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Viridis 25 Sustainability Journey through Chemical Recycling Muayad Al-Faresi Global Business Director - PET

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PowerPoint PresentationAbout Us
sustainability performance in 2018
Frankfurt Sales
plastic packaging by 2040 100% recycling of collected PET
packaging material.
65% recycling and reuse of PET packaging material collected by 2030. *
•Amongst which, 30% of closed loop
• 50% of plastics must be recycled.2025
• All plastics must be recyclable
• 55% of plastics must be recycled
Issues and Concerns
* Consumption volume takes all applications (bottles, trays, etc.) into account
PET Recycling Rate Deficiencies
Source: PCI Wood Mackenzie
Country Collection Volume 2016
(000 tonnes) Collection Rate
D 613,3 713,0 86%
K 1267,6 2434,0 52%
Collection Discrepancies
First indicator 2018: Stagnating collection rate and deterioration bales quality
The Viridis Journey
Viridis Story: Chapter 1
In 2007 EQP started an R&D project aiming to increase the sustainability of its products by using a certain % of r-PET.
The R&D study led to the definition of a patented techonology to feed flakes (WO 2012/041436 A1) aiming to use up to 10% of rPET as feedstock replacing fossil raw material
The key components of the process are:
•Patented technology to feed flakes
•Color Matching System
•Definition of proper flakes specifications
EQP launched with the support of The Coca Cola Company in Q4 2009 Viridis 10 a PET grade containing up 10% rPET
Viridis Story: Chapter 2
• In Q2 2016 EQP and Coca Cola started the discussion to frame a LOU on Viridis 25, based on EQP in using rPET as feedstock in the virgin PET production.
Manufacturing Start-up: Q4 2019 CO2 Emissions: - 54%
*Coca Cola/ EQP joint statement for press release
EQP / Viridis 25 contributes to Coca-Cola's global strategy of a "World Without Waste" by increasing the amount of
recycled material in its PET bottles *
Viridis 25 Timeline Project
Apr-18 Jun-18 Aug-18 Oct-18 Dec-18 Feb-19 Apr-19 Jun-19 Aug-19 Oct-19
Detailed engineering of main equipment
Board approval
Long Term Delivery item waiting
Installation phase
Start up
• Quality of PET flakes. Not all Plastics are created equal.
• Regulatory framework as driver for promoting behavioural changes
• Collaboration accross value chain is the key sucess factor in closed loop recycling.