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GPCA Annual Report 2008


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    Promoting green chemistry in the Gulf region is a goal we are pursuing with the active encouragement of our Board of Directors.

    Gone are the days when Health, Safety and Environment used to be looked upon as a matter of corporate reputation and prestige.

    In fact, among all the issues/topics of common concern addressed through the Annual GPCA Forums and the regular workshops/seminars, we consider Responsible Care as one of the most vital - which will have the most far-reaching impact on the progress and protability of our member companies. Besides reducing a companys environmental footprint, Responsible Care can actually save costs, boost innovation and ofcourse, strengthen corporate reputation crucial for brand preferences.

    Our 2008 Annual Report cover is an attempt to highlight this all-important shift in the way business would be conducted in the future.

    Cover ThemeGPCA Vision 3

    GPCA Mission 4

    GPCA : A Multi-faceted Role 5

    A Foreword from the Chairman 7

    Report of the Board of Directors 9

    Report of the Management 16

    Report on the Financial Statements 17

    Membership Statistics 32

    GPCA Organisation 33

    GPCA Team 35

    GPCA Members 37

    Full Members as of April 2009 39

    Associate Members as of April 2009 41

    Members index by name of the Ofcial Representative (O.R.) 49

    Members index by Company 51

    G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8 G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8


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    To be the regional voice of the Gulfs

    Petrochemical and Chemical Industry in

    non-commercial activities and to serve as

    the regional platform for information



    To identify and build on the common

    interests of members. To ensure a

    harmonious and sustainable growth of

    the Petrochemical and Chemical Industry

    in the Gulf.


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    The GPCA is constantly working to expand and deepen the level of knowledge available toits members...

    GPCA set out with a dream, a dream of getting the Gulfs own voice of the petrochemicals industry heard around the world.

    GPCA has done well in furtheringthe cause of the petrochemical and chemical industry in the Gulf Region, demonstrating the ability to perform a multi-faceted role:

    Represent the common interest of the Gulf Regions Petrochemical and Chemical IndustryGPCA takes a proactive role in the debate on a wide range of industry issues. With the backing of all leading petrochemical manufacturers and allied companies in the Gulf and Middle East, GPCAs vision is aimed at promoting co-operation and information-sharing among its stakeholders and the community.

    Compile, share and exchange resources, knowledge, opinions and experienceAn association of petrochemical and chemical manufacturers, allied industries and service providers, GPCA members exchange ideas, knowledge, experience and opinions to shape and dene the industrys future and direction. GPCA offers its members access to a network of

    tools, resources, industry contacts and an accumulated databank of relevant industry case studies and best practice.

    The networking opportunities help the members in sharing knowledge, exchanging opinions and experiences.

    Assist and encourage new scientic research and studiesGPCA assists and encourages focused research and development programmes to advance ideas or products in a mutually benecial manner so that the business environment is conducive to industry growth. GPCA aims to encourage research related to the industry and provide solutions to scientic and technical issues. A specially equipped members only area in the GPCA website allows its members exclusive access to a vast array of information on the industry.

    Promote human resources development GPCA plays a major role in promoting human resources development within the industry sharing best practices and exploring solutions for common issues facing the region. GPCA promotes relationships and co-operation among companies and institutions related to theindustry. This helps in improving the

    overall efciency and effectiveness of HR functions across all member companies through awareness, accountability and improved systems implementation.

    Organise industrial conferences, seminars and exhibitionsGPCA organises various conferences like the Annual GPCA Forum, and other seminars and networking events which are designed to address key issues facing the industry. At the same time, these seminars, exhibitions and conferences provide the GPCA members access to information, knowledge and experience not generally available to the industry at large. The GPCA forums and conferences facilitate networking and provide unique platforms for idea exchange to chalk out the future course of the industry.

    Acts as an industry spokespersonGPCAs membership is composed of those interested in and able to inuence the development of the petrochemical, chemical and allied industries. GPCA has become the regional voice in all matters of public interest and general concern to enhance understanding of the petrochemical industry among the media, stakeholders and the community.

    Issue reports and analytical market studies GPCA is constantly working to expand and deepen the level of knowledge available to its members. It regularly undertakes global and regional market analyses for key petrochemical and chemical data, to provide comprehensive industry studies, analytical reports and historical market reviews.

    Promote understanding of the industrys contribution to economic, environmental and social progress GPCA aims to promote a deep understanding of the role and contribution of the petrochemical industry to the economic & social development of the region while safeguarding the environment. The association is already active in ensuring that its members meet the needs of the present without compromising the interests of the future generations. The key objectives are social progress which recognises the needs of all the stakeholders, effective protection of the environment, prudent use of natural resources and maintenance of high and sustainable levels of economic growth.

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    Our Association has seen tremendous growth in all spheres of our activity. The revenues have risen from AED 5.7 Million in 2006 to AED 6.7 Million in 2008.

    established its Annual Forum as one of the pivotal events in the global petrochemicals calendar.

    In all our activities we managed to attain a level of success which some of the established associations built over a long period of time. Yes, we didnt try to re-invent the wheel. We learned from their best practices and progressed faster. GPCA enjoys strong relationships with associations like EPCA, NPRA, ICC, APIC etc. We are now paving the way to join the ICCA the International Council of Chemical Associations.

    Our Association has seen tremendous growth in all spheres of our activity. The revenues have risen from AED 5.7 Million in 2006 to AED 6.7 Million in 2008. We now have 4 working committees looking at common issues in the areas of Human Resources, Safety Health and Environment, Plastics and Supply Chain. GPCA conducted five workshops

    Dear Members,

    I consider myself fortunate to have led the team of an organisation that has steered the Gulfs petrochemical and chemical industries towards a whole new era of co-ordination and co-operation for the collective good of the region. Indeed GPCA has come a long way since inception. These three years have been exciting, challenging and fullling.

    The association was formed in March 2006 and we dared to hold our First Annual Forum in less than nine months, in December 2006.

    Thats the way it has always been at GPCA. We set ambitious objectives and then set about organising the infrastructure to achieve them. We established committees to address issues of common concern and organised workshops on various topics. We initiated studies for our members and also produced a directory to provide a platform for contact. GPCA successfully

    on various important topics last year. Two of these were on REACH. We had four hundred and fty delegates at our First Annual Forum; we had almost a thousand delegates at our Third Annual Forum in 2008.

    On the stakeholder engagement front, our website is now seeing an average of over 400,000 hits every month which mirrors the overall interest in the association and its activities.

    GPCA membership stands at 141 today from the original 8 founding members when we started.

    Looking at the future, we would like to move forward on Responsible Care, advocacy and have more opportunities for meeting of minds for our industry.

    I have no doubt that GPCA can play a very constructive role in these challenging times serving the member companies with a variety of data, technical insight and resources.

    In the race for excellence, theres no nishing line, for each new advance merely reveals a new horizon. At GPCA, we reafrm our commitment to excellence, while reminding ourselves that the journey continues.

    I would like to thank you for your valuable support through the three marvellous years. Thanks for making us into what we are today a highly successful, pro-active association of petrochemical and chemical companies in the Gulf.

    Mohamed H. Al-MadyChairman, GPCA

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    In the midst of the impending gloom, we at GPCA ended the year 2008 on a high note with the success of the 3rd Annual GPCA Forum

    PCN, ICIS, Middle East Petrochemicals carried special reports on the event. The number of attendees once again showed a steady rise over the previous year.

    Attended by close to 1,000 delegates and addressed by a distinguished line-up of prominent industry gures and experts from around the world, the Forum enlightened the delegates on the impact of the global nancial crisis and ways of meeting the challenges ahead in the regions petrochemicals and chemicals sectors. The industry leaders who addressed the gathering at the main conference were:

    H.E. Abdulla Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah - Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Energy and Industry, Qatar; Chairman and Managing Director, Qatar Petroleum who shared his knowledge and experience on Meeting Energy and Feedstock Needs for the Region

    Jeffrey Lipton - CEO, Nova Chemical who spoke on Managing Growth : Where Are the New Global Feedstock Sources?

    Ben van Beurden - Executive Vice President, Shell Chemicals who addressed the topic of The Energy Challenge : Implications for the

    Dear Members,

    In the midst of the impending gloom, we at GPCA ended the year 2008 on a high note with the success of the Third Annual GPCA Forum as leaders and managers from across the global petrochemicals industry converged in Dubai once again casting the spotlight on the most important petrochemicals region in the world.

    For the Petrochemicals and Chemicals industry, 2008 offered a mixed bag of triumphs and tremors. By November, the industry watchers were already proclaiming tough challenges ahead although invariably ending their review with a note of optimism about Middle Easts chances of emerging unscathed from the nancial crisis.


    The Third Annual GPCA Forum was organised in Dubai on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of December 2008. The theme for the Forum was Managing Growth and Competitiveness in a Cyclical Industry.

    The Forum was widely covered in the international and regional media including television. Leading trade publications like Chemical Week, MEED,


    Responding to all-round interest in issues of key concern which required more in-depth analysis, we also organised two Breakout Sessions as part of the Third Annual GPCA Forum.

    A session on Supply Chain

    A session on Supply Chain with Opportunities and Threats in Supply Chain Management as the theme, was addressed by experts like:

    Markus Leopoldseder - Practice Manager of EMEA Supply Chain Management Practice of McKinsey & Company who spoke on the topic of What Supply Chain Management can Contribute in Times of the Current Economic Crisis

    Fred du Plessis President FdP Associates who spoke on the topic of Global Liquid Chemicals Shipping Market Outlook With Focus on the Gulf Region

    Middle East and the Global Chemical Industry

    Hassan I. Ahmed Managing Director, HSBC Securities (USA) Inc. who spoke on The Financial Crisis: Where does the Global Chemical Sector go from here?

