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Presentation on Facebook, how it can be used from a business perspective.


  • Berkley DDA
    October 20th, 2009
    David Benjamin
    Voices of Detroit
    Facebook- More than just games
  • What is Facebook?
  • How did Facebook evolve?
  • Facebooks Growth
  • The Stats
    More than 300 million active users
    50% of active users log on to FB in any given day
    More than 6 billion mins are spent on FB a day (worldwide)
    More than 10 million users become fans of Pages each day
    More than 3 million events created each month
  • 1 Million new users per day
    75 Million access Facebook via smart phones
    70 Million photos per day
    19.6 minutes per day spent on home page
    The Stats
  • Fan Pages
  • Fan Pages
  • Facebook Stream
  • Sponsored Ads
  • Six degrees of Facebook
  • Facebook friend wheel
  • Video capabilities
  • Facebook Applications
  • Facebook Connect
  • Facebook Connect
  • Facebook Connect is a powerful set of APIs for developers that lets users bring their identity and connections everywhere. Developers can access a user's:
    Identity:name, photos, events, and more.
    Social Graph:friends and connections.
    Stream:activity, distribution, and integration points within Facebook, like stream stories and Publishers.
    Use this information to create more engaging experiences on your website.
    Facebook Connect
  • Whats Next?
  • Get on board with Facebook today!
    Facebook is being used for business
    Fan pages give your company a voice and personality
    Its FREE!
    Its user friendly
    Its where your customers are hanging out!