentialTime-sensitiveCustomizedPresent proposal to Dean

Process 4: MarketingDeans contacts essential

Dean of LibrariesProvostPresidentVP for Programs & PlanningProcess 5: Project Research ModelInterview with administratorLiterature reviewsInternet researchLocate thought leaders/subject expertsInterviews (Internal & External)Identify best practicesIdentify toolsSift/Condense/Create knowledgePrepare briefing bookSuccesses!3 major research projects & 2 smaller projectsRequests differ from initial visionData and information assisted administrators with decision makingSenior administrators thinking of library

Appointment to SACS Quality Enhancement (QEP) CommitteeProvide research, adviceLessons LearnedBe careful what you wish for!Good product sells itselfDifference between what they want and what we thought they wantedTime consuming and labor intensiveNeed to develop internal supportThink about making service sustainable

ContactsGloria Colvingcolvin@fsu.edu

Trip Wyckofftwyckoff@fsu.edu


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