    Abdulrahman Jawahery Board Member, GPCA; General Manager, Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co. (GPIC) who highlighted the various aspects of Managing Growth and Competitiveness in a Cyclical Industry

    Li Xihong - President/Economics and Development Research Institute, Sinopec who spoke on The Trend in Chinas Petrochemicals Market

    Jose Carlos Grubisich CEO, ETH Bioenergia S.A (ex- CEO, Braskem) who highlighted The role of Green Technologies in a Global Chemical Environment

    Florian Budde - Director McKinsey & Company, Inc. who spoke on The Future of Chemicals in the Middle East

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    Human Resources Committee set an action plan to address key issues relating to HR needs and management in the region.

    topic of Cultivating, Attracting and Retaining Talent

    John Robinson - Managing Director Middle East, Talent Partners who spoke on the topic of Finding and Hiring Specialist Talent from the Global Marketplace

    Sunil Kumar - President and CEO, International Specialty Products who spoke on the topic of Hiring Local in a Global Business : Opportunities and Challenges

    Mark Williams - Director, Leadership and Talent , Middle East, Hay Group andVijay Gandhi General Manager, Rewards Information Services, Middle East, Hay Group spoke on the topic of Remuneration Trends in the Mideast Chemical Industry

    Philip Damas - Division Director, Drewry Supply Chain Advisors who spoke on the topic of Global Container Shipping and Logistics Outlook With Focus on The Gulf Region

    A session on Human Resources

    Another breakout session on Human Resources with Managing Growth in the Face of A Talent Shortage as the theme, turned out to be a highly insightful discussion on the shortage and ever increasing cost of the most vital raw material which cannot be mined, or its production ramped up to meet demand. The session was addressed by the Human Resources authorities of the industry like:

    AbdulAziz I. AbdulAziz - Vice President Admin. Affairs, Tasnee who spoke on the

    The ndings of the survey were appreciated by all when the results were announced at the Third Annual GPCA Forum

    A break out session on HR during the Third Annual GPCA Forum was addressed by key industry leaders

    Supporting GetEnergy - a regional event held in Bahrain to strengthen the ties between academic institutions and the corporate world

    The theme for the Committee for 2009 is Leadership. The rst workshop on this will be held in June with the topic Leading in Hard Times. The theme will be carried forward to the Annual Forum

    The Committee members have shortlisted offsite meets in their respective company campus as a step to promote transparency and share best practices


    Human Resources Committee HR Committee set an action plan to address key issues relating to human resource needs and management in the region. In 2008, the committee worked on activities that were in line with the Associations overall objectives:

    A Talent Management Workshop to understand how a robust talent management process impacts business and how the success of a company is dependent on having the right talent at the right place at the right time and in the right quantity to excecute its stratagies

    A successful survey on Remuneration & Benets packages for executive

    and non-executive staff. This survey was spearheaded by Ms. Abeer Al Omar, a HR subject expert from EQUATE. Hay Group helped with the data compilation.

  • 13 14G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8 G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8


    Human Resources Committee set an action plan to address key issues relating to HR needs and management in the region.

    where key global associations will be represented

    Safety Health & Environment (SH&E) Committee

    The SH&E Committee took up a number of successful initiatives in 2008:

    Addressing issues on Process Safety, REACH and Responsible Care

    Two well-attended workshops on REACH were organised given the importance of this key legislation

    Conducted the ICCA Meet which provided a platform for international associations to address global issues

    Global issues on Environment, CO2 Emissions have been outlined by Committee to be addressed along side Responsible Care and Process Safety Management

    The Commitee will work towards implementing the GPCA Board of Directors mandate on Responsible Care. In 2009, the Committee will take up public policy and advocacy on issues. The secretariat is working on the scope with subject experts.

    Supply Chain Committee

    The Supply Chain Committee was set up in mid-2008 to address issues related to logistics in the region

    The Committee organised a breakout session on Supply Chain at the Third Annual GPCA Forum to address issues within the region

    The Plans for 2009 include organising a Supply Chain Forum in October 2009 to discuss trends and challenges facing the regional industry

    The Committee has mapped out a 3-year strategy on future issues.

    Plastics Committee

    The Plastics Committee was also formed in mid-2008 to build awareness of the various issues and also to highlight the signicant contributions of plastics in our day-to-day life

    The Committee has planned a workshop related to Waste Management

    Conducting a survey to probe the regions perception on plastics

    The Committee is organising an international conference on plastics


    In 2008, we saw an accelerated the pace of growth with our revenues rising by 10% from AED 5.96 Million in 2007 to AED 6.58 Million in 2008. As on 31 December 2008, the surplus income was AED 2.572 million and GPCAs employed assets totalled AED 9.905 million. Inclusive of AED 5.524 million in available-for-sale investments.

    The GPCA revenue streams were further optimised to reduce the dependency on membership subscription. Income from

    the Annual Forum went up from AED 1.420 million in 2007 to AED 2.311 million in 2008.

    With a busier calendar of activities in 2009, we can once again project an all-round rise in revenue from conferences, seminars and publications.

  • 15 16G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8 G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8


    conduct a seminar to discuss various issues and way forward related to production planning and marketing of Fertiliser products. Like all GPCA events, this Seminar would also offer the participants an excellent networking opportunity with peers and to get acquainted with the latest developments by listening to the global experts.

    The Fourth Annual GPCA Forum will be held in Dubai on 8th, 9th and 10th December 2009. We expect an even greater participation at this even to be co-organised by Chemical Week.

    We thank all our members for their active involvement in the affairs of GPCA and we hope to get the same level of support and encouragement in 2009.

    Board of Directors


    Co-operation is the key to meeting the challenges ahead. GPCAs constant endeavour would be to create more and more opportunities for interaction among the member companies. The Working Committees are doing a commendable job in identifying and raising issues of common concern. Apart from the regular workshops planned and organised with the help of the Working Committees, GPCA will work towards creating many smaller annual get togethers to focus on specic issues as well as on the various sectors of the petrochemicals and chemicals industry.

    Gulf Fertiliser Seminar in April 2009 would be one such annual event. GPCA has been approached by leading Fertiliser producing companies of the region to

    The Management presents their report and nancial statements for the year ended 31 December 2008.

    Principal Activities

    The Associations mission is to identify, promote and manage the common interest of its members by promoting the role of the gulf petrochemicals and chemicals industry and related businesses world-wide. The Association shall not engage in any commercial activities to represent the commercial interest of the members.


    As at 31 December 2008 Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association had total assets of AED 9,905,394 (2007: AED 7,301,666). The admission and annual fees for the year was AED 3,435,023 (for the year ended 31 December 2007: AED 3,930,166).


    The nancial statements have been audited by Ernst & Young who retire and, being eligible, offer themselves for reappointment.

    The Board of Management

    P.O. Box 123055DubaiU.A.E.26 February 2009

  • 17 18G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8 G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8


    To the members of the Gulf Petrochemicals & Chemicals Association

    Independent Auditors Report to the Members of GPCA

    Income and Expense Statement

    Balance Sheet

    Cash Flow Statement

    Notes to the Financial Statements

    1. Activities

    2. Signicant Accounting Policies

    3. Conference Income

    4. General and Administrative Expenses

    5. Property, Plant and Equipment

    6. Accounts receivable and Prepayments

    7. Cash and Cash Equivalents

    8. End of Service Benets

    9. Accounts Payable and Accruals

    10. Related Party Transactions

    11. Risk Management

    12. Fair Value of Financial Instruments

    13. Key Sources of Estimation Uncertainty

    To the members of the Gulf Petrochemicals &Chemicals Association

    Dear Member Representatives,

    I have the pleasure in enclosing, on behalf of the Board of Directors, the Financial Report for the year ending 31st December 2008 showing a surplus of AED 2.571 Million.

    The accounts have been audited by Ernst & Young, Dubai.

    Yours faithfully, Abdulaziz Alhajri CEO, Borouge GPCA Treasurer

  • 19 20G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8 G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8


    Report on the Financial Statements

    We have audited the accompanying nancial statements of Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (the Association), which comprise the balance sheet as at 31 December 2008 and the income and expense statement and cash ow statement for the year then ended, and a summary of signicant accounting policies and other explanatory notes.

    Managements Responsibility for the Financial StatementsManagement is responsible for the preparation and fair presentation of these nancial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards. This responsibility includes: designing, implementing and maintaining internal control relevant to the preparation and fair presentation of nancial statements that are free from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error; selecting and applying appropriate accounting policies; and making accounting estimates that are reasonable in the circumstances.

    Auditors ResponsibilityOur responsibility is to express an opinion on these nancial statements based on our audit. We conducted our audit in accordance with International Standards on Auditing. Those standards require that we comply with ethical requirements and plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance whether the nancial statements are free from material misstatement.

    An audit involves performing procedures to obtain audit evidence about the amounts and disclosures in the nancial statements. The procedures selected depend on the auditors judgement, including the assessment of the risks of material misstatement of the nancial statements, whether due to fraud or error. In making those risk assessments, the auditor considers internal control relevant to the entitys preparation and fair presentation of the nancial statements in order to design audit procedures that are appropriate for the circumstances, but not for the purpose of expressing an opinion on the effectiveness of the entitys internal control. An audit also includes evaluating the appropriateness of accounting policies used and the reasonableness of accounting estimates made by management, as well as evaluating the overall presentation of the nancial statements.

