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  • 1. Analysing Alternative Pop Videos; Birdy Skinny LoveDelilah Inside My Love By Amy Balchin

2. Camerawork - BirdyThroughout Skinny Love by Birdy we see a lot of medium shots and close ups areused, especially of the artist herself. A lot of these medium shots are used to show theartist playing the piano in an empty, dark room, and also following her walking aroundan empty house. I discovered a pattern throughout the music video, which is when theartist is singing, close ups are used, and when the video is showing the narrativepart, it is mainly using medium and long shots to show what is going on/where she isgoing. 3. Camerawork - DelilahAfter watching Inside my Love by Delilah, I noticed a few similarities and differencesbetween her music video, and the one previously spoke about by Birdy. I noticed thatin Delilahs video, she seemed to use a lot more medium shots than close ups. This wasto show the audience what was going on in the video, as the two characters areperforming a contemporary dance. There were also a few long shots included in thevideo, which is different to what we saw in Birdys video. There are close ups of theartists face throughout the video to show her singing, and also to portray her emotionsto the audience. 4. Mise en scene - BirdyIn Birdys video, Skinny Love the artist is shown in a dark, empty, old house. Thischallenges the codes and conventions of alternative pop videos as the artists areusually shown in an urban like environment. There is a dark colour palette usedthroughout the video, which conforms to the conventions, and also fits theslow, gloomy feel to the song. The artist is wearing a plain white dress, covering upmost of her body, and is very fresh faced with no bold make up on. This also challengesthe conventions of an alternative pop video, but again relates to the song and also thenarrative based video. The artist is also the only person in the video, therefore focusingall attention on her. 5. Mise en scene - DelilahIn Delilahs music video we see that she has used a dark colour palette throughout thevideo, which is similar to the video by Birdy. The video is set in one room, which is quitesimple with white walls and focuses mainly on a white mattress on the floor in whichthe characters are dancing on. The artist is wearing a simple top and cottonshorts, which challenges the codes and conventions of alternative pop videos, and alsois very different from her other professional music videos as she is normally seenwearing very stylish clothes. I think this works and is parallel to the music videohowever, as it is a simple video based mostly on the dancing. The artist is also wearingminimal make up and looks very natural throughout this video. 6. Editing - BirdySimple editing has been used in the Skinny Love video, with long shot durationbeing the main editing technique. This is parallel to the music as the music is quiteslow, therefore the visuals match the lyrics (Goodwins Theory). To create the darkcolour palette I think that the visuals have been altered in order to give it a greatereffect, creating a dark, gloomy atmosphere. Slow motion editing has also been usedin this video by Birdy, which conforms to the codes and conventions of alternativepop videos. A blurred effect has also been added quite a lot throughout the video, forexample when the artist is playing the piano and the camera goes in and out of focus. 7. Editing - DelilahI also noticed that the music is parallel to the visuals in the video by Delilah, forexample, the beginning of song is slow, and the visuals match this, and then whenthe tempo speeds up, so does the visuals going from long shot duration to shortshot duration. Similar to Birdys video, Delilah has also used a blurred effect in hervideo. 8. From analysing these two videos from ourchosen genre, it has given me a better insightinto the typical codes and conventions usedin an alternative pop video, and thereforegiving our group ideas on what we want tochallenge or conform in our own music video.