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Is that REALLY the story? A study of how witness testimony is affected, altered, and distorted through law enforcement bias. Krysta Howell Mrs. Kiehl Professor Dale Nute & Mrs. Debra Palmer

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Is that REALLY the story?

A study of how witness testimony is affected, altered,

and distorted through law enforcement bias.

Krysta HowellMrs. Kiehl

Professor Dale Nute & Mrs. Debra Palmer

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Compare your answers with a neighbor

Is there a difference in answers because of how the questions were phrased?

Think about it.


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immediate memory

short-term memory

Long-term memory Mental

slips and blank-outs happen to everyone

Short term and Long Term Memory

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Techniques used during questioning

Three most common

Witness’ words

Filling in gaps

Telling it backwards

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Beginning the interview with the witness' words

•open ended questions


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•smell, taste, distance, and weather

•memory of distance and depth perception

Filling in the gaps

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witnesses may remember something they left out or had not remembered before Tend to think linearly

Telling the scenario backwards

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Electronic Devices

Electronic and recording devices, like videotaping

Less distractions

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Too expensive Witness cooperation

Misconceptions about recording devices

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Two ways:Live lineupPhoto spread

Two common types of techniques: simultaneous and sequential

Eyewitness Identification

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•All presented to the witness at the same time•Caused debate: relative judgment

Simultaneous Eyewitness Identification

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Sequential Eyewitness Identification

•presented to the witness one at a time •seen as more effective•Absolute judgment

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• likely to cause a "false alarm" – fillers

Page 16: Eyewitness Krysta Howell

• less false identification compared to the traditional methods

• This avoids influencing the witness


Page 17: Eyewitness Krysta Howell

False Identification• Testimony’s

weight on jury

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