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  1. 1. Selling Line Masthead Headline / Lead Story Menu Strip Graphic Feature Kicker Cover Line Bar Code Secondary Lead Plug Anchorage Kicker Cover Line Kicker Cover Line
  2. 2. Regulars Section Contents Logo Feature Section inc. kickers, cover lines and page numbers Graphic Feature inc. Caption Kicker Cover Line Editorial (with picture) Feature Shot Page # Subscriptions Banner Feature Shot Page # Inset shotInset shot Page #
  3. 3. Introductory Text Section Header Sidebar 1 (Discography) By Line Sidebar 2 (Factfile) Sidebar Headline Feature Shot Inset Shot Caption 1st Column of article Headline / Quote #1Headline / Quote #2 Headline / Quote #3 2nd Column of article Pull-Quote #1 Pull-Quote #2 3rd Column of article CaptionGraphic Feature inc. Pull-Quote Page # Page # Flash