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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>1</p> <p>How naz worksNAZ is a collaboration of organizations and schools who work with children and families in a geographic area, or Zone of North Minneapolis to build a culture of achievement so that all youth graduate college ready. </p> <p>We work as a collaborative with many partners organizations and schools, we operate one system that works across many partners all focused on the same goal of college readiness.</p> <p>2</p> <p>Its important to think of NAZ as a Place Based strategy. Our geographic Zone is an 18 by 13 block square block area in North Minneapolis. Today, this neighborhood is dominated crime, violence and multi-generational poverty. </p> <p>North Minneapolis houses 20% of the citys population but witnesses nearly half of its homicides. In fact, one third of all Minneapolis homicides occurred specifically within the NAZ Zone neighborhoods.</p> <p>Minnesota has one of the worst educational achievement gaps in the nation - which is the performance gap between white students and students of color.Only a quarter of children living in our geographic Zone show up to kindergarten ready to learn.This is achievement gap is compounded each summer as low income urban children of color lose an average 3 months of learning. Without the right interventions, these children fall years behind their middle class white peers.</p> <p>Why is this important? According to the Census, children of color now make up nearly half of the population under age 5 in Hennepin county, and more than half the population under age 5 in Ramsey, Mahnomen, and Nobles Counties.</p> <p>These shifts are a call to action for our state. In order to have an educated workforce, we cannot wait to close the achievement gap!</p> <p>3</p> <p>Lets walk through how we do our work. </p> <p>Our approach is 100% focused on OUTCOMES for our enrolled families. We do whatever it takes to support kids and their families along their journey to college readiness. </p> <p>4Out-of-School TimeConnecting Kids to MentorsSummer School OpportunitiesAfter School ProgramsTransportation Homework HelpHealthy Meals Financial EducationGED Assistance Public Assistance Test PreparationResume TrainingJob Search Support Job Training Program ReferralsEarly Childhood EducationParent Education: Strategies and EmpowermentHigh-Quality ChildcareNavigate Behavioral Health ServicesHousingClinical ConsultationsBehavioral Health</p> <p>High-Quality SchoolsGoal SettingIn-School SupportOne-on-One Support</p> <p>So, what do North Minneapolis families experience today?</p> <p>While supports exist for Northside families, they are disjointed and difficult to navigate. There is no way to ensure that families are getting the right support for their needs and goals. </p> <p>[read some examples]</p> <p>5</p> <p>We take completely unique approach to working with families. </p> <p>We are effective because each NAZ enrolled family receives one-on-one support from a skilled family coach from the North Minneapolis community. </p> <p>Connectors inspire a new commitment from parents and solidify the belief that their children will graduate from college. They work with parents to set family goals [called Achievement Plans], they encourage behaviors that support academic outcomes, and connect them with NAZ services supports to help reach their goals. </p> <p>Connectors work side by side as a family partner, who will not leave that family from birth through college. They propel NAZ kids effectively through the NAZ solution to college and beyond.</p> <p>Our ultimate goal is to end poverty within this geographic Zone, using education as a lever. </p> <p>6</p> <p>NAZ is working to change everything in a childs life at once - including physical and behavioral health, stability and safety of housing, and economic and financial well-being and of course, ensuring they get an excellent education.</p> <p>Lets take a look at the services and supports NAZ families. Youll see families at the center and their connector is working one on one with them to access supports to help them reach their goals. </p> <p>7</p> <p>Education PipelineEarly Childhood EducationK-12 SchoolsMentorsOut-of-School Time CollegeLets take a look at these supports in more detail</p> <p>With college readiness a our goal for every child, of course we provide a robust set of supports through our education pipeline. </p> <p>With only 29% of our NAZ children entering kindergarten ready to learn we need to start closing the achievement gap here. </p> <p>We begin with our Family Academy. Which is a series of curricula offerings to support parents to prepare their children for school readiness beginning at the infant stage, ultimately to college readiness. We screen each child by age 3 and work with parents to improve their skills and importantly close the pervasive belief gap the belief that their kids arent worthy of college (as one mother put it).With only 29% of our NAZ children entering kindergarten ready to learn high quality early childhood education is critical to closing the achievement gap. We provide access to high-quality (3 and 4 star rated) early