    We believe that the audit evidence we have obtained is sufcient and appropriate to provide a basis for our audit opinion.


    In our opinion, the nancial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the nancial position of the Association as of 31 December 2008, and its nancial performance and its cash ows for the year then ended in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards.

    26 February 2009Dubai



    31 December 31 December 2008 2007 Notes AED AED

    Membership fees 3,435,023 3,930,166

    Conference and other income 3 3,048,408 1,855,237

    Interest income 97,132 175,746

    GROSS INCOME 6,580,563 5,961,149

    General and administrative expenses 4 (3,997,261) (3,641,599)

    Loss on exchange (11,571) (22,155)

    SURPLUS FOR THE YEAR 2,571,731 2,297,395


    Accumulated surplus at beginning of the year 6,483,506 4,186,111

    Surplus for the year 2,571,731 2,297,395

    BALANCE AT 31 DECEMBER 9,055,237 6,483,506

  • 21 22G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8 G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8


    2008 2007 Notes AED AED

    ASSETS EMPLOYEDNon-current assetsProperty and equipment 5 47,433 126,617Available-for-sale investments 6 5,524,500 -

    5,571,933 126,617

    Current assetsAccounts receivable and prepayments 7 3,033,308 2,059,950Bank balances and cash 8 1,300,153 5,115,099

    4,333,461 7,175,049

    TOTAL ASSETS EMPLOYED 9,905,394 7,301,666

    ASSOCIATION RESERVE AND LIABILITIESAssociation reserveAccumulated surplus 9,055,237 6,483,506

    9,055,237 6,483,506

    Non-current liabilitiesEmployees end of service benets 9 226,924 18,431

    226,924 18,431

    Current liabilitiesAccounts payable and accruals 10 623,233 799,729

    623,233 799,729

    Total liabilities 850,157 818,160


    Secretary General 26 February 2009

    Balance SheetAt 31st December 2008

    Cash Flow StatementYear ended 31st December 2008

    31 December 31 December 2008 2007 Notes AED AED

    OPERATING ACTIVITIESSurplus for the year 2,571,731 2,297,395Adjustments for:Depreciation 5 83,733 80,355Provision for employees end of service benets 9 208,493 14,262

    2,863,957 2,392,012Working capital changes:Accounts receivable and prepayments (973,358) (390,817)Accounts payable and accruals (176,496) 22,917

    Net cash from operating activities 1,714,103 2,024,112

    INVESTING ACTIVITIESPurchase of property and equipment 5 (4,549) (19,142)Purchase of available-for-sale investments 6 (5,524,500) -

    Net cash used in investing activities (5,529,049) (19,142)


    Cash and cash equivalents at 1 January 5,115,099 3,110,129

    CASH AND CASH EQUIVALENTS AT 31 DECEMBER 8 1,300,153 5,115,099

  • 23 24G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8 G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8


    Notes To The Financial StatementsYear ended 31st December 2008

    disclosures required when the discounted cash ows are used to estimate value in use.

    The application of the above standards and improvements to IFRSs will result in amendments to the presentation of the nancial statements including, in some cases, revisions to the accounting policies.

    Use of estimates and judgmentsThe preparation of the nancial statements requires management to make estimates and assumptions that may affect the reported amount of nancial assets and liabilities, revenues, expenses, disclosure of contingent liabilities and the resultant provisions and fair values. Such estimates are necessarily based on assumptions about several factors and actual results may differ from reported amounts.

    Estimates and underlying assumptions are reviewed on an ongoing basis. Revisions to accounting estimates are recognised in the period in which the estimate is revised and in any future periods affected.

    In particular, information about signicant areas of estimation, uncertainty, and critical judgements in applying accounting policies (that have the most signicant effect on the amount recognised in the nancial statements) are discussed in note 13.

    Revenue recognitionMembership fee and subscriptions are taken to revenue over the period to which they relate.

    Interest revenue is recognised as the interest accrues using the effective interest method.

    Property and equipmentProperty and equipment is stated at cost lessaccumulated depreciation and any impairment in value.

    Depreciation is calculated on a straight line basis over

    the estimated useful lives of the assets as follows:

    Leasehold improvements 3 yearsFurniture and xtures 3 yearsOfce equipment 3 years

    The carrying values of property and equipment are reviewed for impairment when events or changes in circumstances indicate the carrying value may not be recoverable. If any such indication exists and where the carrying values exceed the estimated recoverable amount, the assets are written down to their recoverable amount, being the higher of their fair value less costs to sell and their value in use.

    Expenditure incurred to replace a component of an item of property and equipment that is accounted for separately is capitalised and the carrying amount of the component that is replaced is written off. Other subsequent expenditure is capitalised only when it increases future economic benets of the related item of property and equipment. All other expenditure is recognised in the income and expense statement as the expense is incurred. Investments

    Available-for-sale investmentsAvailable-for-sale nancial investments are those which are designated as such or do not qualify to be classied as designated at fair value through prot and loss, held to maturity or nancing and investing assets.

    After initial recognition, securities which are classied as available for sale are normally remeasured at fair value unless fair value cannot be reliably determined in which case they are measured at cost less impairment. Fair value changes are reported as a separate component of equity until the security is derecognised or the security is determined to be impaired. On derecognition or impairment, the cumulative gain or loss previously reported as cumulative changes in fair value within equity is included in the consolidated income statement for the period.

    IAS 1 Revised Presentation of Financial StatementsThe revised Standard was issued in September 2007 and becomes effective for nancial years beginning on or after 1 January 2009. The application of this standard will result in amendments to the presentation of the nancial statements. The Standard separates owner and non-owner changes in equity. The statement of changes in equity will include only details of transactions with owners, with non-owner changes in equity presented as a single line. In addition, the Standard introduces the statement of comprehensive income: it presents all items of recognised income and expense, either in one single statement, or in two linked statements. The Association is still evaluating whether it will have one or two statements.

    Improvements to IFRSsIFRS 7 Financial Instruments: Disclosures: Removal of the reference to total interest income as a component of nance costs.

    IAS 8 Accounting Policies, Change in Accounting Estimates and Errors: Clarication that only implementation guidance that is an integral part of an IFRS is mandatory when selecting accounting policies.

    IAS 10 Events after the Reporting Period:Clarication that dividends declared after the end of the reporting period are not obligations.

    IAS 16 Property, Plant and Equipment:Replace the term net selling price with fair value less costs to sell.

    IAS 18 Revenue:Replacement of the term direct costs with transaction costs as dened in IAS 39.

    IAS 36 Impairment of Assets:When discounted cash ows are used to estimate fair value less cost to sell additional disclosure is required about the discount rate, consistent with


    Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (the Association) is registered and incorporated in Dubai. The mission of the Association is to identify, promote and manage the role of gulf petrochemicals and chemicals industry and related businesses world-wide. The Associations registered head ofce is at P.O. Box 123055, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


    Basis of preparationThe nancial statements have been prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards and applicable requirements of UAE law.

    The nancial statements have been presented in United Arab Emirates Dirhams.

    The nancial statements are prepared under the historical cost convention.

    Changes in accounting policiesThe accounting policies are consistent with those used in the previous nancial year. New and amended IFRS and IFRIC interpretations becoming mandatory for nancial years beginning on or after 1 January 2008 did not have any impact on the accounting policies adopted by the Association.

    IASB Standards and Interpretations issued at 31 December 2008 but not adoptedThe Association has not adopted the new accounting standards or interpretations that have been issued but are not yet effective. These standards and interpretations, except for revised IAS 1 and some of the amendments to standards following the 2007 improvement to IFRSs project as detailed below, are not likely to have any signicant impact on the nancial statements of the Association in the period of their initial application.

  • 25 26G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8 G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8


    Notes To The Financial StatementsYear ended 31st December 2008

    2008 2007 AED AED

    Conference income 2,311,413 1,420,144Publication income 341,320 198,653Workshop income 322,175 163,000CEO round table income 73,500 73,440

    3,048,408 1,855,237


    2008 2007 AED AED

    Staff costs 2,599,782 1,870,162Communication expenses 230,356 815,090Functions, conferences and business travel expenses 606,410 512,510Internal control, human resources review and recruitment costs 293,160 112,314Miscellaneous expenses 267,553 331,523

    3,997,261 3,641,599



    Accounts receivableAccounts receivable are stated at original invoice amount less a provision for any uncollectible amounts. An estimate for doubtful debts is made when collection of the full amount is no longer probable. Bad debts are written off when there is no possibility of recovery.

    Cash and cash equivalents For the purpose of the cash ow statement, cash and cash equivalents consist of cash in hand and bank balances.

    Accounts payable and accrualsLiabilities are recognised for amounts to be paid in the future for goods or services received, whether billed by the supplier or not.

    ProvisionsProvisions are recognised when the Association has an obligation (legal or constructive) arising from a past event, and the costs to settle the obligation are both probable and able to be reliably measured.

    LeasesLeases where the lessor retains substantially all the risks and benets of ownership of the asset are

    classied as operating leases. Operating lease payments are recognised as an expense in the income and expense statement on a straight-line basis over the lease term.

    Employees end of service benetsThe Association provides end of service benets to its employees in accordance with UAE labour law. The entitlement to these benets is based upon the employees nal salary and length of service, subject to the completion of a minimum service period. The expected costs of these benets are accrued over the period of employment.

    Foreign currenciesTransactions in foreign currencies are recorded at the rate ruling at the date of the transaction. Monetary assets and liabilities denominated in foreign currencies are retranslated at the rate of exchange ruling at the balance sheet date. All differences are taken to the income and expense statement.

