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  1. 1. Article by LocusPlay Guide on how to avoid lottery scams 14 August 2015 With an increase in online and mobile gaming platforms, there is also a hike in the scams that have been deceiving people of the internet. Of late, there have been a lot of fraudulent parties attempting to deceive Internet users, by making them believe that theyve won a lottery. Scam- mers are hunting for the sensitive personal in- formation of the players such as their name, the address of the player, contact number and bank account information. It is high time that people get aware and alert of such lottery scams. The most common way adapted by these lottery scammers is via an email, which claims that the user has won a lot- tery. Whoever receives such emails with a win- ning notification have to be aware that gaming companies issue such winning notifications through email to the members of their websites and that too when the player has opted in to re- ceive such alerts via email. Also, the gaming companies check their purchase list before send- ing out such notifications. Never respond to a check which comes with di- rections to cash and asks to return a portion of the winning amount. Such checks arent valid and they will be returned due to insufficient funds in the account. Remember that no legiti- mate gaming or lottery company will ever send such type of communication. Player! Dont fall into the trap when you are asked for personal information. Of late, there has been a significant increase in the number of lottery scammers out there who issue Internet- based claim forms and request the person re- ceiving them to provide their personal informa- tion such as credit card details or the informa- tion of their bank account. Scammers often do such things this through emails or phone calls. Understand that it is a fraud when you are asked to pay a fee prior to the release of your win- nings! Understand that you should never send money on such requests. A legally authorized lottery would never require any advancement payment from the player for the delivery of the winning prizes. Players should remember not to redeem a Lot- tery ticket for another person they do not know! Players should be very careful not to pay cash to a person offering a winning ticket. There are some lottery scammers who make calls and attract people claiming that they are calling up from a popular company with a fancy name and trick you into believing in them and they are so convincing that you may just give them your sensitive personal details. This is where you have to be cautious and act quickly. Never give away your personal details over the phone or email. This should be kind of a thumb rule. Article by LocusPlay
  2. 2. LocusPlay, Inc. 95 Chestnut St, 3rd Floor Providence, RI 02903 USA +1(401)400-1183 locus- play Never take any collect calls from people claiming to be Lottery officials. Be extremely cautious about sharing your bank account and credit card details with third parties. Never buy Lottery tickets from unknown lotteries by phone, emails or internet. Do not respond to any emails that ask for your personal details! Beware of phishing. To save yourselves from such lottery scams, follow the above guidelines and if you suspect such scams then get alarmed and report to the concerned authorities. To learn more about mobile lottery technology, visit us at