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Generic Social Outcome modelling: demonstrating libraries value to their communities

Generic Social Outcome modelling: demonstrating libraries value to their communitiesDr. Darren SmartGeneric Social Outcomes what are they?Framework to help identify the social outcomes of a service

Allows systematic collation & grouping of qualitative data

Established method of measuring Community Well-being 2

Stronger & Safer Communities GSOImproving group & inter-group dialogue and understandingSupporting cultural diversity & identityEncouraging familial ties & relationshipsTackling the fear of crime & anti-social behaviourContributing to crime prevention & reduction


Health & Well-being GSOEncouraging healthy lifestyles Contributing to mental & physical well-beingSupporting care & recoverySupporting older people to live independent livesHelping children & young people to enjoy life & make a positive contribution


Strengthening Public Life GSOEncouraging & supporting awareness & participation in local decision making & wider civic & political engagementBuilding the capacity of community & voluntary groupsProviding safe, inclusive & trusted public spacesEnabling community empowerment through the awareness of rights, benefits & external servicesImproving the responsiveness of services to the needs of the local community, including other stakeholders

5GSO studies in EssexThis model has been used to look at a number of facets of the public library service in EssexSummer Reading ChallengeBaby & Toddler Rhyme TimesDaytime reading groupsHome Library ServiceGeneral library use by older people (75+)Mobile Library Service in rural areas


Aims of the ResearchEach study had its own specific aims but all studies were conducted tomeasure the social impact of Library provisiondemonstrate the Services contribution to Essexs commitment to quality of life and community well-being

Or to put it another way Show libraries are more than just a glorified book swap!

7Data GatheringCombination of some/all of the following approaches, as appropriate for the individual studyConsultation with relevant customers using appropriate questionnaires (e.g. visual ones for younger children)Observations by GSO trained service development staff Case studies supplied by library staff/volunteersInterviews of library staff/volunteersAssessment of partnership information & partners feedbackUse of historic feedback/comments gathered previously

8Data AnalysisEvidence was collated and grouped by trained staff using the GSO frameworkGenerated both quantitative & qualitative dataReviewed by a second, independent, panel of senior managers as a form of quality control


Key Findings: SRCOpportunity for families, especially grandparents, to share in an activity together (SSC, HWB)

Builds childrens confidence (HWB)

Shows libraries are safe, inclusive & trusted (SPL)

10Key Findings: B&T Rhyme Times11I have got to know people here and we share ideas I only came with one child to start with and she has really come out of her shell We just moved here so we visited the library to find out what goes on here. I felt isolated to start with but now I love living here. Rhymetime helped us to start socialising and the childrens centre

Key Findings: Reading GroupsChance to mix with different people sharing life experiencesYour lives become included in the book discussion, you make friendsOriginally it was more formal with Library guidance, but now we self-manage everyone voices their opinions


Key Findings: Home Library ServiceEncouraging familial ties & relationships (SSC: 33.8%)As I reside alone, the volunteers are a source of friendshipSupporting older people to live independent lives (HWB: 22.1%) & contributing to mental well-being (HWB: 36.5%)I do a little watercolour painting after the library brought me books. improves the quality of my life enormouslyEnabling community empowerment through the awareness of rights, benefits and external services (SPL: 4.6%)sometimes because of the HLS they move into something else, like the one who started going to a day centre after I put her in touch with Social care

13Key Findings: Older People 1Improving dialogue & understanding (SSC: 49%)Very important part of the community a focus for getting up & doing something for all ages & all aspects of lifeEncouraging familial ties & relationships (SSC: 30%)One customer comes with her niece to choose booksContributing to mental well-being (HWB: 61%)Supporting older people to lead independent lives (HWB: 67%)Lets me keep up with society free internet & can learn computer skills, so dont feel isolated

14Key Findings: Older People 2Safe, inclusive & trusted public space (SPL: 57%) The main library is also a meeting area for many elderly citizens & their families, a trusted & familiar safe place to goOur library is a most important facility for our community not only for books but also groups, information, talksEnabling community empowerment (SPL: 53%)Our Action for Carers afternoon signposted a gentleman who had dementia to all the services that were available to him & his wife who was his primary carer. They have now got applications going through for various benefits & services that they did not know about before15Key Findings: Mobile Library Service 1Stronger & Safer Communities (67%)It draws people together; theres a Book Club and people have coffee afterwards at the WIAt Moreton they held events at the Village Hall to coincide with the Mobile Library visit as a deliberate campaign to promote community spirit between young and old , as the library was a draw to bothTrading Standards used the mobile libraries to encourage older people to check IDs for doorstop callersThe mobile driver told my disabled son about the Keep Safe scheme and now he feels able to go out on his own

16Key Findings: Mobile Library Service 2Health & Well-being (66%)Many partners have come on my library to help promote healthy living and my customers really appreciate itRon helped me find a local support group when my Mum went batty It is a lifeline for the elderly & lets us keep an eye on themThe mobile driver told my disabled son about the Keep Safe scheme and now he feels able to go out on his ownWe found out about our Telecare pendants on the library

17Key Findings: Mobile Library Service 3Strengthening Public Life (59%)The district councillor comes on to hold impromptu surgeries as he sees it as a good way to meet a range of local peopleThey came on the library to ask us about our bus service. And they listened!We feel like the driver is part of our communityThe driver was vital in convincing the women to talk to us I found out about parenting courses to help me with my sonWe used the Mobiles to tell communities about their rights to affordable housingI found out where to get debt advice

18ConclusionA library service has a positive impact on all aspects of Community Well-beingGSO modelling is an effective way of demonstrating this19

Now over to you20