  • 27 28G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8 G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8


    Notes To The Financial StatementsYear ended 31st December 2008


    2008 2007 AED AED

    552,450 units of AED 10 each with National Bonds 5,524,500 -

    5,524,500 -

    During the year, the Association invested in National Bonds. In January 2009, National Bonds

    declared a 7.07% annual prot payout to its bondholders in relation to 2008 which has been taken

    as income by the Association in 2009.


    2008 2007 AED AED

    Conference and other fees receivable 2,768,994 1,619,801Receivables from members 136,201 168,028Prepaid rents 100,113 90,090Other receivables 28,000 182,031

    3,033,308 2,059,950

    Unimpaired receivables are expected on the basis of past experience, to be fully recoverable. It is

    not the practice of the Association to obtain collateral over receivables.


    2008 2007 AED AED

    Bank balance and cash 1,300,153 765,099Term deposits - 4,350,000

    1,300,153 5,115,099


  • 29 30G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8 G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8


    Notes To The Financial StatementsYear ended 31st December 2008


    2008 2007 AED AED

    Movements in the provision recognised in the balance sheet are as follows:

    Provision as at 1 January 18,431 4,169Provided during the year 208,493 14,262

    Provision as at 31 December 226,924 18,431

    An actuarial valuation has not been performed as the net impact of discount rates and future

    increases in benets is not likely to be material.


    2008 2007 AED AED

    Advances from non-members 17,907 42,694Accrued expenses and other payables 605,326 757,035

    623,233 799,729

    Compensation of key management personnelThe remuneration of directors and other members of key management during the year was as follows:

    31 December 31 December 2008 2007 AED AED

    Short-term benets 1,573,311 1,275,020

    1,573,311 1,275,020

    At 31 December 2008 Less than 3 to 12 1 to 5 3 months months years >5 years Total AED AED AED AED AED

    Accounts payables and accruals 444,714 178,519 - - 623,233

    At 31 December 2007 Less than 3 to 12 1 to 5 3 months months years >5 years Total AED AED AED AED AED

    Accounts payables and accruals 757,965 41,764 - - 799,729


    Interest rate risk The Association is not exposed to any signicant interest rate risk on its interest bearing assets and liabilities.

    Credit riskThe Association seeks to limit its credit risk with respect to debtors by monitoring outstanding fees receivables as there is no established credit period for debtors. Credit risk is limited to the carrying value of nancial assets in the balance sheet.

    Liquidity riskThe Association limits its liquidity risk by ensuring bank facilities or funds are available. The Associations terms for renewing the membership are specied in the agreement. Trade accounts payable are settled on the basis of credit terms agreed with the respective supplier.

    The table below summarises the maturities of the Associations undiscounted nancial liabilities at 31 December 2008, based on contractual payment dates.

    Currency riskThe Association is not exposed to signicant currency risk.

    Capital managementThe primary objective of the Associations fund management is to ensure that it maintains a healthy ratio in order to support its activities.

  • 31 32G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8 G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8


    Notes To The Financial StatementsYear ended 31st December 2008


    Financial instruments comprise nancial assets and nancial liabilities.

    Financial assets consist of cash and bank balances and receivables. Financial liabilities consist of payables and accruals.

    The fair values of nancial instruments are not materially different from their carrying values.


    Impairment of accounts receivableAn estimate of the collectible amount of accounts receivable is made when collection of the full amount is no longer probable. For individually signicant amounts, this estimation is performed on an individual basis. Amounts which are not individually signicant, but which are past due, are assessed collectively and a provision applied according to the length of time past due.

    At the balance sheet date, gross accounts receivable were AED 2,905,195 (2007: AED 1,787,829) and the provision for doubtful debts was AED Nil (2007: AED Nil). Any difference between the amounts actually collected in future periods and the amounts expected will be recognised in the income and expense statement.

    Global Membership





    Gulf Region

    Sultanate of Oman (1.95%)

    Bahrain (3.88%)

    Kuwait (6.80%)

    Qatar (9.70%)

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (35.92%)

    United Arab Emirates (41.75%)

    Regional Membership

  • 33 34G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8 G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8


    the Board of Directors, who shall be elected by the majority of the Board of Directors. The chairmanship of the Board of Directors shall be for a minimum period of two years and a maximum period of three years. The Board of Directors shall, at least four times a year, convene its meetings at the head ofce of GPCA or any other places as decided by the Board of Directors.

    The Board of Directors may establish such procedures as it sees t for conducting its business and regulating its affairs and may, in the absence of the Chairman of the Board of Directors appoint one of its members as Chairman for the time being of the Board and may revoke that appointment.

    The Board reects the composition of the GPCA membership base. In each of these categories industry leaders are selected to be a part of the Board, both for the importance of the relevant member company and the seniority of the individual Board member.

    The Board also establishes yearly accounts, budget and GPCA membership fees and proposes the same for the approval of the Ordinary General Meeting of the Full Members.

    The Board decides in which projects of interest GPCA should participate, establishes the GPCA meeting fees and assists the Secretary General in the organisation of the business sessions of the Annual Meetings.

    The Secretary General The Board of Directors shall have the right to appoint a Secretary General to the GPCA who shall be responsible for the daily management of GPCA and the implementation of the resolutions of the Board of Directors. The Secretary General may be appointed from amongst the members of the Board of Directors or outside. The Board of Directors may also appoint other committees and working groups drawn from the staff of the Members of GPCA which are tasked to look after a particular area of common interest to the Members of GPCA.

    GPCA organisation is made of the following principal structures:

    The Annual General Assembly The Board of Directors The Annual General Assembly The GPCA shall have a General Assembly consisting of all the Ofcial Representatives of the Members to be convened at least once a year during the four months following the end of the nancial year of GPCA by a notice and at a location to be given by the Board of Directors (the Annual General Assembly).

    The agenda of the Annual General Assembly shall include the following matters:

    a) Elect and appoint the Board of Directors (when appropriate)

    b) Determine the admission fees and annual membership fees for Full Members and Associate Members

    c) Approve and examine previous years accounts and GPCAs Annual Report

    d) Any other matters the Board of Directors deems necessary

    The Board of Directors The GPCA will be managed by a Board of Directors comprised of at least seven (7) and a maximum of fteen (15) persons to be selected by the General Assembly from amongst persons nominated by the Full Members.

    The Board of Directors shall comprise of at least one Full Member from each country in the Gulf Region.

    The members of Board of Directors shall be elected for a period of three (3) years and and may stand for re-election at the end of the initial term of ofce.

    The Board of Directors shall comprise amongst its members the Chairman and the Vice Chairman of



    Steering Committee members will comprise of maximum eight members which will include the Secretary General.

    The purpose of the committee is to review, plan and support all the activities, liaise with the Board Members and the Secretary General of the Association, lead the working committee, develop strategies for the Association and offer recommendations regarding the issues and agenda items to the Board.


    GPCA has constituted various sub committees which are chaired by members of the steering committee.

    The sub committees are as follows:

    1) Human Resource Development Committee chaired by a representative of Gulf Petrochemical Industries Companies (GPIC)

    2) Supply Chain Committee chaired by a

    representative of National Industrialization Company (TASNEE)

    3) Plastics Committee chaired by a representative of EQUATE Petrochemical Company

    4) Safety, Health & Environment Committee chaired by a representative of Borouge

    Each of the above committees are run as per a charter.

    General Assembly

    Board of Directors

    Secretary General

    Executive committee

    Executive Secretary

    Communication Manager

    Commitees OfcerSH & E Committee

    Plastics Committee

    Supply Chain Commitee

    Steering Committee

    Human Resources Committee

    Responsible Care Taskforce

    IT & Information Ofcer

    Responsible Care Ofcer

    Admin. & Finance Ofcer Legal Adviser & IT Services OutsourcedCommittees & Global

    Affairs Manager

  • 35 36G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8 G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8




    Chairman Vice Chairman

    MOHAMED H. AL-MADYVice Chairman & CEO


    Maha Mulla HussainChairmaan &

    Managing DirectorPetrochemical Industries Co.


    Moayyed I. Al-QurtasVice Chairman &

    Deputy CEONational Industrialization Company


    Mohamed Al-Mulla General Manager

    Qatar Petrochemicals Co. Ltd(QAPCO)

    Abdul Rahman JawaheryGeneral Manager

    Gulf Petrochemicals Industries Co.(GPIC)

    Abdulaziz AlhajriCEO


    Hamad Rashed Al-NuaimiGeneral Manager

    Qatar Vinyl Company Ltd.(QVC)


    EQUATE Petrochemical Co.



    ChairmanAbdul Rahman Ali Al-Abdullah

    Marketing ManagerQatar Petrochemical Co. Ltd. (QAPCO)


    MemberAdel Y. S. Al-Muni

    Business DirectorEQUATE Petrochemical Co.


    MemberYousuf Ebrahim Fakroo

    Administration ManagerGulf Petrochemical Industries Co. (GPIC)

    Kingdom of Bahrain

    MemberAli Al-Murar

    Chief Financial Ofcer (CFO)Borouge

    United Arab Emirates

    MemberWalid Al-Hammad

    General ManagerNational industrialization Company (TASNEE)

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    MemberHamood A. Al-Tuwaijiri

    Vice President for Corporate ControlSaudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC)

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Abdullah S. Bin Zaid Al-Hagbani

    Secretary General

    Gaurav PaulCommunication Manager

    Sudhir Thomas PanickerCommittees & Global Affairs Manager

    Ashraf NaduparambathAdministration & Finance Ofcer

    Nazia SarfarazIT & Information Ofcer

    GPCA STAFFNote: The GPCA Secretary General is a member of the Steering Committee

    2006 -Till present Mohamed H. Al-Mady SABIC Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    2006 -Till present Hamad Al-Terkait EQUATE Kuwait

    March 2006 -February 2007 Hubert Puchner BOROUGE UAE

    March 2007 -September 2007 Harri Bucht BOROUGE UAE

    October 2007 -Till present Abdulaziz Alhajri BOROUGE UAE

    2006 -March 2009 Abdullah S. Bin Zaid Al-Hagbani


    Vice Chairman


    Secretary General

  • 37 38G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8 G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8


    GPCA membership includes:

    Full members Large scale petrochemicals and chemicals related producers in the Gulf region with more than 100 KTA production capacity.