childhood education that helps them with kindergarten readiness. Many of our children receive Race to the Top scholarships. As they get older, children enroll in one of our nine partner schools, where they get one on one support from a NAZ Academic Navigator, is an academic coach working with the child to set their own education goals and removing obstacles to success. Because inner city children of color lose three months of learning over the summer, we offer high quality academic out of school time programs. These are both full day summer programs and after school programs all focused closing the achievement gap. They are also pared with a mentor as early as kindergarten which reduces the drop out rate and increases academic success. Older students take advantage of our college access an success supports that help them to not only enroll in college, but graduate. </p> <p>8</p> <p>Whole-family supportBehavioral Health Career &amp; FinanceHousingWe know that supporting the whole family to be successful is critical to helping kids come to school ready to learn. Our whole family support includes:Behavioral health support to address any underlying mental health issues that parents and children are facing. Job training for parents, along support in finding a good job. Financial education for parents to help them manage their budgets.After parents have stable employment, we assist them with emergency and permanent housing. You can see how each of these builds on the other. </p> <p>We do more than simply refer families to these services. We have NAZ staff called Navigators who are specialists in each area of support. These staff members are located on site at our partner organizations. </p> <p>Lets walk through how this process supports families. A parent with a goal to get a full time job will meet with their NAZ Connector and the NAZ Career and Finance Navigator at our partner site EMERGE. The Navigator will review their goals and identify the supports that will best fit their needs from among all of our Career and Finance partner organizations and ensure that the NAZ parent get a spot with the right program. </p> <p>9</p> <p>NAZ ECOSYSTEMAnother way that NAZ is different is we are a data-driven organization. We use one data system across all of our partners. This is a critical element is working as one system of support across partners. </p> <p>Each partner has access to the familys goals and can provide services to them as part of a complete continuum of support. </p> <p>NAZ Connect:</p> <p> Follows each child and family through the entire Continuum of supports, and from birth to college. </p> <p> Schools and programs contributes to the familys Achievement Plan</p> <p> This network, enables families to be connected with the right services and supports to fit their goals. 10</p> <p> Build evidence-based plans for all NAZ programs Track progress for every program and every child</p> <p>And to ensure that NAZ kids and their families are provided with high-quality supports that getting even better, weve built a continuous improvement process is called the NAZ Seal of Effectiveness.</p> <p>I mentioned earlier that were a data-driven organization, focused on clear and measurable outcomes at each stage in a childs life. We use a Progress Monitoring system to track progress toward important benchmarks such as being ready for kindergarten. </p> <p>[Note to presenter additional solution plan slides can be added here]</p> <p>11</p> <p>Goal for all families, schools, partners: College Readiness!</p> <p>Achievement plan</p> <p>Data and progress monitoring system: NAZ Connect</p> <p>Best-practice process: NAZ Seal of Effectiveness</p> <p>Team of NAZ staff located across partners</p> <p>We talk a lot about e pluribus unum out of many one. NAZ had built ONE system:</p> <p>1) We have one primary goal for our families, schools and our partners: college readiness!</p> <p>2) With the support of their NAZ Connector, our families build a clear set of personal goals for themselves and their kids. As they reach goals, they are encouraged to continue to raise the bar. </p> <p>3) The NAZ Connect tool enables us to share this goal document among our partners and track the progress of each individual and each program within NAZ. </p> <p>4) With the NAZ Seal of Effectiveness we are building best-practice programs that can be used as a model in other cities. </p> <p>5) Our team is co-located across our partners. This means when a family needs a specific support, they and their Connector will go to a NAZ partner organization and meet with a NAZ staff member on site who understands their goals and how to connect them with the right programs to fit their needs. </p> <p>12</p> <p>Zone Total = 2,200FAMILIES ENROLLED= 10 Families 500 2013 GOAL1,000+2014 &amp; BEYOND2202012</p> <p>NAZ is expanding to support more than half of the families and children living in the Zone on their path to college.Today, we have more than 370 families with 970 children enrolled.</p> <p>We believe that as our families begin to become more and more successful, they are leading a culture shift that will spread throughout North Minneapolis. </p> <p>13</p> <p>[end of presentation do not click ahead]14</p>