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FFATA – Town Hall Meeting. Kim Linkous, CRA Director of Post Award Office of Sponsored Programs Virginia Tech 540-231-9372 linkousk@vt.edu. FFATA Objectives For Open Discussion. FFATA. What and Why. Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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FFATA Town Hall MeetingKim Linkous, CRADirector of Post AwardOffice of Sponsored ProgramsVirginia Tech540-231-9372linkousk@vt.edu FFATA Objectives For Open DiscussionFFATA

What and WhyFederal Funding Accountability and Transparency ActProvides public information on Federal award spending via one searchable website (USAspending.gov)

(FFATA or Transparency Act - P.L.109-282, as amended by section 6202(a) of P.L. 110-252Federal Acquisition Regulation clause 52.204-10

3WhoPrime recipients of federal funding with first-tier subawards > $25KA sub-award is a monetary award, made as a result of a Federal award to a grant recipient or contractor, to a sub-recipient or sub-contractora sub-recipient relationship exists when funding from a pass-through entity is provided to perform a portion of the scope of work or objectives of the pass-through entitys award agreement with theawarding agency. (OMB Circular A-133 Compliance Supplement)

Distributing to PublicFederal government uploads prime award information for Federal awards >$25KPrime recipient uploads required elements into FFATA Subaward Reporting System (FSRS)Public searches USAspending.gov When is FFATA applicable?Federal contracts, cooperative agreements and grants with first-tier subawards > $25KSubaward originally awarded for < $25K, supplemental increase brings cumulative amount > $25K, begin reportingDoes NOT include awards made by a first-tier sub-recipient to a lower tier sub-recipient

When is FFATA Not ApplicableRecovery Act awardsAwards to individualsRecipients that had a gross income of $300,000 or less in their previous tax yearClassified information

Required InformationName of entity receiving awardAmount of awardFunding agencyNAIC code for contracts/CFDA program number for grantsProgram sourceAward title descriptive of the purpose of the funding action

Location of entity (including Congressional district)Place of performance (including Congressional district)Prime award number and subaward numberIf applicable, total compensation and name of top executives (prime and subawards) if applicable

When is Executive Compensation Required?80% or more annual gross revenues in Federal awards and those revenues are greater than $25 million annually and the public does not have access to information about the compensation of their senior executives of the entity through periodic reports to SECWhere to report?Prime awardees will report using the FFATA Subaward Reporting System (FSRS)Pre-populates, to the maximum extent possible, recipient information from existing Federal agency databases, such as the Systems for Award Management (SAM)All Federal contractors and prime grant recipients are required to register in SAM

ResponsibilitiesWhoWhatHowFunding Government AgencyPrime award information for Federal awards $25K or moreFPDS-NG for contractsFAADS-PLUS file submission to USAspending.gov for grantsPrime AwardeePrime award informationExecutive compensationFirst-tier subawards of $25K or moreSAMSAMFSRSSub-recipientRegister for DUNS NumberProvide required entity information, including executive compensation responses to prime awardeeDun & BradstreetAre there deadlines for FFATA reporting?Government must report within 30 days of awardThe prime recipient will have until the end of the month plus one additional month after an award or subaward is obligated to fulfill the reporting requirementOctober 15, 2012 subaward issued, the prime recipient has until November 30, 2012 to report the subaward informationWhat is SAM?Government recently consolidated the following websitesContractor Registration (CCR)/Federal Agency Registration (FedReg)Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA)Excluded Parties List System (EPLS)FSRS is expected to be included in the next phase

Vendors will have one log-in to manage their entity information, with one expiration date, through one streamlined business processFederal agencies will be able to look in one place for entity pre-award information.


Successes and Challenges