    Admission Fee USD 25,000Annual Fee USD 15,000

    Associate MembersSmall scale petrochemicals and chemicals related producers in the Gulf region with less than 100 KTA production capacity.

    Admission Fee USD 10,000Annual Fee USD 5,000

    International Petrochemical Producers (Non-Gulf)

    Admission Fee USD 10,000Annual Fee USD 5,000

    Service Companies for petrochemical producersDownstream companies/organisations which do not produce petrochemicals or chemicals but which are involved in associated activities like Shipping, Marketing, Engineering, Construction, Financing of petrochemicals /chemicals

    Admission Fee USD 8,000Annual Fee USD 4,000

    Business Partners Companies/organisations directly involved in petrochemical and chemical trade/industry

    Admission Fee USD 4,000Annual Fee USD 2,000

    Others/ProfessionalsAny other company/entity/person not coming under the above categories

    Admission Fee USD 100Annual Fee USD 50

    An updated list of the members can be found at

    The Ofcial RepresentativeThe Ofcial Representative represents the member company she or he works for within the association. Ofcial Representatives of Full Members have a vote at General Meetings. The Ofcial Representatives ensures the transmission of GPCA information to all relevant company units and persons involved in the GPCA activities.

    A printed copy of the GPCA Articles of Association is available upon request. It can also be downloaded from our website

    Full membersAssociate Members

  • 39 40G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8 G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8


    As of April 2009

    Petrochemical Industries Company (PIC)P.O. Box 1084 Safat 13011Kuwait T : + 965 23211000F : + 965 Kamal Behbehani


    Qatar Chemical Co. Ltd. (Q-Chem)Salam Tower, 1st FloorWest BayDohaQatarT : + 974 4 847111F : + 974 4 Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Emadi

    Qatar Fertilizer Co. (QAFCO)P.O. Box 50001 MesaieedDohaQatar T : + 974 4 228888F : + 974 4 770119www.qafco.comMr. Khalifa Abdulla Al Sowaidi

    Qatar Petrochemicals Company Ltd. (QAPCO)P.O. Box 756DohaQatarT : + 974 4 242444F : + 974 4 242421www.qapco.comMr. Abdulrahman Ali Al-Abdullah

    Qatar PetroleumP.O. Box 3212DohaQatarT : +974 4 835666F : +974 4 Ali Hassan Al Sidiky

    Qatar Vinyl Company (QVC)P.O. Box 24440DohaQatarT : +974 4 765888F : +974 4 Hamad Rashed Al Nuaimi

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Contd.)

    Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC)P.O. Box 5101Riyadh 11422Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 1 2258000F : + 966 1 2259000www.sabic.comMr. Hamood A. Al-Tuwaijiri

    Saudi International Petrochemical Company (SIPCHEM)P.O. Box 12021Al Jubail Industrial CityPost Code 31961Kingdom of Saudi Arabia T : + 966 3 3599601F : + 966 3 Mr. Rashid M. Al-Dossari

    Saudi Yanbu Petrochemical Co. (YANPET)P.O. Box 30333 Executive DepartmentYanbu Al-SinaiyahKingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 4 3965000F : + 966 4 3965001www.sabic.comMr. Soliman A. Alhosain

    S-ChemP.O. Box 11221Al Jubail Industrial CityPost Code 31961Kingdom of Saudi Arabia T : + 966 3 3581760F : + 966 3 3583176Mr. Elijah Andjelich

    Zamil Group Holding Co.P.O. Box 251Riyadh 11411Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 1 4725555F : + 966 1 4766729www.zamil.comEng. Osama Abdulaziz Al Zamil


    EQUATE Petrochemical Company P.O. Box 4733Safat 13048KuwaitT : + 965 24343666F : + 965 24312559www.equate.comMr. Adel Y. S. Al-Muni

    Kingdom of Bahrain

    Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC)P.O. Box 26730ManamaKingdom of BahrainT : + 973 1773 1777F : + 973 1773 1047www.gpic.comMr. Yousef Fakhroo

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Advanced Polypropylene Company (APPC)P.O. Box 11022Al Jubail Industrial CityPost Code 31961Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 3 3566060F : + 966 3 Ali A. Al-Shaier Al Jubail Fertilizer Company (ALBAYRONI)P.O. Box 10046Jubail Industrial City 31961Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 3 3406342F : + 966 3 3416100www.sabic.comMr. Abdullah A. Al-Bakr Al Jubail Petrochemical Co. (KEMYA)P.O. Box 10084Jubail Industrial City 31961Kingdom of Saudi Arabia T : + 966 3 3576363F : + 966 3 3576353www.sabic.comMr. Abdulaziz Bin Abdullah Alhabardi

    Sultanate of Oman

    Oman Polypropylene LLCP.O. Box 277, PC 322Falaj Al QabailSoharSultanate of Oman T : + 968 2 6865003F : + 968 2 Dr. Hamad Al Dhahab

    United Arab Emirates

    Abu Dhabi National Chemicals Company (ChemaWEyaat)P.O.Box 43237Al Bateen Towers C-1/17th Floor (Green Emirates Property Building)Abu DhabiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 2 4123600F : + 971 2 Mr. Mohamed Abdullah Al-Azdi

    Abu Dhabi Polymers Co. Ltd(Borouge)P.O. Box 6925Sh. Khalifa Energy ComplexCorniche RoadAbu DhabiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 2 6070100F : + 971 2 Mr. Abdulaziz Alhajri

    Alujain CorporationP.O. Box 50575Future Business Center2nd Floor, Al Amanah Street Al Ruwais Dist. Jeddah 21533Kingdom of Saudi Arabia T : + 966 2 6529919F : + 966 2 6529949www.alujaincorporation.comMr. Marwan N. Nusair

    Arabian Petrochemical Co. (PETROKEMYA)P.O. Box 10002Jubail Industrial CityKingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 3 3587000F : + 966 3 3584480www.sabic.comMr. Sami Bin Abdulaziz Alsuwaigh

    CHEMANOLP.O. Box 3139Dammam 31471Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 3 8344259F : + 966 3 8344259www.chemanol.comEng. Mazen K. Allahiq Al-Nuaimi

    Eastern Petrochemical Company (SHARQ)P.O. Box 10035Jubail Industrial City 31961Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 3 3575000 F : + 966 3 Mr. Mussaed S. Al Ghamdi

    Gulf Farabi Petrochemical Co. Ltd.P.O. Box 11763Al Jubail Industrial CityPost Code 31961Kingdom of Saudi Arabia T : + 966 3 3565000F : + 966 3 Eng. Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Bibi

    NAMA ChemicalsP.O. Box 11919Al Jubail Industrial CityAl Jubail 31961Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 3 3478888F : + 966 3 Abdulmohsen Al Ogaili

    National Industrialization Company (TASNEE) P.O. Box 26707Riyadh 11496Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 1 4734559-302F : + 966 1 4734580www.tasnee.comMr. Walid Al Hammad

    National Petrochemical Industrial Company (NATPET)P.O. Box 4459Jeddah 21491Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 2 6048610F : + 966 2 6529380www.natpetpp.comMr. Jamal Malaikah

    Rabigh Rening & Petrochemical (PETRORABIGH)East Park 1R-235, Building 7002Dhahran 31311Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 3 8625667F : + 966 3 8625600www.saudiaramco.comMr. Saad F. Al-Dosari

    Safra Co. Ltd.P.O. Box 2824Jeddah 21461Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 2 6444090F : + 966 2 6431214www.safraco.comMr. Khalid Zagzoog

  • 41 42G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8 G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8


    As of April 2009


    BASF AktiengesellschaftCarl - Bosch - Strasse 38Ludwigshafen 67056GermanyT : + 49 (0) 621600F : + 49 (0) 6216042525www.basf.comMr. David Walker

    Camelot IDGPro AGTheodor-Heuss-Anlage 1268165 MannheimGermanyT : + 49 621 862980F : + 49 621 86298-250www.camelot-idpro.comDr. Josef Packowski

    Helm AGNordkanalstr 28Hamburg 20097GermanyT : + 49 4023750F : + 49 4023751845www.helmag.comMr. Michael Neuhoff

    Lurgi GmbH5 Lurgiallee60295 Frankfurt/MGermanyT : + 49 69 58080F : + 49 69 5808 3888www.lurgi.comDr. Thomas O. Natter

    The Linde GroupKlosterhofstrasse 180331 MunichGermanyT : + 49 8935757-1121F : + 49 Uwe Rathmann


    China Petrochemical Tech. Co. Ltd. (SINOPEC)No. 58 Anwai StreetDengcheng Dist.Beijing 100011ChinaT : + 86 10 84275259F : + 86 10 Lin Kezhi


    Oriental Petrochemicals CompanyP.O. Box 83 Suez, El SuezEgyptT : + 20 10 1682010F : + 20 10 1660275www.opcegypt.comMr. Hesham Raafat

    TCI Sanmar Chemicals LLCIndustrial Area (C) El RaswaSouth Port Said EgyptT : + 20 66 3793799F : + 20 66 3778003www.sanmargroup.comMr. J.K. Menon


    Emeraude International2, Rue De La Tour Des Paris 75009FranceT : + 330 140209292F : + 330 140209530www.emeraude-international.comMr. Pierre Le Corre


    Daga Global Chemicals112, Dattani Trade CentreChandravarkar Road Borivali (West)Mumbai 400092IndiaT : + 91 22 28920909F : + 91 22 28911013www.dagaglobal.comMr. Satyen Daga

    Finolex Industries LimitedP-14, Rajiv Gandhi Infotech ParkMIDC HinjewadiPune 411057IndiaT : + 91 20 27408200F : + 91 20 22933737www.nolex.comMr. Saurabh S. Dhanorkar

    Jay Polychem India LtdD-143, Defence ColonyNew Delhi 110024IndiaT : + 91 11 42791000F : + 91 11 4155 4300www.jaypolychem.comMr. Keshav Sodhi

    Noble Resources & Trading - India501, Jaising Business CentreSahar Road, Andheri (East)Mumbai 400099IndiaT : + 91 22 6716 8888F : + 91 22 6716 8889www.thisisnoble.comMr. Ashish Tawakley

    India (Contd.)

