How Mobile Networks Can Torpedo Your App's Best Features - and Your Retention

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<ol><li> 1. How Mobile Networks Can Torpedo Your App's Best Features - and Your Retention Jay Hinman, Neumob VP of Marketing </li><li> 2. Mobile App Conventional Wisdom: Networks Mobile networks are so fast in 2017, maybe we dont need to worry about app speed any more. Just look at the 4 bars on my iPhone 7! 5G is just around the corner. Mobile networks will be faster than the fastest Wi-Fi - right? If I focus development on what I can see within my app, maybe I can safely ignore how its actually performing around the world </li><li> 3. Mobile App Development Shortcomings Were building full-featured, SDK-loaded apps full of moving parts, and we assume that networks are keeping up worldwide We rightly focus on crashes - but are missing the bigger picture (in-app errors, missing ads, slow load times, broken images etc.) We watch our apps perform beautifully in our own backyards, but often neglect to measure the experience in other markets </li><li> 4. OpenSignal: The Global State of Mobile Networks Most countries now have 3G or better signal availability 75% of the time 4G/LTE continues to roll out in developed and developing countries USA - 81% LTE penetration China - 74% LTE penetration Israel - 58% LTE penetration Russia - 49% LTE penetration South Korea has the worlds fastest networks All signs show network buildouts are robust and healthy around the world. So whats the problem?? </li><li> 5. The Actual, Lived Experience of Mobile Users LTE Penetration does not = app speed (Correlation is not causation) Congestion, especially at peak hours, doesnt care what network youre on 2-second load time in US may be a 10-second load time for the same content in India, China, Russia or Brazil Theyre easily frustrated, and they dont tend to keep apps for long </li><li> 6. How Users Respond to App Trouble </li><li> 7. How Users Respond to App Trouble Source: Neumob consumer research Q4 2016Source: Neumob consumer research Q4 2016 </li><li> 8. Typical Mobile Network Error Rates Anywhere between 3-12% - highly variable and dependent on network conditions United States: average of 3% network errors India, China, and slower networks in Europe &amp; Latin America: up to 12% in-app errors </li><li> 9. If Your Ads Dont Display, You Dont Get Paid 2-40% of mobile app ad requests are undelivered due to app speed issues or in-app errors (very country/network dependent) Undelivered ads = unseen impressions = loss of revenue </li><li> 10. Undelivered Ad Rates for Major Entertainment App (Unaccelerated) Country Ads Requested Undelivered Ads % Undelivered Ad Network India 1,205,168 225,624 18.72% Millennial Media China 4,062,865 275,382 6.78% Millennial Media Brazil 1,358,046 125,492 9.24% Millennial Media India 2,036,694 342,239 16.80% MoPub China 6,143,181 2,253,061 36.68% MoPub Brazil 876,932 123,424 14.07% MoPub United States 1,291,058 270,214 20.93% MoPub Source: Neumob platform, December2016 </li><li> 11. Mobile Ad Load Times - Huge Network Dependencies MoPub ad load times for a popular, global app that uses Neumob (all times without Neumob acceleration) United States - 489ms (good!) vs. Singapore - 1,149ms Turkey - 605ms (not bad!) vs. India - 1,120ms </li><li> 12. But..but..5G is Coming! US launch - best estimates for general availability: 2021, likely later Massive network overhauls required for mobile operators - rich &amp; well-capitalized will go first LTE Advanced-Pro will be stepping stone that opportunistic carriers will call 5G Mobile-first countries will lag - 2023-2025 Bottom line: Its coming, but itll take a long time to impact user experience. </li><li> 13. The Impact of Mobile App Acceleration 103% faster in Germany 82% faster in India 82% faster in UK 75% faster in Russia Faster time to checkout means less time to be distracted and abandon the shopping cart Faster app speeds mean stronger app brand loyalty, and an increased desire to use app next time Easier and faster path to checkout means more windows for increased page views, and potentially added transactions Better app store reviews, which leads to more app downloads and higher revenues 9% increase in daily app sessions </li><li> 14. Conclusions &amp; Recommendations Get a handle on your apps load times, in-app error rate, speed and overall performance - and not just where your Sr. Execs or developers are Understand the lived experience of your app users - not just marketing (front-end) metrics, but back- end metrics as well Measure, test, fix and measure again Accelerate your app where youre not measuring up to boost sessions, transactions and user satisfaction </li></ol>