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Wedding Candle Centerpieces

Fall Wedding CenterpiecesPresented byMy Wedding Reception Planning.com

A really pretty centerpiece using the brilliance of fall colors including orange roses, maroon chrysanthemum daisies, some orange rununculus and it looks like hydrangea.I love the way they incorporated multiple candles into the centerpieces. This is a great idea to use especially if the tables at your reception are large and therefore, you need larger centerpieces.

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A great example of a tall, fall wedding centerpiece, using tall vases and encorporating wonderful fall colored blooms.

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I just love this little petite autumn wedding centerpiece using a pie pumpkin as its' holder! Include some beautiful fall colored blooms such as roses, hypericum berries, seeded eucalyptus and chrysanthemum daisies.A great idea to place some votive candles around the centerpiece for added warmth and intimacy.

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A brilliant cluster of tall cylinder vases containing whole stems of elegant orange orchids. Small stones in the bottom add interest but also function to hold the orchid stems in place.

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Another great example of a wedding centerpiece with a fall theme using roses, mini calla lilies, hanging amaranthus and greens all arranged nicely in a square glass container.Read more: Fabulous Fall Wedding Centerpieces http://www.my-wedding-reception-planning.com/fall-wedding-centerpieces.html#ixzz1mHBzp6ji

If you are looking for something really different and simple for your fall wedding, then take a look at this centerpiece.A square glass container filled with seeds or grains are used to hold branches with brilliant fall foliage. Add in some stalks of wheat, etc. and you're good to go!

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Another simple idea for great looking wedding centerpieces for a fall wedding. Here, pillar candles and placed into tall glass cylinders and fall colored blooms are placed around the bottom to add color and interest.I love how they used coffee beans in one of them!

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Candles are very popular at wedding receptions and this is a great way to use them. Here, a pear shaped cage is covered with vine bling and a yellow votive candle burns safely inside.Sprinkle some fall colored silk leaves on the table under the arrangement and your finished!

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What a gorgeous arrangement using fall colored lilies, hypericum berries and seeded eucalyptus.You do have to be a little careful with lilies, though. Always make sure that the pollen stems are removed as the pollen with stain and you should also note that they are very fragrant.

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If you are not really attracted to the bright oranges and yellows of fall, you could focus on the rich wines and purples. Here, roses, hypericum berries, hydrangea, alstroemeria and seeded eucalyptus are used in a most perfect way.

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What a great way to combine a few different wedding elements into your fall centerpiece. A mini pumpkin with the table number carved into it serves both as a centerpiece and a table number. Place a candle inside and how cool would that look later on when the lights dim!

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A floating candle will definitely add ambiance to a fall themed wedding reception in this gorgeous tall glass cylinder.A whole stem of fall colored orchids can be seen in this beautiful fall wedding centerpiece, firmly anchored to the bottom with colored stones and scattered rose petals on a round mirror just finish it off nicely.

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