    Reliance Industries LimitedReliance Centre19, Walchand Hirachand MargBallard EstateMumbai 400001IndiaT : + 91 22 22847334F : + 91 22 Kamal P. Nanavaty

    Supreme Petrochem Ltd.5th Floor, Bldg. No. 11Chakala, Andheri (East)MumbaiIndiaT : + 91 22 67710000F : + 91 22 Mahaveerprasad S. Taparia

    Mr. Vishal S. GoenkaPlot No 31/31, Marol Co-op Ind EstateM.V. Road, Andheri (East)MumbaiIndiaT : + 91 22 403 20200F : + 91 22 28506972Mr. Vishal S. Goenka


    Japan Saudi Arabia Methanol Co. Inc.Tokyo Sakurada Bldg, 1-3Nishi-Shinbashi, 1-Chome, Minato-KuTokyo 105-0003JapanT : + 81 335933541Mr. Yutaka Ohashi

    Kingdom of Bahrain

    Devcorp International BSC (CC)P.O. Box 10236Manama 311Kingdom of BahrainT : + 973 1722 8801F : + 973 1722 8805www.devcorpint.comMr. Ibrahim Al MishariMr. Milind Bole

    Global Petrochemical Marketing Co.BSC (C)P.O. Box 75007Block No. 327 - Road No. 2701Building No.49 - Flat No.21ManamaKingdom of BahrainT : + 973 1774 4881/2F : + 973 1774 4883www.g-p-m-c.comMr. Yosif Jabri

    Norgas Asia PTE Ltd13 Floor, Unit 13A, West TowerThe Financial CentreBahrain Financial HarbourManamaKingdom of BahrainT : + 973 1710 2820F : + 973 1710 4707www.norgas.orgMr. Jawahar Coelho

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Al Bilad Catalyst Co LtdP.O. Box 10174St 198 Secondary IndustriesJubail Industrial City 31961Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 3 3589080F : + 966 3 3581312www.bilad-catalyst.comDr. Saleh Abotteen

    Al Jabr - Talke Ltd.P.O. Box 10610Jubail Industrial City 31961Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 3 618317F : + 966 3 3472555www.aljabr-talke.comMr. Riyadh Al-Saad

    Al Majdouie De Rijke Logistics Co. Ltd.P.O. Box 336Ibn Khalddon StreetDammam 31411Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 3 8424814F : + 966 3 8427196www.almajdouie.comMr. Bernard Van Den Wouwer

    Aldrees Petroleum & Transport Services CompanyP.O. Box 43011Al Nadeem AreaRiyadh 11561Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 1 4899999F : + 966 1 4898888www.aldrees.comMr. Tawque Ahmed Al Muzain

    Arabian Pipeline & Services Co. Ltd. (ANABEEB)P.O. Box 234JubailPost Code 31951Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 3 3620556F : + 966 3 3614990www.anabeeb.comMr. Hashim G. Moraisel

    Astra Polymer Compounding CompanyP.O. Box 30740Al Khobar 31952Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 3 8121232F : + 966 3 8121342www.astra-polymers.comMr. Mohammad N. Al-Utaibi

    Banque Saudi FransiHead Ofce BuildingMa'ather StreetRiyadh 11554Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 1 2899999F : + 966 1 Mohamed Al HassanMr. Basher Al Khatib

    Dr. Kazi F. HussainP.O. Box 122078Jeddah 21332Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 50 3013917F : + 966 2 6513562 Dr. Kazi F. Hussain

    Gulf Chemicals and Industrial Oils CompanyP.O. Box 3942Second Industrial cityDammam 31481Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 3 8121022F : + 966 3 Al DuaijAhmad Al Sukhon

    Gulf Stabilizers IndustriesP.O. Box 35625Jubail Industrial City 31961Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 3 3417727F : + 966 3 Ahmed Mahmood Khan

    Industrialization & Energy Services Company (TAQA)P.O. Box 28589Riyadh 11447Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 1 2911111 Ext: 222F : + 966 1 Abdulrahman M. Bin Zarah

  • 43 44G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8 G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8


    As of April 2009

    Saudi Hollandi BankP.O. Box 1467Riyadh 11431Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 1 4067888F : + 966 1 Ed Mendoza

    Saudi Industrial Export Company (SIEC)P.O. Box 21977Riyadh 11485Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 1 4058080F : + 966 1 Abdullah M. Al-Khenaifer

    The National Environmental Preservation Co. (BeeAh)P.O. Box 10628Jubail Industrial City 31961Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 3 3588008F : + 966 3 3588584www.beeah.comMr. Saad I. Al-Inaizi


    Boubyan Petrochemical Company Al-Sharq, Khalijiya Building 5th & 6thFloor 2383 Safat 13024, Kuwait T : + 965 22446684/5/6 F : + 965 Mohammed Al-BaharDabbous Al-Dabbous Ikarus Petroleum IndustriesP.O. Box 551 Yarmouk 72656Kuwait T : + 965 24965885 F : + 965 24965886 Mr. Suhail Abograis

    International Chemical Group P.O Box 14214 Kuwait 72853 Kuwait T : + 965 22449696F : + 965 22449494 Mr. Jamal Khalid Al-Gharabally

    Kuwait National Petroleum Co. P.O. Box 13001 Mina Abdulla Renery SafatKuwait T : + 965 23203200F : + 965 23280282www.knpc.comMr. Abdul Mohsen Khajah

    Qurain Petrochemical Industries Company P.O. Box 29299 Sabahaya Safat 13153 KuwaitT : + 965 23211900F : + 965 Waleed Al-Asfoor

    Pakistan International Chemplast (Pvt) Limited Suite #509 Progressive Plaza Beaumont Road Karachi 75530 Pakistan T : + 92 21 111325325 F : + 92 21 5656591 www.icplpk.comMr. Arshad Riaz Fazail

    Qatar Air Products & Chemicals Inc. P.O. Box 55294 9th Floor, Al Wakrah TowerDohaQatar T : + 974 4310786 Ms. Suzanne Lowe

    Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) P.O. Box 5114 Doha Qatar T : + 974 4858888 F : + 974 Dr. Lulwa Al-Misned

    Jaafar Chehayber P.O. Box 12479 DohaQatar T : + 974 5537425 F : + 974 4325493Dr. Jaafar Chehayber

    Qatar Navigation P.O. Box 15361 Althameen Road West Bay DohaQatarT : + 974 4949890F : + 974 4835224www.qatarnav.comMr. Najeeb Khalifa Al Sada

    Total PetrochemicalsP.O. Box 5177 DohaQatar T : + 974 4417373 F : + 974 Mr. Philippe Van Doren


    Braemar Quincannon Pte Limited 50 Rafes Place # 21-04 Singapore Land Tower Post Code 048623 Singapore T : + 65 653 30069F : + 65 653 63459www.braemarseascope.comwww.quincannon.comMr. Mark Mirosevic-Sorgo

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Contd.)Ma'adenP.O. Box 320019F, EPCTAl Khobar 31952Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 3 8659377F : + 966 3 Mohammad A. Alam

    National Chemical Carriers Ltd. Co.P.O. Box 8931301, Old Akariyah Bldg Sitteen St. Malaz AreaRiyadhKingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 1 477 3934F : + 966 1 476 Abdullah M. Mohanna

    Royal Commission for Jubail & YanbuP.O. Box 5964Riyadh 11432Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 1 4746691F : + 966 1 Mubarak A. Al-Mubarak

    Sabic Terminal Services Co.(SABTANK)P.O. Box 10135Jubail Industrial City 31961Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 3 3579000F : + 966 3 3575406www.sabic.comMr. Yousef A. Al-Mubarrazi

    Saudi AramcoP.O. Box 5000B - 3301, North Park 2Dahran 31311Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaT : + 966 3 8741700F : + 966 3 Khalid H Juraifani

    Eitzen Gas A/S One Temasek Avenue#35-05 Millenia TowerSingapore 039192T : + 65 632 55777F : + 65 633 72526 www.eitzen-group.comMr. Christain Fallesen

    South Korea

    Samsung Engineering Co. Ltd.Samsung SEI Tower 467-14 Dogok-Zdong, Gangnam - Gu Seoul 135-856 South KoreaT : + 822 34583323 F : + 822 34584051 Namyong Hur

