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  • 1. 888-988-7567 How to Integrate SEO with Social Media Marketing If you observe closely, you will realize that a strong similarity exists between social media marketing and search engine optimization when it comes to engaging audiences. The fundamental similarity between these two concepts is that both of these involve engagement, in terms of publishing and sharing content on email, blog and social platforms.

2. 888-988-7567 Despite this, most of the organizations consider them different and delegate their organization and function to separate departments. This article gives you insight on what is the right approach for integration of these two activities. One of the commonest approaches that can be used by teams working on these two activities is to work together to understand the interests of consumers. A classic example of how this is possible is through the use of keywords. The fact that social media experts and SEO experts work with different objectives and methodologies can be used to develop a comprehensive approach for analysis of keywords and research for SEO and SMM. This article focuses on the keyword research process, which can be used for the integration of social media marketing and search engine optimization. This process entails five steps, which are as follows Identification of Themes for Keywords A common mistake that most people commit is that they start with a long list of keywords. Instead, you should start with a small list of themes, which most appropriately model the concerns of the customer. You must always remember that they will only search, share and look for content that is relevant to them. For instance, if you are working for mobile phone network, then your target customers will most likely be interested in themes like models/types of phones, including their features, pricing and technical specifications. Definition of Target Keywords Once a brief list of target themes is ready, you must zero down on a more detailed list of phrases that are grouped in accordance to their theme, which was written in Step 1. An endless list of popular keywords will not help you. On the other hand, it is the grouping of those keywords that will be of benefit to you. There are several tools like keyword research and analytical tools can be used. These tools will help you in exploring new grounds as far as potential visitor base is concerned. Besides this, topics can be compared for relevance using social media listening tools. Setting Targets 3. 888-988-7567 The third step in this process is to set sales targets. However, it is important to look for quality instead of focusing on getting quantity of traffic. It is this quality traffic that will get you high conversion rates and pave way for investments. Developing a Content Marketing Approach Focused Towards Keywords Getting success in SEO is much more than creating links and following best practices. In fact, it is all about creating content, which is engaging and attractive to target customers. In order to gauge the trends, you can make use of social media listening tools. Implementing a Communications Strategy for Using Social Media and SEO Lastly, you must create a quarterly calendar for implementing content themes. You can make use of social media listening tools to get lead on what is hot in the market. This five step process is the most effective approach that can be used for helping different marketing teams to work in tandem with other. Digital-Warriors Internet Marketing Digital Warriors is an Atlanta based web development company, we provide IT Consulting, Marketing Analytics, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Software Development, SEO, Content Production services to SMB customers. E-mail: Address: Roswell, Ga 30075 USA Skype: jbowden2005 Phone: 888-988-7567