How To Build, Engage, & Grow Your Jewelry Business With Social Media

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  1. 1. How To Build, Engage, and Grow Your Jewelry Business With Social Media Presented By: Nicole Kroese VP, Marketing and Partnerships Likeable Local @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  2. 2. ABOUT ME o Seattle native o NYU Grad o Formerly a professional dancer o Connect with me on Twitter/ @NicoleKroese and FB/LinkedIn o Email me @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  3. 3. LETS GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER (Raise your hand if its true for you!) o I consider myself a social media expert. o I know whats going on, but am not an expert. o Lets cover the basics, Im a social media novice! o I believe in social media as a business growth tool. o Im a bit of a social media skeptic. o My business has benefited from word of mouth. o My business currently has a social media presence. o My business has an effective social presence that is driving new customers! @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  4. 4. TODAYS GOALS 1. Understanding and appreciating social media 2. 7 Proven Ways to Succeed With Social Media For Your Business 3. How Likeable Hub can help! @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  5. 5. @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableJeweler 3/5 SMBs say theyve already gained customers with social Over $8.5 billion was spent on social media in 2014 And projected spend for 2018 is $14 billion 70% of marketers will increase spend on social in 2015 SOCIAL MEDIA IS YOUR MARKETING WEAPON of consumers trust recommendations from both their families and friends 77% 23% of Facebook Users check their accounts at least 5 times a day 71% of people trust products and services they find on Facebook 75% of retailers have a social media presence
  6. 6. TOP 5 REASONS YOUR CUSTOMERS WANT TO FOLLOW YOU ON SOCIAL 1. To find out about your latest promotions and discounts 1. New product announcements and information 1. Customer service 1. Entertaining content 1. Ability to provide feedback @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  7. 7. 7 Proven Ways to Succeed With Social Media For Your Jewelry Business @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  8. 8. The 7 Ways to Succeed with Social Media 2. Prepare for Facebook Reachageddon 4. Recycle great content 6. Join the Conversation 7. Practice gratitude the old fashioned way 3. Inspire with stories 5. Incentivize referrals (You can pay to play, too) 1.Engage with great content @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  9. 9. Engage through: EDUCATING, ENTERTAINING, AND INSPIRING 1. Engage With Great Content @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  10. 10. @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  11. 11. It used to be like If you build it, they will come! @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal 2. Prepare for Facebook Reachageddon
  12. 12. Failure to plan is planning to fail. -Benjamin Franklin oThe internet became a little cluttered oThings like Facebook Reachageddon made us Pay-to-Play @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal Then
  13. 13. Now its happening to SMBs Only a small portion their following reached organically! @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal Facebook Reachageddon = The End of Organic Reach. If you arent paying to boost your posts, only 1-2% of your fans will see your posts organically
  14. 14. Its OK! Marketers who know what they are doing on social can blow away the competition with strategic ads. Youve never been able to market smarter! @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  15. 15. Perfect the Audience Reach Who is your perfect new customer? Reach them with Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn Ads Boosted Posts Lookalike ads Email Lists Targeted Like Ads Twitter Cards Promoted Tweets LinkedIn Targeted Ads @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  16. 16. Oh, the possibilities! @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  17. 17. @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableJeweler Custom Targeting Specify everything for gender, to income, to job title, to interests, to location!
  18. 18. Make it easy with TURBOPOST @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  19. 19. 3. Inspire With Stories @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  20. 20. Why Storytelling? Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world Hearing a story causes an emotional connection to that company Figure out what stories will resonate with customers/prospects @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  21. 21. AND Use Your Unique Brand Voice @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  22. 22. @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  23. 23. 4. Recycle Great Content. @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  24. 24. Recycling Content Works @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  25. 25. 5. Incentivize Referrals. You can pay to play too. I believe in incentivizing people. If you can incentivize people in anything, whether its in life; in spirituality; in business; just take care of folks. Incentivize them and all of a sudden it's amazing the difference that you'll see. - Zachary Levi @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  26. 26. @dens Referrals: Incentivize and Ask @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  27. 27. Take a Look at Another Example @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  28. 28. 6. Join the Conversation By Effectively Listening and Responding When people interact, comment back! This is your chance to showcase your expertise! @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  29. 29. Responding on Social Media: Rules of Thumb Respond to all customer comments on social media Embrace ALL comments Respond quickly and publically Remember your thank yous and Im sorrys @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  30. 30. Did You Know? 80% of Customer Service inquiries go unanswered on social media By being in the top 20%, you can establish your company as a leader @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  31. 31. Responding to Negative Comments: 2 Best Practices 1. Do-not-delete 2. No response is a response @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  32. 32. How to Respond to Negative Comments 1.Respond quickly and publically Indicate that you will send a private message to the customer 2.Resolve Privately This takes any back and forth offline @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  33. 33. 7. PRACTICE Gratitude "I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder." - G.K. Chesterton @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  34. 34. Say Thank You @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  35. 35. PREPARE for Facebook Reachageddon. RECYCLE Great Content. JOIN THE CONVERSATION by listening and responding PRACTICE Gratitude the Old Fashioned Way. INSPIRE Stories About Your Employees & Products. INCENTIVIZE Referrals (You Can Pay to Play Too). LETS REGROUP ENGAGE with Great Content @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  36. 36. HOW CAN LIKEABLE HELP? @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  37. 37. @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  38. 38. Content Scheduled and Managed For You Thousands of content ideas at your fingertips & a smart scheduling tool @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  39. 39. TURBOPOST Technology Strategically Repeated Tweets: Reverb for Twitter automatically repeats your posts 5 times to maximize reach and engagement Clicking TurboPost turns your Facebook post into a boosted post on your business page to increase audience reach! #TSBetterBusiness @nicolekroese
  40. 40. Likeable Hub Site
  41. 41. WANT TO LEARN MORE?Today: Schedule a demo of Likeable Hub now or later! Or visit: or call 212-359-4347! *Special Promotion: FREE MONTH for attending this session! To dive in RIGHT NOW: visit and get a free trial of our VIP Plan. @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal
  42. 42. GRAND PRIZE! CONTACT Nicole Kroese EMAIL TWITTER @nicolekroese PHONE 212-359-4347 QUESTIONS? Dont forget to grab my card or set up a time to talk later if you have questions @NicoleKroese | #LikeableLearning | @LikeableLocal