    Sultanate of Oman

    Mr. Saeed Ali Al Barmani P.O. Box 143 Sohar Sultanate of Oman T : + 968 95162826 F : + 968 26750222 Mr. Saeed Al Barmani


    Nova Chemicals Avenue De La Gare 14Fribourg ZIP 1700Switzerland T : + 41 26 426 5757 F : + 41 26 426 Mr. Rocky Vermani

    Songwon InternationalP.O. Box CH-8501 Breitenstrasse 16Travenfeld Switzerland T : + 41 52 635 0000 F : + 41 52 635 Mr. Dieter Morath

    The Netherlands LyondellBasell Industries Groot Handelsgebouw Weena 7373013 AM Rotterdam The NetherlandsT : + 31 10 7136010 F : + 31 10 7136400 www.basell.comMr. R.W.B. Blaisse


    Chemorbis 19 Mayis Mahallesi Ataturk Caddesi Seref Yazgan Is MerkeziNo: 72, Kat: 6 D: 16 KozyatagiIstanbul 34736 Turkey T : + 902 164681025 F : + 902 163605788 Mr. Mirza Kadic

    United Arab Emirates

    Abu Dhabi Basic Industries Corporation (ADBIC) P.O. Box 7063Abu DhabiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 2 698 8444F : + 971 2 678 9990www.adbic.comMr. Brendan Sharpe

    Abu Dhabi Oil Rening Co. (TAKREER)P.O. Box 3593Abu DhabiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 2 6027040F : + 971 2 Ismail Al Mulla

    Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC)P.O. Box 54477Port Zayed, Mina RoadAbu DhabiUnited Arab Emirates T : + 971 2 6952060F : + 971 2 6952177www.adpc.aeMr. Antoine Tayyar

    Agility PJSCP.O. Box 93971 Flat #502Sh. Abdullah Bin Khalid Al Nahyan Bldg.Abu DhabiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 2 6670771F : + 971 2 6670772 + 971 2 6670773www.agilitylogistics.comMr. Houssam Mahmoud

  • 45 46G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8 G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8


    As of April 2009

    DMCCP.O. Box 48800Level 19, Emirates TowersSh. Zayed RoadDubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 4 3903899F : + 971 4 3903897www.dmcc.aeMr. James Bernard

    ENOC International Sales LLCP.O. Box 6442ENOC Complex, Sh. Rashid RdDubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 4 3374400F : + 971 4 3134178www.enoc.comMr. Kamal Said

    Evonik Degusa Gulf FZEP.O. Box 293594 DubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 4 2045580F : + 971 4 2045578www.evonik.comMr. Lars Bechler

    Gulf Navigation HoldingP.O. Box 49651 #4C, City Centre OfcesDubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 4 2958610F : + 971 4 2943290www.gulfnav.comMr. Ghazi Al Ibrahim

    Honeywell Middle EastP.O. Box 45595Abu DhabiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 2 4041349F : + 971 2 Zakia Demaghelatrous

    United Arab Emirates (Contd.)Alaa GaradP.O. Box 20183DubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 4 3672400F : + 971 4 3672426Mr. Alaa Garad Amana Contracting & Steel BuildingsP.O. Box 115126Green Community RoadDubai Investment Park(Across from Choitram Supermarket)DubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 4 8854449F : + 971 4 8859010www.amanabuildings.comMr. Jad Aoun

    BorealisP.O. Box 48313C2 Tower - 16th FloorAl Bateen AreaAbu DhabiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 2 4123502F : + 971 2 6359262www.borealisgroup.comMr. Henry Sperle

    Chemical Market Associates Inc. (CMAI)P.O. Box 500395DubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 4 3912931F : + 971 4 3916476www.cmaiglobal.comMr. Patrick Rooney

    Contax Fz LLCP.O. Box 500104G11- G13, Bldg. 11, DICDubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 4 3910547F : + 971 4 3910545www.contaxgroup.comMr. Paul Eccleston

    International Expo-Consults LLCP.O. Box 50006Sh. Zayed RoadDubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 4 3435777F : + 971 4 3436115www.chemtexmiddleeast.comMs. Angie Mountford

    Ms. Katayoun ZafariP.O. Box 41671SharjahUnited Arab EmiratesM : + 971 50 4628238Ms. Katayoun Zafari Kemsol Ltd.P.O. Box 18295DubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 4 8839800F : + 971 4 8839910www.kemsoluae.comMr. Asit Gunwantlal Shah

    Llyod's Register EMEAP.O. Box 29677Suite 2001, Festival CentreDubai Festival CityDubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 4 7014100F : + 971 4 Nick Nooren

    Maersk LineP.O. Box 29854DubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 4 3933424F : + 971 4 3931823www.maerskline.comMr. Henrik Robdrup

    United Arab Emirates (Contd.)

    Malaney Industries FZEP.O. Box 418782 F 38A, LOB 2Hamriyah Free Zone SharjahUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 6 5263840F : + 971 6 5263841www.malaney.comMr. A. S. Poojary

    MPB Middle East FZCOP.O. Box 18622Jebel Ali Free Zone DubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 4 8862668F : + 971 4 www.mpb.itMr. Giuseppe Campese

    MEGlobal International FZEP.O. Box 2936156th Floor, Building 5W-B WingDubai Airport Free Zone Authority DubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 4 2923999F : + 971 4 2923911/12www.meglobal.bizMr. Henry F. Roth

    Methanex Middle EastP.O. Box 450334Fortune Tower, Ofce 205Jumeirah Lakes TowersDubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 4 4380299F : + 971 4 4380240www.methanex.comMr. Bryan Saunders

    Mr. Muhammad Nasir VohraP.O. Box 20397AjmanUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 6 7400496F : + 971 6 7400498M: + 971 50 6365791Mr. Muhammad Nasir Vohra

    Nimir Specialty Chemicals FZEP.O. Box 41671ID- 03 & 04, Hamriyah Free ZoneSharjahUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 6 5263922 F : + 971 6 5263923www.nscuae.comMs. Katayoun ZafariMr. Adnan Mir

    Odfjell DubaiP.O. Box 576Al Mina RoadDubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 4 3519785F : + 971 4 3519756www.odfjell.comMr. Erik Nilsen

    Petrochem Middle EastP.O. Box 239101603 City Tower II Sh. Zayed RoadDubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 4 3329192F : + 971 4 3329200www.petrocheme.comMr. Yogesh Mehta

    Polychem Resins International Industries LLCP.O. Box 37029Jebel Ali Industrial AreaDubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 4 8801662F : + 971 4 8801866www.polycheminternational.comMr. C.S. Chatterjee

    Rakha Al Khaleej Intl. LLCP.O. Box 55157DubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 4 3977999F : + 971 4 3972555www.rai-uae.comMs. Barkha Ahuja

    Reda Industrial Materials GroupP.O. Box 15004Khalid Al Attar Tower Sh. Zayed RoadDubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 4 3325100F : + 971 4 3325200www.redagroup.comMr. Abboud Smadi

    Shell Chemicals ArabiaP.O. Box 3071403, City Tower II Sh. Zayed RoadDubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 4 3035289F : + 971 4 Aslam Moola

    Stratley AGP.O. Box 24459Sh. Zayed RoadDubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 4 3124957F : + 971 4 3124953www.stratley.comMr. Oliver Gawad

    Stolt-Nielsen Transportation GroupP.O. Box 8612API Tower Sh. Zayed RoadDubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 4 3328444F : + 971 4 3328555www.sntg.comMr. Atle Sebjornsen Talent Partners (Dubai) LLCP.O. Box 58026DubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 4 3439960F : + 971 4 3439030www.intersearch.orgMr. John Robinson

    Taurus Comtrade FZCOP.O. Box 262643LOB 01 OFF 24, JAFZDubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 50 4567422F : + 971 4 3590528www.tauruscomtrade.comMr. Nikhil Buch

    TenCate Grass Middle EastTechno Park, Jebel AliDubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 4 8038111F : + 971 4 8038223www.tencate.comMr. Marc Verleyen

    United Arab ShippingP.O. Box 55586DubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 4 2952227F : + 971 4 2954026www.uasc.netMr. Waleed Al Dawood

  • 47 48G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8 G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8


    As of April 2009

    United Kingdom

    Clarksons PLCSt. Magnus House3 Lower Thames Street London United Kingdom T : + 44 2073343092F : + 44 8704601517www.clarksons.comMr. Hans Brinkhoust

    Nexant Chem Systems161 Hammersmith Road W 6 8BSLondonUnited KingdomT : + 44 2079501600 F : + 44 2079501550www.chemsystems.comMr. Alastair Hensman

    Sempra Metals Ltd.111 Old Broad Street London EC2N ISGUnited KingdomT : + 44 2078477615F : + 44 2078477777www.semprametals.comMr. Ryan Younger

    United States of America

    Arnold Thakray315 Chestnut StreetPhiladelphiaUnited States of AmericaT : + 1 215 8738254F : + 1 215 6295254www.chemheritage.comMr. Arnold Thakray

    Chemtex International440 N Wolfe RoadSunnyvale, CA 94085United States of AmericaT : + 1 408 5247474F : + 1 408 5247470www.chemtexintl.comMr. Rigoberto Cobos

    DeWitt and Company Inc.15333 John F. Kennedy BlvdSuite 850HoustonUnited States of AmericaT : + 1 281 8787200F : + 1 281 8787210www.dewittworld.comMr. Peter Jordan

    Exxon Mobil Chemical Company13501 Katy FreewayCORP-EMCC-W1-372Huston, TexasUnited States of AmericaT : + 1 281 8706075F : + 1 281 5884772www.exxonmobilchemical.comMr. Walt Buchholtz

    Invensys Process Systems10900 Equity DriveHouston, TX 77041United States of AmericaT : + 1 713 3291600F : + 1 713 3291700www.ips.invensys.comMr. Martin A. Turk

    Mr. Jean Francois Seznec 1701 Pleasant Plains RoadAnnapolis, MD ZIP 21409United States of AmericaT : + 1 410 3498020F : + 1 410 3498075Mr. Jean-Francois Seznec

    United States of America (Contd.)

