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  • 1. By Jillian Chesnov Social studies Period 4

2. MY GENIUS HOUR MISSION:Find out how young people can make an impact on the world we live in??? 3. MY STEPS TO SUCCESS: 4. STEP 1: FIND SOME THINGS YOU ARE INTERESTED IN, SUCH AS A SPORT OR A HOBBY. EXAMPLE: I am interested in tennis because I have played it for almost 6 years. 5. STEP 2: COME UP WITH 1 THING YOU WANT TO DO THAT IS RELATED TO HELPING EXAMPLE: PEOPLE.. I would like to help the homeless. 6. STEP 3:FIND OUT ABOUT PEOPLE WHO HAVE HELPED THE WORLD As world leaders struggled in 2011 to save a famine-struck Africa, end the global water crisis and continue to research cures for devastating cancers, a host of young activists also stepped up. As young as 7, these young people who want to make a difference offered their insight, experience and commitment to resolving these plaguing issues. Meet 11 such budding activists who may just inspire you to help make this world a better place.MOST HAVE TO DO WITH HELPING OTHERS. SOME HELP THE ENVIORNMEN T.TAKES MORE THAN 1 PERSON. INSPIRATION NEEDED.Find out what they all have in common to help you!! We cant believe another year of hosting Children of the World has come to an end. From the East to the West Coast, the children have made unforgettable memories and ignited thousands of hearts to action. In just 10 short months, our teams performed at 243 venues to more than 100,000 peopleinspiring hundreds to become child sponsors, fund cleanwater projects, and restore lives through Operation Baby Rescue! Each performance is given with genuine enthusiasm and touching worship, and were so glad you have been a part. 7. STEP 4: LOOK ONLINE Look online for local charities and organizations that do charity events that have some thing to do with who/what you want to help or what you enjoy. 8. STEP 5: JOIN Join these groups they can be the ones that will lead you to victory. For all you know these groups could be the ones who give you a jumpstart in to the world of helping others!! 9. STEP 6: YOUR ALMOST DONE!! Try to keep up with your activities you do regarding helping others!! 10. STEP 7: YOUR DONE!! If you did all these steps, correctly, you should be very happy because you just me an impact!!!!!!!! 11. CONGRATULATIONS YOU JUST MADEAN IMPACT!! 12. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!!!!!!