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Keiro Senior Healthcare - IHA - Genki Caregiver Confereces 2013


  • 1. Social CaregivingDavid S. Williams IIICo-Founder and CEO, InvolveCare
  • 2. This is mymother. This iswhy Im here.
  • 3. Mom lived with me from 2007 to2009. I was a remote caregiver forher remaining two years as shelived independently.1963 1964 19811970 1972 1978 1983 1985 1998 2000 2007 2009DaughterSon (me)Son*BAMA MAEdD2011RIPHeartFailureBipolarDisorderCOPDLungCancer 1LungCancer 2BreastCancerSmall BowelCancerLiver Cancer(terminal)Tubal Ligation*
  • 4. What Caregiving Means for CaregiversCaregiving reduces work time impacting short and long-term incomeSource: Gallup July 2011 - caregivers say providingcare keeps them from workingmoreof caregivers miss 1-5 days ofwork per year due to caregivingresponsibilitiesof caregivers miss 6+ days ofwork per year due to caregivingresponsibilitiesAverage DaysMissed Per Year
  • 5. Caregiving Trips 2005 2007Mom Living IndependentlyBrother SisterMomMeOut-of-Pocket CostsSister: ~$2,000Me: ~$600Brother: ~$200Two TripsDays of Work MissedSister: ~8Me: ~2Brother: ~1Daryl
  • 6. Caregiving Trips 2007 2009Mom Living with MeBrother SisterMomMeOut-of-Pocket CostsMe: ~$15,000Sister: ~$100Brother: ~$100Two TripsDays of Work MissedMe: ~10Sister: ~0Brother: ~0
  • 7. Caregiving Trips 2009 2011Mom Living IndependentlyBrother SisterMomMeOut-of-Pocket CostsMe: ~$8,000Sister: ~$2,500Brother: ~$1,000Two TripsDays of Work MissedMe: ~6Sister: ~6Brother: ~3Daryl
  • 8. Social Caregiving: Multiple PlatformsComputerTablet Smartphone
  • 9. Social Caregiving: How? Engage in Social Caregiving Access everyone using multiple technologies Organize Connect Involve!
  • 10. Social Caregiving: Organize Choose an e-platform to organize information preferably all in one place Calendar Appointment Book To-Do List Medication List Emergency List Journal Friends Make sure you can access your e-platform fromanywhere
  • 11. Social Caregiving: Connect Get people who will help on thesame communications platform Enter all organized informationinto that integratedcommunications platform Make sure everyone gets themessages so you know when youmake a request for help, othersare receiving it
  • 12. Social Caregiving: Involve! Ask for help! Now that you have others involved, let themhelp you. Dont be bashful, afraid, orprideful. These people are thereunconditionally Help them help you. Make sure the requestyoure making is clear and concise. Pictureshelp. Even record your instructions forothers so they hear your voice. Create a list of third-party providers who canhelp if you or your family/friends networkcant Transportation, adult daycare, home care,respite services, etc.
  • 13. Real-World: How Would Social Caregiving Help? Mom cant remember doctors instructions Havent visited mom in a while Cant get to the pharmacy to pick up meds Mom is not taking medicationbut not telling anyone Youre remote and mom needs help Havent heard from mom in a few hours and not pickingup the phone
  • 14. David S. Williams IIICo-Founder and CEOInvolveCarewww.involvecare.comThank You!


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