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  • Global Patterns of Linkage Disequilibrium at the CD4 Locus and Modern Human Origins Author(s): S. A. Tishkoff, E. Dietzsch, W. Speed, A. J. Pakstis, J. R. Kidd, K. Cheung, B. Bonné-Tamir, A. S. Santachiara-Benerecetti, P. Moral, M. Krings, S. Pääbo, E. Watson, N. Risch, T. Jenkins, K. K. Kidd Source: Science, New Series, Vol. 271, No. 5254 (Mar. 8, 1996), pp. 1380-1387 Published by: American Association for the Advancement of Science Stable URL: Accessed: 11/11/2008 10:08

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  • Article Contents p.1380 p.1381 p.1382 p.1383 p.1384 p.1385 p.1386 p.1387

    Issue Table of Contents Science, New Series, Vol. 271, No. 5254 (Mar. 8, 1996), pp. 1333-1464 Front Matter [pp.1333-1368] Editorial: Research Pays Off [p.1343] Letters Whistleblowing Consequences [p.1345] Academia vs. National Labs [pp.1345-1346] Genetics and Informed Consent [pp.1346-1347] Access to the Internet [p.1347] From Plants to Mammals [pp.1347-1348] Sea Grant Fellows [p.1348] Consider the Amateur [pp.1348-1349] "Allons Enfants..." [p.1349] Drosophila Homolog of Yeast ORC: Correction [p.1349]

    Corrections and Clarifications: Policy on DNA Research Troubles Tissue Bankers [p.1349] Corrections and Clarifications: Transfer of Genes to Humans: Early Lessons and Obstacles to Success [p.1349] ScienceScope [p.1351] News and Comment Gene Hunters Close In On Elusive Prey [pp.1352-1354] NASA Revises EOS, Adds Small Craft [p.1355] Los Alamos Takes Step Back to Its Roots [pp.1355-1356] Putting Museumgoers in Scientists' Shoes [p.1356] Anti-Evolution TV Show Prompts Furor [p.1357] Yellow Light for Pig-Human Transplants [p.1357] Japan Trolls for Global Support of Deepest Drilling Vessel [pp.1358-1359] Gallo's Institute at the Last Hurdle [p.1359]

    Research News A New Dawn for Sun-Climate Links? [pp.1360-1361] Oil-Drop Trap Is Set for a Lone Quark [pp.1361-1362] Focal Species Offer Management Tool [pp.1362-1363] Tuning a Catalyst for New Plastics [p.1363] Evidence Mounts for Our African Origins-and Alternatives [p.1364] Streetcar Carries Evolution Modelers Around Roadblocks [pp.1365-1366]

    Random Samples [pp.1367-1369] Book Reviews Mating Arenas [pp.1370-1371] Visual Perception [p.1371] Also Noteworthy [p.1371] Books Received [p.1371]

    Perspectives Isolated Neutron Stars [pp.1372-1373] Intermittently Flowing Rivers of Magnetic Flux [pp.1373-1374] The Expanding World of Trinucleotide Repeats [pp.1374-1375]

    Basins of Attraction [pp.1376-1380] Global Patterns of Linkage Disequilibrium at the CD4 Locus and Modern Human Origins [pp.1380-1387] Research Article The Exchange of Impact Ejecta Between Terrestrial Planets [pp.1387-1392]

    Reports Observation of Dynamic Interaction of Vortices with Pinning Centers by Lorentz Microscopy [pp.1393-1395] Understanding the Catalytic Behavior of Zeolites: A First-Principles Study of the Adsorption of Methanol [pp.1395-1397] Reversible Cleavage and Formation of the Dioxygen O-O Bond Within a Dicopper Complex [pp.1397-1400] High-Pressure Compounds in Methane-Hydrogen Mixtures [pp.1400-1402] Comparison of Radiative and Physiological Effects of Doubled Atmospheric CO$_2$ on Climate [pp.1402-1406] The Amyloid Precursor Protein of Alzheimer's Disease in the Reduction of Copper(II) to Copper(I) [pp.1406-1409] Catalytic Role of 2′-Hydroxyl Groups Within a Group II Intron Active Site [pp.1410-1413] Uncoupling of GTP Binding from Target Stimulation by a Single Mutation in the Transducin α Subunit [pp.1413-1416] Rearrangement-Enhancing Element Upstream of the Mouse Immunoglobulin Kappa Chain J Cluster [pp.1416-1420] Electrophoretically Uniform Fluorescent Dyes for Automated DNA Sequencing [pp.1420-1422] Friedreich's Ataxia: Autosomal Recessive Disease Caused by an Intronic GAA Triplet Repeat Expansion [pp.1423-1427] Egr-1-Induced Endothelial Gene Expression: A Common Theme in Vascular Injury [pp.1427-1431]

    Technical Comments Sperm-Egg Binding Protein or Proto-Oncogene? [pp.1431-1435]

    Science's Next Wave: Using Science to Help Shape The Nation's Policies [p.1439] Back Matter [pp.1436-1464]