ge solving egypt's energy challenges

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1 GE Company Proprietary & Confidential Sofiane ben Tounes President & CEO GE North East Africa GE Egypt Cairo, 15 th May GE North East Africa

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Learn how General Electric Distributed Power is helping solve Northern Africa's most pressing distributed energy crises.


  • 1. 1GE Company Proprietary & ConfidentialSofiane ben TounesPresident & CEOGE North East AfricaGE EgyptCairo, 15th MayGE North East Africa

2. 2GE Company Proprietary & Confidential125+ years 100 countries >300,000 employees worldwide5 research centers 3,000 technologists strong $5.4 B R&D investment$147B revenue $16B net income $15,5B cash & equivalentsGEs portfolio Infrastructure partnerTechnology Infrastructure Capital$46.0BAviation Financial Serv.Commercial FinanceEnergy Financial Serv.GE MoneyTreasuryHome &BusinessSolutions$8.5BAppliances &LightingSensing &Inspection Tech$51.6BAviationHealthcareTransportationHome & Bus.Solutions$50.8BPower & WaterOil & GasEnergy Management 3. 3GE Company Proprietary & ConfidentialGE in Egypt 274 EmployeesInfrastructure partner Technology, Expertise, Solutions and CapitalGE Lighting installed 13,000 Polyluxbulbs for Cairo Airports Terminal 3.The terminal will host 10 to 11 millionpassengers yearly.GE Capital Aviation Services has 6Boing 777 aircrafts operational withEGYPTAir, enhancing its long haulserviceGE Water ultra-filtration, desalination& demineralization solutions tocustomers as off EBIC & EMethanexfor water & waste water processesGE Gas Turbines has more than 70GE units generating 8GW+ ofEgypts Electricity HoldingCompany total capacity)..GE Transportation has 80 EvolutionSeries Locomotives serving EgyptNational Railway. It is the mostadvanced diesel electric, heavy-haulfreight locomotivesGE Aviation works closely withEgyptAir supporting more than 100GE Engines powering the fleetGE O&G partnership with Gasco &establish a pipeline integritymanagement centerthe first of itskind in the regionGE Healthcare supported EgyptsMinistry of Health in 2 projects;mobile solutions for breast cancerdetection & a diagnostic imaging centerof excellence in Cairo from 6 remotehospitals 4. 4GE Company Proprietary & ConfidentialGE Research Global Research Center - Niskayuna, NY First US industrial lab founded 1900 1,800 technologists, majority hold PhDs ~100 research lab teamsJohn F. Welch Technology Center - Bangalore, India Established in 1999 $120MM investment 3,800 technologistsChina Technology Center -Shanghai, China Established in 2002 1,150 technologistsGlobal Research Europe - Munich,Germany Established in 2004 6 lab teams, 100 scientistsDriving advanced power and water solutionsRio de Janeiro,Brazil2012 completion3,000 technologists strong 5.1% of sales revenue in 2011 5. 5GE Company Proprietary & ConfidentialNorth Africa Challenges What keep governments awakeGE your infrastructure partnerThe GE fitEgyptLibyaAlgeriaMoroccoTunisia 6. 6GE Company Proprietary & ConfidentialDistributed PowerOverview Darryl WilsonVP and Chief CommercialOfficer 7. 7GE Company Proprietary & ConfidentialPower & Water diverse solutionsWindRenewablesWater & Process TechnologiesThermalSolar NuclearPower Gen Services Jenbacher /WaukeshaAeroderivative$$$28B 12 revenue >40,000 employees 700 locationsDistributedPower 8. 8GE Company Proprietary & ConfidentialP&W Portfolio evolutionTo broad portfolio of solutionsFrom power generation2000 $13B RevenueDay to day execution while building new businessesCombinedcycle steamGasTurbineSolar WaterCombinedcycle steamNuclearNuclearGas EnginesGasTurbine2012 $28B RevenueAeroWindPower GenServicesPower GenServicesAero 9. 99Expected world population by 2050currently at 7.0BPopulation without electricityExpected increase in electricitydemand by 2020Projected global water demandto outpace supply by 40%8.9B1.4B35%2030Todays world energy challenges: 10. 10GE Company Proprietary & ConfidentialThe need for distributed powerPower generation at or nearpoint of use, on or off the gridThe needs:- Energy efficiency / loweremissions- Lower operating costs- More environmentally friendlysolutions- More reliable grid- More renewables- Rapid power to bridge planninggaps, natural disasters and large-scale unplanned eventsCommercial CHPairports, hospitalsGrid firming near thedemand load pointRemote off grid powerwith zero water needsMobile fast poweranytime, anywhereAlternate fuelsBiofuels, CoG, CBMIndustrial cogen for O&G,Food & Bev, Paper 11. 11Copyright 2012, General Electric Company. All Rights Reserved.Distributed power opportunitySource: GE Energy Marketing, Boston Consulting GroupFast growing demand for distributed power double by 2025High growth power gensectorsTotal segment = ~$100BCHP Emergency powerAlt fuels Grid firmingSegments:Power gen, mech. drives, propulsion 12. 12Copyright 2012, General Electric Company. All Rights Reserved.- Electrical output: 120 9,500kW- Electrical efficiency up to 48.7%,overall efficiency over 90%- 20,500+ engines delivered,21,800 MW power globally- Natural gas and CHP,excellence in special gasapplications (biogas, LFG,CMG, BFG), oilfield powerJenbacher, WaukeshaPower Generation- Output: 160 bhp 4,835 bhp(119 kW 3,605 kW)- 12,000+ compression enginesdelivered, over 13.2 millionbhp power globally (9,850MW)- Wellhead, gathering, storage/transmission- 18MW 120MW Turbinesand Packages- Compression, Power Gen,Mechanical Drive, Cogen,CHP- Rental Power: rapiddeployment. Gas engines,diesel and gas turbinesolutionsAeroderivativesPower/MechDriveGas CompressionWaukeshaGlobal services covering all offeringsDistributed Power Business 13. 136/21/2013SummaryGE Distributed Power: Teaming up to meet theworlds distributed energy challenges 2013, General Electric Company 14. 14GE Company Proprietary & ConfidentialSofiane ben TounesPresident & CEOGE North East AfricaGE EgyptCairo, 15th MayGE North East Africa