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  • 1. How to increase social media followers?
  • 2. Linked in & Facebook
    Ask key people to join your group
    ---- People "troll" others' profiles for good groups to join, so getting some key people will start the ball rolling.
    2. Add group address to email signature
    3 .Stay active within your own group
    4. Promote and be promoted
  • 3. Offer great content Remember, in social media,
    content is king. If you constantly have interesting
    and exciting content, more people will keep coming
    to you as a thought-leader.
    Stay relevant and fresh This is particularly important in the world of social media, where relevant information is quickly updated. If youre not ahead of the curve, youre lagging!
    Use keywords that people are searching Whether youre in the real estate sector, health industry or IT , you will find there are certain buzzwords that their target audience uses to search the Internet. By utilizing the key phrases that are pertinent to your target audience in your text and descriptions, others will be able to find you faster and engage with you quicker.
  • 4. Summary:
    The key is to know your target audience and make sure your group is giving that audience the information they need. Remember, professionals have little time and lots to do. They want to join groups that can help them manage their time better, not those that waste it. Maintain a cutting-edge group and youll increase group members in no time.
    You have to offer something worthwhile to your members, so start a conversation, make an offer, tell a story.
    You can try to generate organic growth by issuing a note (as a group manager you can send a note to the whole group once a week) and inviting members to tell their friends about the group.
  • 5. Thank you !