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  • 1. Colorado Basin Implementation Plan Grand County Town Hall Meeting
  • 2. Agenda We Are Glad You Came Colorado Water Plan Overview Gap - Colorado River Basin Challenges Grand County Challenges Breakout Sessions
  • 3. Thank You! Your ideas and input Included in the final report (appendix) Merge common themes, ideas, concerns and suggestions with other Town Hall input Online survey found on website Entrance questionnaire Interviews with water professionals, managers
  • 4. Colorado Water Plan Overview Governors Executive Order Compilation of 9 Basin Roundtables Plans How can we meet the Gap? Planning horizon-2050 Draft due July 2014
  • 5. 9 Basin Roundtables
  • 6. Governors Executive Order-Why? The Gap between future demand and future projects is real.500,000 acre-feet per year Population Drought Transfer of water rights from agriculture is unacceptable Water quality Interstate issues pressing Front Range new supply project
  • 7. Your Opportunity Transition in thinking Individual Regional Statewide
  • 8. Colorado River Basin Challenges Lake Powell Elevations
  • 9. Colorado River Basin Challenges Drought Anthony Artusa (NOAA/NWS/NCEP/CPC)
  • 10. 0 2,000,000 4,000,000 6,000,000 8,000,000 10,000,000 12,000,000 Low Medium High 2008 2010 2015 2020 2025 2030 2035 2050 Population Arkansas Basin Colorado Basin Gunnison Basin Metro Basin North Platte Basin Rio Grande Basin South Platte Basin Southwest Basin Yampa Basin Population IncreasingNo New Water
  • 11. Many uses compete for a scarce and limited water supply Municipal & Industrial 9% Agriculture 86% Recreation Environment Graphics provided by the Colorado Foundation for Water Remaining 5% - recreation/fisheries, augmentation and recharge
  • 12. What is the Gap?
  • 13. How can we fill the Gap? Already planned projects (Windy Gap firming, Moffat Collection System+) Conservation Ag to Urban Transfers New Projects (Colorado Basin development) Graphics provided by the Colorado Foundation for Water
  • 14. Population County 2000 Population 2030 Population Increase in Population 2000 to 2030 Percent Change 2000 to 2030 Percent Annual Growth Rate Eagle 43,300 86,900 43,600 101 2.3 Garfield 43,800 119,900 76,100 274 5.2 Grand 12,900 28,800 15,900 123 2.7 Mesa 116,250 220,600 104,350 190 3.8 Pitkin 15,900 27,200 11,300 71 1.8 Summit 25,700 50,400 24,700 96 2.3 TOTAL 248,000 492,600 244,600 99 2.3 Colorado River Basin double by 2030
  • 15. Grand County Upper Colorado River Basin Study (UPCO) Investigated water quantity/quality in Grand (and Summit counties) Developed tools needed to understand impacts of diversions Supported negotiations among stakeholders Current/future water supply Reservoir level Instream flows Water quality Need for additional water supplies for existing and future municipal demands Instream flows to support recreational uses and maintain low-flows for water quality
  • 16. Grand County Stream Management Plan 80 miles of the Upper Colorado River Frame work for maintaining a healthy stream system in Grand County - protect and enhance aquatic habitat Also protect local water uses and retain flexibility for future water operations Identified Target flows Restoration opportunities Monitoring recommendations
  • 17. Grand County Colorado River Cooperative Agreement Denver Water and West Slope partnership (34 parties) Framework for numerous actions to benefit water supply Environment Denver Water to provide Grand County Provide 375 acre-feet (ski areas) 920 acre-feet Clinton Bypass Water Grand County Mutual Ditch and Reservoir Company Vail Ditch shares Denver Water will not undertake any future water development activities w/o prior approval of Grand County and Colorado River District Assist in investigation/acquisition of Shoshone Power Plant by Western Slope parties
  • 18. Grand County Challenges Diverse water supplies (groundwater/surface water) No reservoirs (fens, permitting) Reliance on instream flows Water quality Future population Large fluctuations in demands seasonal Complex water rights (exchanges, pumpbacks, etc.)
  • 19. Agriculture
  • 20. What are Others Saying? Need for multi-use/multi-benefit reservoirs Educate on true cost of water Land Use Policy Preserve urban boundaries Limit water use/outside irrigation Depletions not just demand Water Law Policy Address evaporation in municipal reservoirs "Use it or lose it" doctrine New water right should have to prove long term supply
  • 21. What are Others Saying? Forest health and water quality Conserve water use in agriculture on a basin level Assess savings within the whole ditch system Incentivize agriculture Limit development
  • 22. Breakout Sessions What are your top 5 biggest concerns? Consumptive Environmental and Recreational (Nonconsumptive) Agricultural