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History Of Pop Videos

History Of Pop VideosNecmiye OztekinPop MusicPop Music is an abbreviation from the word popular The term pop song was first recorded in 1926The term pop music originated in Britain in the mid 1950s Since the late 1950s pop has had the special meaning of non-classical music Some of the most well known names in history includes The Beatles, Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, ABBA etcOrigins of Pop MusicPop music accounts the majority of music on todays charts, is a genre which includes a mix of many different styles of musicSheet music was a big thing with pop music, as it literally written song notesPublishers of sheet music set up companies to meet the demand of those desiring their products, and would often scout out new composers and have their music made available in printed for saleFeatures of Pop MusicThe most significant feature of the pop music industry of the late 18th and early 19th centuries was the extent of its focus on the commodity of sheet musicPop music is generally described as very commercial friendly, marketable and memorable with either lyrics, voice and instrumentsPop music videos goal is to create a visual content which cohorts with the sound so it can be easily identified1950s50s Era of Pop MusicElvis Presley emerges and one of the world first rock stars with so many hit songs that can be easily identifiedBeatles was formed by John Lennon; they were a huge success in the pop industry as all songs were written by group members and this decade was dominated by the BeatlesMichael Jackson and Madonna were two of the most well known in the pop industry

1970sThe 70sMichael Jackson first solo hit Ben reaches number oneMichael Jackson introduces The Robot in 1974 during a performance in Soul Train and has also been used in music videosPopularity of disco and hip hop led to the popularity of pop. The movie Saturday Night Fever was released and gained immense populatiy1980s80sRed Hot Chilli Peppers was formedMichael Jackson popularized the moonwalk and was featured in all music videos after the first initial moonwalk made publicallyMichael Jacksons Thriller music video becomes a classic, and is still one of the most notable videos todayBritney Spears emerges as a star to the music world1990s90sVarious famous pop groups made pop music more Grunge rockBackstreet Boys were formedColdplay formed the band