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Senior College Information Night Class of 2014 Cody Clark, Principal Bonnie Silva, Junior/Senior Advisor Terri Picaso, Academic Admin. Asst. Get Ready! Get organized! Get Going!. Graduation Information. Colors Girls ~ white & Boys ~ Blue Jostens Caps & Gowns Graduation Announcements - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Senior College Information NightClass of 2014

    Cody Clark, PrincipalBonnie Silva, Junior/Senior AdvisorTerri Picaso, Academic Admin. Asst.

    Get Ready!Get organized!Get Going!

  • Graduation InformationColorsGirls ~ white & Boys ~ BlueJostensCaps & GownsGraduation AnnouncementsClass Rings(if you have not ordered yet, pick up a post-card from Terri Picaso on your way out

  • What Students Should be DoingACT/SATRetake to raise scores if needed

    Students registered to take the December 14th ACT test or December 14th SAT may request online access to the John Baylor Test Prep Program by signing up with Mrs. Silva in the Academic Advising Office.

  • ACT Test Dates 2013-2014

    SAT Test Dates 2013-2014

    Test DateRegistration DeadlineLate Registration (Late Fee Required)December 14November 8November 9-22February 8January 10January 11-24April 12March 7March 8-21June 14May 9May 10-23

    Test DateRegistration DeadlineLate Registration (Late Fee Required)December 7November 8November 22January 25December 27January 10March 8February 7February 21May 3April 4April 18June 7May 9May 23

  • What Students Should be DoingFinalize your college list and APPLY NOWKnow the application DeadlinesEarly Decision ~ bindingEarly Action ~ non-bindingRequest RecommendationsComplete a profile form to give your recommender Allow at least two weeks before the deadlineTranscriptsThe Academic Advising Office must have a signed release in order to process transcript requestsEssaysRequired or recommended Proof, revise, complete

  • Scholarship SearchStart with the Universities you have applied toSearch,,,,

    FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)Must be completed in order to receive any type of need based scholarship, grant or loan for collegeCannot start FAFSA until January of the senior year and must be completed by March 10th.Financial aid information meetings and workshop will be held on January 8th at 5:00 p.m. Apply for a FAFSA Pin now so you are prepared in

    What Students Should be Doing

  • What Students Should be Doing

    Accept Offer of admissionOnce you have decided where to attend college notify the college of your intent.

    Housing DepositsUnique to each University, earlier is ALWAYS better to ensure you get your first choice

  • What College Admissions EvaluatesAcademic EvaluationMinimum Course RequirementsStrength of Academic courseworkGrades in Academic coursesGrade Point AveragePercentile RankGrade TrendsTest Scores (ACT/SAT)

    Non-Academmic FactorsEssayLetters of RecommendationExtra Curricular Activities

  • College Admissions TestsCheck individual college website to see average SAT/ACT scores of accepted applicants.Colleges will look at a students highest scores, even if the scores are from separate tests.Many schools will not take SAT scores on a transcript students should have their scores sent automatically.

  • College Admissions TestsCollege admissions tests are sometimes used as cut-offs for admissionSometimes used to compare with academic record to clear up discrepanciesSometimes used by students themselves to judge the quality of students that attend that schoolStudents approved for Free/Reduced Lunch can receive a test fee waiver

  • ScholarshipsSearching for scholarships can be very time-consuming!Students should register with a scholarship search engine like pay a service for scholarship searching!Scholarships can be need-based or merit-based plus many more factors.

  • ScholarshipsVolunteer/community service is almost always an eligibility requirementDropping and or failing courses can adversely affect your chances of getting a scholarshipLeadership and experiential programs can greatly benefitScholarships are VERY competitive!

  • Financial AidFAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is the key! FAFSA gets you eligible for grants, work-study, loans. Get your taxes ready early - some grants are first-come, first-served.

    FAFSA looks at the cost of the particular school, and then looks at the family income in order to determine the familys expected contribution (EFC). The difference between the cost of the school and the family contribution equals the student need.

  • ASCENT 5th Year ProgramAttend Front Range Community College for a year while The Academy pays your tuitionEligibilityMeet all H.S. graduation requirements by May 30, 2014Earn a minimum of 12 college credits by May 30, 2014Agree to enroll as a 5th year senior at the Academy

  • Final ThoughtsBest Advice for students:Be Proactive!Stay organized!Dont Procrastinate!Seek help! Ask Questions!Fully take on the responsibility of your own education!

  • Dont be afraid to contact the Academic Advising Office for help.

    Bonnie Silva 303 439-6149;

    Terri Picaso 303-439-6151;