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Presentation from Hertfordshire Foundation Partnership Trust - one of the partners working with NHS Improving Quality on the Winterbourne Medicines Programme Presentation from the Winterbourne Medicines Programme Launch held in London on 10 September 2014 Ensuring safe, appropriate and optimised use of medication for people with learning disabilities who demonstrate behaviour that can challenge


1. Our services The Learning Disability service stream provides specialist health care to adults with learning disabilities in North Essex. This is a population of approximately 100,000. The teams are configured across two teams in the East and West of North Essex Psychiatrists, psychologists, arts therapists and nursing staff are employed by Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. The speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and dieticians are employed by the health provider ACE (Anglian community Enterprise). 2. Our services There is an Intensive Support Team that also provides a service out of hours and on the weekends. This team acts as a specialist resource to the community LD teams, act as a gatekeeper for proposed admissions to in-patient services and facilitate and support effective discharge from the in-patient services. In-patient specialist learning disability assessment and treatment and recovery beds at hospital in Colchester. There are currently 4 assessment and treatment beds , with the proviso to go up to 6 when the need arises . There are four beds for rehabilitation unit at Lexden hospital site. 3. Current Issues To improve awareness and develop a greater understanding of the issues around medication with staff and patients/carers Medication prescribing is appropriate and optimised. 4. End Point The aspiration is that medication is used as a last resort and other methods of intervention are utilised before resorting to medication when treating people with challenging behaviour 5. Quotes Carer: Please dont reduce the tablets, as Mr X will be very difficult to manage without them Patient: How long do I have to take the tablets for and will I have any side effects?