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cultural “Mission: Organization Accomplished!” Phyllis Flood Knerr greater philadelphia ALLIANCE December 21, 2007

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Mission: gpCA Office Organization


  • 1. greatercultural philadelphiaALLIANCE Mission: OrganizationAccomplished! December 21, 2007 Phyllis Flood Knerr

2. Organizing Process Analyze Strategize Act Evaluate 3. Targeted areasConference Room Excess Furnishings & Equipment Marketing area Operations Room Closet 4. The Teams With assistance from: Susan WTheresa DApril Wand . . .Peirce & Daisy 5. The Conference Room BeforeAfter 6. Wish List for the Entrance Area& Conference Room Wall-mounted brochure holdersContainers for brochures inconference room cabinet13 rolling chairsMounted LCD projectorConference calling system 7. The Marketing Area BEFORE 8. Marketing Area Weeded out unused brochures and promotional materials Created space for 2008 Directories Removed under-utilized bookcase Will decide on a particular wall display system for brochures 9. Excess Furnishings & Equipment - Dispersal BeforeAfter 10. The Operations Room: StationeryBefore 11. After 12. Paper & envelopes - details 13. Office Supply Shelves-Before 14. After!!! 15. Area Below Counter Before After 16. Kitchen Cabinets Before 17. Above Kitchen Counter Before After 18. Below the Sink BeforeAfter 19. Bottom kitchen cabinet AfterBefore Now, the like items are grouped together & all items are easily accessible! 20. Below the Microwave Before After 21. The Refrigerators & Copier BEFORE 22. New Location for Refrigerators . . . Now the refrigeratordoors open correctly AND kitchen functions are clearlyseparated from photocopying functions! 23. Refrigerator Movers & ShakersNicholas & Quiana 24. Now, the copier canbreatheAND you can troubleshoot a jam more easily! 25. Area by file server Before & After 26. ArchivesBeforeAfter 27. Wish List for the Operations Room Wall-mounted holders for forms Replacement stainless steel sink strainer Shelves w/standards & brackets near copier & above microwave Skirt in front of cabinet below microwave Cabinet mounted in small conference room Bins holding tabs & staples lowered & secured Metal shelving shimmed Electronic labelers & label forms Shelf dividers & containers Letter/legal boxes only Lowering of a few shelves Wire management (e.g., near copier) Some tweaking ABOVE the refrigerator 28. The Closet - BEFORE 29. The Reward! Tom (in the manner of Charles Willson Peale) showing off redesigned S.P.A.C.E. 30. Mission: Organization - Accomplished! 31. Congratulations! You achieved your mission to get more organized,BEFOREGet Organized Month! Created byPhyllis Flood Knerr-PFK Coach