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  • Holiday Crafts for Kids -

    Whether you're looking for fun projects for Easter, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Hanukkah, or St.Patrick's Day, these Hubs have got you covered. Read on to discover lots of great holiday crafts forkids including ornaments, felt crafts, collages, decorations and more.


    Simple Christmas DIY Crafts for Kids

    by daisydayz (376 followers)

    Christmas is a great time to let the kids be creative and have some fun with simple seasonal crafts.Try out some of these simple Christmas craft ideas and make some fun cards, ornaments andwreaths


    Easy Reindeer Crafts for Kids

    by lisa42 (258 followers)

    Looking for an easy Christmas craft project for kids? These simple reindeer crafts are quick, easyand inexpensive to make. But kids love 'em! Just follow the simple directions below and you'll soonhave your very own...


    Cards, Crafts and School Projects Ideas

    by rudra007 (26 followers)

    Some are handmade greeting cards, some school project ideas, some are paper pop ups, even popup architecture and some best out of waste ideas. I have listed few of my works here like a gallerywith details. I will keep...

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    Fun Halloween Crafts to Do With Your Kids

    by VVanNess (193 followers)

    Holidays and children just seem to go together. It's so easy to get wrapped up in everyday life andforget how to truly let go and have fun.


    Festival art & craft activities for kids

    by radhikasree (220 followers)

    Kids enjoy celebrating festivals and I think we, parents should educate them the legend andsignificance of each festival occasionally. Making art & crafts are also a part of most festivals andlet's discuss...


    Homemade Valentine Cards - Fun Project for Kids

    by Stacie Naczelnik (1,871 followers)

    Valentines Day holds special memories for me because my mom always spent time helping me makemy own Valentines when I was a child. She taught me all of the techniques her own mother taughther. I never handed out store...


    Easter Crafts for Kids of All Ages

    by LittleFoundations (18 followers)

  • Easy Easter Crafts for Children of all Ages that will keep them creatively busy for the holiday.


    Easter Activities for Kids

    by misscraftsy (17 followers)

    Let your kids have fun this Easter with these creative and crafty activities. These fun Easteractivities will not only make your kids busy, it's a good source of learning too. Happy Easter!


    Awesome Christmas Crafts for Kids

    by ezzly (18 followers)

    The best kind of decorations are the ones you make yourself. From turning light bulbs into snowmento making hand-print Santa s', the possibilities are endless and will keep the kids amused for hours


    How to Wet Felt a Hat on a Ball

    by sallybea (310 followers)

    Play and fun are two essential ingredients for introducing creative fun for children. Add a ball, somewool fibers and water and you have found the perfect craft project for children.


    Easy to Make Patchwork Cats

    by AdeleCosgroveBray (310 followers)

  • Looking for a simple craft activity for the kids? Love cats? Then these easy-to-sew patchwork catsare for you!


    How to Make Christmas Ornament Crafts with Salt Dough

    by lady rain (328 followers)

    This year, instead of letting the children choose Christmas ornaments from the shops, why not letthem make their own ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree. A great craft activity for kids!


    Fun Fall Craft Ideas for Kids

    by SheGetsCreative (203 followers)

    Fall is a great time to engage kids in nature crafts! Here is a variety of easy Autumn-related craftideas that are kid-tested.


    Fun Easter Crafts for Kids

    by daisydayz (376 followers)

    Great ideas for fun crafts kids can do at Easter time. From Bunnies to Chick there are lots of familyfriendly easter time crafts that the kids can enjoy making.


    5 Great Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

  • by daisydayz (376 followers)

    These are 5 of my favourite ways to decorate easter eggs, most can be done by kids too so wouldmake a great easter craft for all the family!


    Fun Christmas Crafts to Do With Your Kids

    by VVanNess (193 followers)

    When the holidays come around, the first thing I want to do is decorate for Christmas, startrecording holiday movies, and crank the Christmas music. Christmas doesn't last very long, so I liketo ...


    Homemade Valentine: Goldfish Craft

    by AlishaV (26 followers)

    This is a great little Valentine's Day gift or just something fun and easy to craft for an everyday treat.It's a great classroom project as well since it's easy enough even kids can make it.


