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I recently joined Citrix and am now leading a team that includes a large number of CloudStack commitors and contributors. I have overall product development responsibility for Citrix's CloudPlatform product -- which is Powered by Apache CloudStack. As such, I'm interested in ensuring the best possible working relationship between Citrix and the Apache CloudStack community as a whole. In this session, I'll describe Citrix's goals in working with the community and will lead an interactive feedback session on how you (the attendees) think Citrix can best interact with the community so that we can ensure that everyone meets their goals.


  • 1.Help Me Help You How Should Citrix Best Work with CloudStack? Steve Wilson - @virtualsteve VP, Cloud Engineering at Citrix November 21st, 2013

2. Agenda A little bit about my background What does Citrix really do? Why the heck is Citrix so committed to CloudStack? About the CloudPlatform Team Citrix and Apache2 2013 Citrix 3. Who is this Steve guy anyway? Just so you know who youre working with 4. Early Work Years4 2013 Citrix 5. Java, Java, Java 2013 Citrix 6. Utility Computing, Virtualization & Cloud 2013 Citrix 7. Guitar 2013 Citrix 8. Martial Arts 2013 Citrix 9. Why is Citrix Here? 10. Citrix Enables Mobile Work Styles 2013 Citrix 11. 2013 Citrix 12. 55%21% 2013 Citrix24% 13. What Does CloudPlatform do for Citrix? Standalone Business Service Providers Enterprises Providing the back-end to the mobile workforce Cloudifying the Desktop Better deployments for in-house XenApp/XenDesktop customers Enabling public clouds to deliver on-demand desktops Driving into new markets (e.g. co-working with NetScaler team) Increasingly used by our in-house SaaS division 2013 Citrix 14. About the CloudPlatform Team 15. Santa ClaraHyderabad Bangalore 2013 Citrix Architects Alex Chiradeep Darren 16. Citrix and Apache Discussion 17. Citrix as a Community Member What are we doing well? What should we be doing differently? Can we be more transparent with our needs to the community? 2013 Citrix 18. Release Planning and Timing Citrix has a large, commercial dependency on CloudStack We want to stay in sync with the community, but have other forces driving us as well Suggestions for how we best align CloudStack and CloudPlatform? 2013 Citrix 19. What are your priorities? What does it mean to you? How do we plan for it? 2013 Citrix 20. My Areas of Interest for Hackability!!! Easy maintenance Massive Scale Adopting the latest cloud technologies 2013 Citrix 21. Work better. Live better.