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This presentation was made in my legislative process class regarding the legislation of Proposition 8 in California. The presenter, named Tim, shouted down people wanting to debate his points, called me out in the back of the class as a homophobe, ignorant, white trash, wife beating, intolerant Republican, and proceeded to entail that Abraham Lincoln (who was married with 4 kids), President Buchanan, and JESUS CHRIST were all Homosexuals, all while admitting in a defensive posture that he had been "known to date men" from time to time. Any reasonable debate is out the window with this guy, much like Thomas Jefferson said, "If you argue with a fool, nobody watching will be able to tell the difference." Or maybe he was Gay too, I\'m not too sure. I had to leave the room because I was laughing too hard by the time he started referring to Jesus, the alleged Homosexual Vegetarian that the left LOVES!


  • 1. Political Science 436 Current Event #28 Spring 2009 A Presentation by Tim Hendon Under the Direction of Dr. Laura Hebert Written within the United States Constitution are the words that all men are created equal or are they?
  • 2. Do you recognize these American icons? Congressman Steve Gunderson (WI) Congressman Mark Foley (FL)
  • 3. What do they all have in common? Former Governor James McGreevy (MA) Congressman Barney Frank (MA)
  • 4. All are considered public servants. Congressman Jim Kolbe (AZ) President Abraham Lincoln (16 th President of the United States)
  • 5. All played a part in American History. President James Buchanan (15 th President of the United States) Senator Wilbur Rufus King (AL) (VP under President Pierce)
  • 6. Even the FBI had its secrets. J. Edgar Hoover FBI Director Clyde Tolson Deputy Chief of the FBI
  • 7. Lifelong Partners: worked together & now buried side by side. Coincidence?
  • 8. Hoovers birthday portrait to Clyde Tolson.
  • 9. Buchanan & King
    • Buchanan a lifelong bachelor.
    • Lived with Senator William Rufus King (AL) for 15 years before becoming President.
    • King appointed as Minister of France***
    • King served as Senator of AL and briefly as the Vice President under President Franklin Pierce (14 th ).
    • Because of their close relationship, Andrew Jackson referred to Senator King as Miss Nancy and Aunt Fancy.
    • Buchanan turned to an adopted orphan niece, Harriet Lane, who functioned in the role as First Lady.
    • Buchanan and Kings nieces destroyed their personal letters after their death to permanently conceal the relationship.
  • 10. In a letter
    • Buchanan wrote to a Mrs. Roosevelt about his social life, "I am now 'solitary and alone', having no companion in the house with me. I have gone a wooing to several gentlemen, but have not succeeded with any one of them. I feel that it is not good for man to be alone, and [I] should not be astonished to find myself married to some old maid who can nurse me when I am sick, provide good dinners for me when I am well, and not expect from me any very ardent or romantic affection."
  • 11. Hoover & Tolson
    • Hoover led the FBI for 48 years
    • Clyde Tolson was 2 nd in command of the FBI.
    • Hoover & Tolson were inseparable and even vacationed together.
    • Both were lifelong bachelors.
    • Hoover lived with his mother until she died in 1938.
    • Hoover & Tolson never lived together but were buried side by side.
    • Upon hearing of Hoovers death, President Richard Nixon exclaimed with his subtle tone, Jesus Christ! That old cocksucker!
  • 12. Abraham Lincoln before presidency
    • 1831 - At the age of 22, Lincoln moved in with Billy Greene in New Salem, IL & shared a bed with him.
    • Greene: When one turned over the other had to do likewise.
    • Greene described Lincoln physique: His thighs were as perfect as human beings could be.
    • 1837 Lincoln moved to Springfield and met Joshua Speed, who Lincoln referred to as the only as he was the last intimate friend Lincoln had before becoming President.
    • They shared a double bed for four years in Speeds store.
    • Lincoln wrote letters to Speed before and after Speeds wedding in which several were signed Yours forever.
  • 13. Abraham Lincoln as President
    • Col. Elmer Ellsworth was a flashy young drillmaster, ''the greatest little man I ever met,'' as Lincoln put it. Lincoln recruited him to his Springfield law office, made him part of his presidential campaign and gave him a high military post as war loomed. A few weeks after the fall of Fort Sumter, Ellsworth was killed hauling a rebel flag down from a hotel in Alexandria, Va. Lincoln was shattered.
  • 14. More on Lincoln
    • Capt. David Derickson led the brigade that guarded Lincoln at the Soldiers' Home in the District of Columbia, the Camp David of the day. Derickson, in the words of his regiment's history, published three decades later, ''advanced so far in the president's confidence and esteem that in Mrs. Lincoln's absence he frequently spent the night at his cottage, sleeping in the same bed with him, and -- it is said -- making use of his Excellency's night shirt!''
  • 15. When did the word appear?
    • The word homosexual did not find its way into print in English until 1892 and that "gayness" is very much a modern concept.
    • It was accepted in history for two men to have relations but it was rarely talked about.
    • The terms homosexual, gay, queer or fag were never used to describe relations between two men.
  • 16. The United States Constitution -
    • Written by James Madison an extremely wise man, who is under-appreciated.
    • Madison wrote the Preamble to read We The People
    • At NO point in the Constitution does it read we the people of 1787.
    • The Constitution provides for personal protections as all men are created equal.
    • It is a document that was created to evolve with the change of time and has endured many challenges which includes every American; not just the wealthy, white, heterosexual, land owners.
    • If it wasnt for the US Constitution, Barack Obama would not have been afforded the opportunity to serve as President of the United States.
    • This fact is mere evidence that the document has changed with the times
  • 17. States and Same-Sex Marriage There were 4, now there are 6!
    • Connecticut Legalized same-sex marriages in 2009.
    • Vermont approved by legislature in April 2009 & will take effect in September, becoming the first state to legalize same-sex marriage by legislative action and gubernatorial veto-override.
    • Massachusetts 2004 State Supreme Court ruled that only full, equal marriage rights for gay couples, not civil unions would be constitutional.
    • Iowa April 3, State Supreme Court upheld a lower courts ruling that rejected a state law restricting marriage to opposite sex couples.
    • Maine State senate approved bill on May 1, 2009 to allow same-sex marriage; bill heads to the House which it is expected to pass.
    • New Hampshire April 29, 2009 legalized same-sex marriages, upgrading previous civil unions.
    • District of Columbia although same-sex marriage is not recognized in D.C., the council approved a measure that would recognize same-sex marriages made outside of the District.
  • 18. Marriage v. Civil Union
    • Marriage entitles the either spouse to make medical decisions in the case of necessity; property rights; right to medical insurance coverage through the partners employer insurance program; and many other rights given to heterosexual couples.
    • Civil Union in most states that recognize them generally provide for the same protections and equal rights afforded heterosexual couples; however, some states limit the types of benefits that a couple with a Civil Union may access.
    • If a government official is administering the rights of marriage or civil union then why shouldnt it be recognized by the state as an official marriage?
    • If a church is administering the rights of marriage, then