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Greg Kester Greg Kester Biosolids Program Manager Biosolids Program Manager [email protected] [email protected] SCAP Biosolids Committee

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  • Greg Kester Biosolids Program [email protected] Biosolids Committee

  • Ordinance UpdateSolano County BOS meeting TuesVery reasonable overallStill allow Class B application but must divert portion of production to Class A, energy, or ADC

    San Luis Obispo Considering if EIR is necessary and if funds availableUnreasonable limits applicationOnly EQ; Permit if >5CY

  • Ordinance UpdateKern Litigation PI issued June 2011

    County is appealing the PI

    County recently filed reply brief

    Now wait for Court to set time for oral arguments could be several months

  • CalRecycle Jurisdictional Issue Organic waste into AD is increasing

    Supported by CEC, CPUC, SWRCB, and CalRecycle

    Renewable energy mandates33% by 2020

    75% Recycling goal by 2020

  • FOG/FOOD WASTE IN ADSept 09 CalRecycle publishes guidance document on AD

    Defines compost by temperature rather than process

    So AD at >122 deg F is compost and subject to composting regs!

    AD at < 122 MAY need TS/PF Permit

  • AD AND METHANE USE IN CA TS/PF permit would be at discretion of Local Enforcement Agency (LEA)

    CASA has argued that POTWs are already regulated for this under water and air permits

    Patchquilt regulatory landscape creates unneccesary disincentive

  • ISSUES WITH TS/PF PERMIT Oversteps legal authority of CalRecycle

    No permitting tier remotely resembles AD

    CEQA process lengthy and expensive

    Neighbor to SW facility plus POTW

  • FOG/Food Waste in Digesters Worked closely with CalRecycle to understand what problem is that they perceive need to solve

    Numerous meetings and letters sent

    Past/current Directors sympathetic

    Have agreed to undergo rulemaking but will be lengthy

  • FOG/Food Waste in Digesters Worked with SWRCB on notification template and permit language

    Executive Director Howard sent letter on Dec 6

    Met with Director Mortensen 12/20

    Objective is blanket exemption

  • FOG/Food Waste in Digesters CalRecycle currently working on AD regulations

    Have had numerous meetings with them and SWRCB

    Working on exclusion language..

    Still need short term solution!

  • CDFA Rendering RulesProposed regs in July 2010

    Could have considered POTWs as renderers if accept FOG

    CASA provided written & verbal comments

    Modified regs in Feb 2011 provided exemption for POTWs

  • CDFA Rendering RulesBut revised proposal in September 2011 had removed the exemption

    CASA again provided comment

    Workshop held Oct 27

    Broad support for exemption from all sectorsExemption has now been reinserted!

  • EPA Report on AD and Gas UseBased on CWNS and thus flawed data In revision

    2007 estimated only 19% use

    CASA reviewed 2010 draft w/NACWA

    Drastically undercounted AD & methane use in CA Still published!!

  • Response to WEF RFP National effort to quantify AD and methane use

    Responded along with Regional Biosolids Assns; NACWA; BioCycle, consultants; others

    Will provide much needed information on renewable energy

  • CalRecycle 75% Recycle PlanAB 341 set Goal to Recycle 75% of solid waste in state by 2020

    CalRecycle issued preliminary plan for discussion purposes to meet goal

    Calls for end of diversion credit for ADCCalls for ban on organics in landfills

  • CalRecycle 75% Recycle Plan CASA, LACSD, EBMUD, SFPUC , others provided comments

    Must have alternative options available before banning anything

    Infrastructure and markets need development

    Philosophical disconnect on value of ADC

  • USEPA OECA Plans to Disinvest Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Released its National Program Plan for FY 13

    Calls for complete disinvestment from Biosolids

    Will create petri dish for opposition

    Wrote letter for reconsideration to ADM Jackson to no avail

  • USEPA Mtg During DC Conf CASA members met with key officialsfrom 9 different Offices

    Risk assessment continues along with research (w/WERF) on TOrCs

    Considering modifications to 503 but no timetable would require input

    Fear for loss of expertise from retmt

  • Market Technology SummitSponsored by EPA with DOE, others in DC in May

    Biogas from Anaerobic Digestion

    CASA invited to summit to identify markets for which Technology is needed

    Emission limit compliance is one market to advance

  • UC Davis Groundwater ReportDrs. Harter and Lund released report on sources and solutions of GW impacts

    Unfortunately blamed biosolids land application as a source no monitoring but flawed assumptions

    SWRCB workshop May 23 to get public input on report and path fwd