    Teen Arts and Crafts Gifts Christmas 2014

    by religions7 (25 followers)

    Arts and craft gifts are sometimes an awesome idea for artistic teenagers. By the time that kids havereached their teen years, you will probably have already seen an aptitude for art or crafting.


  • Five Little Pumpkins

    by KidTastic (5 followers)

    This is a Great Halloween Party Arts and Crafts Idea- 3D Tissue Paper Pumpkins. You can also makethem ahead of time as a party favor for the little guests or table centerpiece decorations.


    Fun Holiday Snacks to Make With Your Kids

    by VVanNess (193 followers)

    Christmastime is such a fun time for kids and families. The snow, the cooler weather, mittens andhats, hot chocolate and cookies . . . what's not to love! This is the time of year where all of the...


    Autumn Apple Activity Ideas for Kids

    by Beth Eaglescliffe (85 followers)

    The fall is a great time to get the kids outdoors and enjoying the apple harvest. The crucialsubstances to a easy vacation when traveling with youngsters are to pay interest to their demands,and locating the correct harmony among lots of relaxation time while also getting plenty of actionsfor them to do alongside the way.

    Bored and overtired children grow to be cranky and discouraged youngsters in a hurry.

    Although our design of journey has evolved all through the years from becoming solo travelers, to acouple, and now a household of 4, there are some core travel habits that have served us properly,and we continue to comply with them to this day.Here are some activity ideas.


    Fun Fall Crafts to Do With Your Kids

    by VVanNess (193 followers)

  • With the fall and winter weather blowing in, the air is chilling, leaves are changing colors and fallingoff of all of the trees, and in some areas, it is already snowing in the early fall months.


    Owl and Mice Bird of Prey Nature Craft for Kids

    by ibescience (15 followers)

    Owls are a favorite bird of prey for children to study. Its signature eyes and keen hunting abilitymake it endlessly fascinating. There are many interesting facts associated with owls, some of themtrue, others not...


    Scarecrow Crafts for Kids

    by Tina Truelove (322 followers)

    It's Fall which means it's time for pumpkins and scarecrows. Here are a few great ideas andactivities for you and your kids to enjoy.


    Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

    by followthestray (266 followers)

    Fun and simple Thanksgiving crafts, games, and activities designed for young children, but fun forthe whole family.


    Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

  • by VirginiaLynne (1,106 followers)

    Need an easy Kids Christmas crafts ideas? Step-by-Step photo directions for easy kid's beadedornament. Using glass can make an upscale adult project. Easy, fast and inexpensive!


    Arts and Craft fun for Kids and you

    by CampbellLena2013 (33 followers)

    It's raining outside and your kids are bored. You have nothing else to do because all the chores inthe house are done. Its time for bonding, here are some fun creative ways to enjoy your time.


    Plastic Easter Eggs ideas and crafts

    by AndrewGee (190 followers)

    Plastic Easter eggs are a great way to give your kids fun. From hunting to crafting, raising money totidying up. How will you use yours?


    Holiday Ideas to Entertain Your Kids

    by Tashaonthetown (141 followers)

    Children get bored so quickly and the holidays can be long and draining if you have nothing for themto do! Here are a few ideas to keep them occupied and out of trouble.


  • Halloween Perler Bead Kits

    by Sylvestermouse (196 followers)

    Halloween Perler Bead Kits are such an easy and fun craft! They are the perfect Halloween craft forparents to make with their children.


    Christmas Crafts for Kids Using Construction Paper

    by Jennifer (2,917 followers)

    Most kids love to do crafts. With younger children especially, the crafts need to be fairly easy, thingsthey can do themselves. Crafts can be expensive and time consuming; however they do not have tobe. These crafts...


    Kids Activities for January: Snowman Crafts

    by Tina Truelove (322 followers)

    January is a great time for snowman crafts. The following ideas are suitable for kids and adults.Involve the whole family and have fun!


    Fun Holiday Crafts Your Kids Will Love.

    by dezraylinn (1 follower)

    These are just some of the cute crafts you and your kids can make for each and every holiday, thereare so many others out there but these are my chosen few. Hope you enjoy.

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    Easy Valentine's Day Card, Craft Projects For Kids

    by Specialk3749 (351 followers)

    When I was in grade school, our school always had a Valentine's Day Party. Each child had todecorate a bag or box