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Groundwater Pumping. Session 1 Handpumps. Pumping principles. Creating a velocity head Water can be propelled to a high speed. The momentum produced can be used either to create a pressure or a flow. Propeller Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Rebound Inertia Pumps, Jet Pumps. 3. GWP1. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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GWP11Groundwater PumpingSession 1Handpumps

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/201011WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWPGWP13Pumping principlesCreating a velocity headWater can be propelled to a high speed. The momentum produced can be used either to create a pressure or a flow.

Propeller Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Rebound Inertia Pumps, Jet Pumps.

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/201033GWP14Pumping principlesUsing the buoyancy of a gasAir that is blown into water bubbles upward. It will lift a proportion of the water that it flows through. Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/201044GWP15Pumping principlesGravityEnergy of a media (water) that flows downward under gravity is used to lift water.

Siphons Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/201055GWP16Pumping principlesDisplacementWater cannot be compressed so it is pushed or displaced. Piston Pumps, Progressive Cavity Pumps and Diaphragm Pumps

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/201066GWP17Displacement - Reciprocating handpumps

During the downstroke the atmospheric pressure acts equally on all water surfaces. The foot valve stays closed, preventing water from being pushed back into the well. The piston presses down onto the water until the non-return piston valve opens, allowing water to flow through the piston. During the upstroke the weight of the water column causes the piston valve to close. The water above the piston rises up in the rising main, flowing out by the spout. A vacuum is created below the piston, the atmospheric pressure pushes water into the cylinder.WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/201077GWP18

8Displacement - Suction pumpsThe cylinder is above the water table The rising main extends below the water table. The atmospheric pressure forces the water into the area of low pressure underneath the piston. The theoretical limit to which the atmospheric pressure can push up water is 10 metres. In practice, suction pumps can be used to lift water up to about 7 or 8 metres.The pump needs to be primed before it can be operatedMaintenance is easy as the cylinder is accessible above ground

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/201088GWP19

Displacement - Direct action pumpsDirect action handpump have a T-handle directly connected to the pump rod and the piston.The pump rods are sealed airtight, thus buoyant which reduces the force needed on the up-stroke. They deliver water during up- and down-stroke.Direct action pumps are normally corrosion resistant, and very easy to handle by the community.

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/201099GWP110

Displacement - Lever action pumpsWhen the water has to be drawn from deeper levels, pumping becomes heavier. To gain a mechanical advantage levers are used to operate the pump. Lever action pumps consist of:above-ground components like pump head, pump stand and handledown-the-hole components like rising main, pump rods with plunger, cylinder and foot valve.

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20101010GWP111

Rope pumpsThe Rope Pump is not defined with a specific design but a conceptSmall workshops produce different rope pump designs, adapted to their local conditions, sell the pumps directly to the users.A pulley wheel (made of a car tyre) pulls the rope with the attached pistons through the rising main pipe. The pistons transport the water upwards to the spout.

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20101111GWP112

12Progressive cavity pumpsProgressive cavity pumps can be used in small diameter boreholes.The pump has a rotor made to a high finish inserted into a rubber double helix stator. When the rotor is turned the water will pushed upwards and discharged into the rising main.Progressive cavity pumps need to be driven at a relatively high speed; therefore, handpumps are often fitted with a gearbox. This makes this type of pump relatively complicated and costly.

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20101212GWP113

1313Diaphragm Pumps Diaphragm Pumps use a flexible diaphragm, which is expanded and contracted to displace water.They have no heavy mechanical parts below ground. The high quality diaphragms are costlyThe overall efficiency is relatively low because of the energy needed to expand the diaphragm on every stroke.

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20101313APPENDICESWASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWPGWP115

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20101515GWP116

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20101616GWP117

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20101717GWP118

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20101818GWP119

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20101919GWP120

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20102020GWP121

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20102121GWP122

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20102222GWP123

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20102323GWP124

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20102424GWP125

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20102525GWP126

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20102626GWP127

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20102727GWP128

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20102828GWP129

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20102929GWP130

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20103030GWP131

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20103131GWP132

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20103232GWP133

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20103333GWP134

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20103434GWP135

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20103535GWP136

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20103636GWP137

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20103737GWP138

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20103838GWP139

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20103939GWP140

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20104040GWP141

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20104141GWP142

ExampleProgressive Cavity Pumps

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/201042GWP143

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20104343GWP144

WASH Cluster Groundwater PumpingGWP9/8/20104444


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