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It's about the layers


  • HibaThe Gift of a Seed

    A Chicagoan Mosque


    conveys a plethora of logistical statistics attractively, with a unied color theme consistent with social work, and complem-tary with company colors. no hidden mean-ings or rewards for the deep observer.

    ...colors convey the sense of a new and fresh type of service, while the typography echoes the logo shape. but the greatness comes from the design of a traditional gift box embedded with a sap-ling. its a design element that goes beyond what immediately meets the eye but does not obstruct the form to do so.

    ...typography establishes the traditional arabic identity, the calligraphic, artistic heritage of the written name, and the skyline of the mosques hometown, in a single stroke. the overall shape is echoing the architecture of the mosques window arches. layers of meaning are meant to keep the logo interesting and surprising as the viewer interacts with the mosque.