    Rick Brown1411, Barton DriveFort Washington, PA 19034United States of AmericaT : + 1 215 6282451F : + 1 267 8797584Mr. Rick Brown

    Rick Sherman315 Chestnut StreetPA 19106PhiladelphiaUnited States of AmericaT : + 1 215 8738254F : + 1 215 6295254www.chemheritage.comMr. Rick Sherman

    SRI Consulting4300 Bohannon Drive#200, Menlo Park CA 94025United States of AmericaT : + 1 650 3844000F : + 1 650 3301190www.sriconsulting.comMr. John Pearson

    Vinmar International Ltd.16800 Imperial Valley Drive Suite 499 Houston 77060United States of AmericaT : + 1 281 6181300F : + 1 281 4484474www.vinmar.comDr. Serge Verma

    United Arab Emirates (Contd.)

    UOP Middle East Co.P.O. Box 924825th Floor, World Trade CentreDubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 4 3313841F : + 971 4 3317033www.uop.comMr. Raza Jawad

    Vopak Middle East B.V.P. O. Box 119448Ofce 2, 1st Floor Emaar Business ParkBuilding No. 2 Sh. Zayed RoadDubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 4 3618301F : + 971 4 3618302www.vopak.comMr. Ian Cochrane

    Wacker Chemicals Middle EastP.O. Box 18062Jebel Ali Free ZoneDubaiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 4 8832025F : + 971 4 8832072www.wacker.comMr. Stefano Iannacone

    Worley ParsonsP.O. Box 45030Abu DhabiUnited Arab EmiratesT : + 971 2 6766439F : + 971 2 6712097www.worleyparsons.comMr. Dennis Pisula

  • 49 50G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8 G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8



    Abograis, Suhail 43Abotteen, Saleh( Dr.) 42 Ahuja, Barkha 46Al Abdullah, Abdulrahman Ali 40Alam, Mohammad A. 43Al Asfoor, Waleed 43Al Azdi, Mohamed Abdullah 40Al Bahar, Mohammed/ 43Al Bakr, Abdullah A. 39Al Barmani, Saeed 44Al Bibi, Mohammed Ibrahim(Eng.) 39Al Dabbous, Dabbous 43Al Dawood, Waleed 46Al Dhahab, Hamad( Dr.) 40Al Dosari, Saad F. 39Al Dossari, Rashid M. 40Al Duaij, Ibrahim 42Al Emadi, Ahmed Ibrahim 40Al Ghamdi, Mussaed S. 39Al Gharabally, Jamal Khalid 43Al Hammad, Walid 39Alhabardi, Abdulaziz Bin Abdullah 39Alhajri, Abdulaziz 40Al Hassan, Mohamed 42Alhosain, Soliman A. 40Al Ibrahim, Ghazi 45Al Inaizi, Saad I. 43Al Khatib, Bashar 42 Al Khenaifer, Abdullah M. 43Al Mishari, Ibrahim 42Al Misned, Lulwa(Dr.) 44Al Mubarak, Mubarak A. 43Al Mubarrazi,Yousef A. 43Al Mulla, Ismail 44Al Muni, Adel Y. S. 40Al Muzain, Tawque Ahmed 42Al Nuaimi, Hamad Rashed 40Al Nuaimi, Mazen K. Allahiq(Eng.) 39Al Ogaili, Abdulmohsen 39Al Saad, Riyadh 42 Al Sada, Najeeb Khalifa 44Al Shaier, Ali A. 39Al Sidiky, Ali Hassan 40Al Sowaidi, Khalifa Abdulla 40Al Sukhon, Ahmad 42

    Alsuwaigh, Sami Bin Abdulaziz 39Al Tuwaijiri, Hamood A. 40Al-Utaibi, Mohammad N. 42Al Zamil, Osama Abdulaziz(Eng.) 40 Andjelich, Elijah 40Aoun, Jad 45


    Bechler, Lars 45Behbehani, Kamal 40Bernard, James 45Bin Zarah, Abdulrahman M.(Eng.) 42 Blaisse, R.W.B. 44Bole, Milind 42Brinkhoust, Hans 47 Brown, Rick 48Buch, Nikhil 46Buchholtz, Walt 47


    Campese, Giuseppe 46Chatterjee, C.S. 46Chehayber, Jaafar(Dr.) 44Cobos, Rigoberto 47Cochrane, Ian 47Coelho, Jawahar 42Corre, Pierre Le 41 D Daga, Satyen 41Demaghelatrous, Zakia(Ms.) 45Dhanorkar, Saurabh S. 41


    Eccleston, Paul 45 F Fakhroo, Yousef 39

    Fallesen, Christain 44Fazail, Arshad Riaz 43


    Garad, Alaa 45Gawad, Oliver 46Goenka, Vishal S. 42 H Hensman, Alastair 47Hur, Namyong 44Hussain, Kazi F.(Dr.) 42


    Iannacone, Stefano 47


    Jawad, Raza 47Jordan, Peter 47Jabri, Yosif 42Juraifani, Khalid H 43


    Kadic, Mirza 44Kehzi, Lin 41Khan, Ahmed Mahmood 42Khajah, Abdul Mohsen 43


    Lowe, Suzanne(Ms.) 44


    Mahmoud, Houssam 44Malaikah, Jamal 39Mehta, Yogesh 46Mendoza, Ed 43Menon, J.K. 41Mir, Adnan 46Mirosevic-Sorgo, Mark 44Mohanna, Abdullah M. 43Moola, Aslam 46Moraisel, Hashim G. 42Morath, Dieter 44Mountford, Angie(Ms.) 45


    Nanavaty, Kamal P. 42Natter, Thomas O.(Dr.) 41Neuhoff, Michael 41Nilsen, Erik 46Nooren, Nick 45Nusair, Marwan N. 39


    Ohashi, Yutaka 42


    Packowski, Josef( Dr.) 41Pearson, John 48Pisula, Dennis 47Poojary, A. S. 46


    Raafat, Hesham 41Rathmann, Uwe 41Robdrup, Henrik 45Robinson, John 46Rooney, Patrick 45Roth, Henry F. 46


    Said, Kamal 45Saunders, Bryan 46Sebjornsen, Atle 46Seznec, Jean-Francois 47Shah, Asit Gunwantlal 45Sharpe, Brendan 44Sherman, Rick 48Smadi, Abboud 46Sodhi, Keshav 41Sperle, Henry 45


    Taparia, Mahaveerprasad S. 42Tawakley, Ashish 41Tayyar, Antoine 44Thakray, Arnold 47Turk, Martin A. 47


    Van Doren, Philippe 44Verleyen, Marc 46Verma, Serge(Dr.) 48Vermani, Rocky 44Vohra, Muhammed Nasir 46


    Walker, David 41Wouwer, Bernard Van Den 42


    Younger, Ryan 47


    Zafari, Katayoun(Ms.) 45Zafari, Katayoun(Ms.) 46Zagzoog, Khalid 39

  • 52G P C A A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 8


    Japan Saudi Arabia Methanol Co. Inc. 42Jay Polychem India Ltd. 41


    Kemsol Ltd. 45Kuwait National Petroleum Co. 43


    Llyod's Register EMEA 45Lurgi GmbH 41LyondellBasell Industries 44


    Ma'aden 43Maersk Line 45Malaney Industries FZE 46MEGlobal International FZE 46Methanex Middle East 46MPB Middle East FZCO 46


    NAMA Chemicals 39National Chemical Carriers Ltd. Co. 43National Industrialization Company (TASNEE) 39National Petrochemical Industrial Company (NATPET) 39Nexant Chem Systems 47Nimir Specialty Chemicals FZE 46Noble Resources & Trading - India 41Norgas Asia PTE Ltd. 42Nova Chemicals 44


    Odfjell Dubai 46Oman Polypropylene LLC 40Oriental Petrochemicals Company 41


    Petrochem Middle East 46Petrochemical Industries Company (PIC) 40Polychem Resins International Industries LLC 46


    Qatar Chemical Co. Ltd. (Q-Chem) 40Qatar Fertilizer Co. (QAFCO) 40Qatar Navigation 44Qatar Petrochemicals Company Ltd. (QAPCO) 40Qatar Petroleum 40Qatar Vinyl Company (QVC) 40Qurain Petrochemical Industries Company 43


    Rabigh Rening & Petrochemical (PETRORABIGH) 39Rakha Al Khaleej Intl. LLC 46Reda Industrial Materials Group 46Reliance Industries Limited 42Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu 43


    Sabic Terminal Services Co. (SABTANK) 43Safra Co. Ltd. 39Samsung Engineering Co. Ltd. 44Saudi Aramco 43Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) 40Saudi Hollandi Bank 43Saudi Industrial Export Company (SIEC) 43Saudi International Petrochemical Company (SIPCHEM) 40Saudi Yanbu Petrochemical Co. (YANPET) 40S-Chem 40Sempra Metals Ltd. 47Shell Chemicals Arabia 46Songwon International 44SRI Consulting 48Stolt-Nielsen Transportation Group 46