how to save money with your automotive repairs

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How to Save Money with Your Automotive Repairs

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This slide show is all about how you will be able to keep you're vehicle well maintained. Tips on information to keeping your vehicle in peak performance. Going to also invite you to some groups, so you can benefit more about this industry, whether, your an owner, work in the filed or just an average owner of a vehicle, like most of us. You will benefit fro this. I will be updating it weekly, with new pages, new information and links to additional information on this topic... Thanks for down loading your issue... remember to visit our fan page on Facebook...


  • How to Save Money with Your Automotive Repairs
  • Welcome to RJ Pick UP Service RJ PICK UP SERVICE 241A Main Street North Uxbridge, Ontario, L9P 1C3 Phone 905-852-4238 Email: [email protected]
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  • We Specialize on All Makes and Models With our trained and Licensed Team no repair is too big or too small. We charge by, the hour not by a flat base System like most Automotive Dealers use.
  • Providing our Customers with maintenance tips You can follow our blog for information on how to keep you're vehicle Well maintained Review our Company Blog
  • With Access to over a million plus in Parts We have access to over a million dollars of parts. So you will never have to wait for parts to arrive. In most cases if we do not have it in stock it will be delivered within a day!!
  • We are also an Authorized Tirecraft Dealer We can supply you with all you're Tire needs, trucks, cars, Vans Performance tires, Trailer Tires, with a drop shipment twice a day
  • Wide Selection of Suppliers to meet your demands
  • Is Your Battery Ready For another Cold Winter! Keep these facts in mind, you need a battery that will provide you with painless and peace of mind, no one needs to be stranded in no man's land. With colder temperatures, it will take up twice the amount of current need in favourable conditions. Read More
  • The importance of having your wheels re-torqued One of the most forgotten processes done by most auto repair shops and dealership is reminding the customer to come back to have their wheels re-torqued. Read More
  • We service Small Engines and all Lawn Equipment Here at RJ''s we have the speciality of providing you with all your maintenance on all of your lawn equipment regardless of year make or model. We can perform service on push lawn motors, riding lawn motors to wood chippers as well as the Industrial types Read More
  • "You can increase the life of your tires, following these steps" Major tire manufacturer Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., if you take the correct steps and proper care of your vehicle tires you can expect tread life to increase to as much as 50 percent at no extra cost. Read More
  • Why You Need snow Tires during winter Understanding how winter tires out perform all season tires you will have to understand what is underneath all that snow and how the pavement changes drastically during the cold months of winter Read More
  • Tips for Safe winter driving Winter tips for safe driving and protecting your vehicle for the long haul, some of these recommendation are advise directly from AAA. Just a good reminder for all of us who have to drive in the winter. Read More
  • The purpose of a Timing Belt and Water pump The timing belt which is also known as a timing chain, plays a vital role in the function and operation of your vehicle, also needs to be maintain to the specification of your manufactures specs. Read More
  • How Timing Belt Works
  • Why cleaning and Gap spark plugs are important Keeping you vehicle well tuned and running at it's peak performance all starts with the condition of the spark plugs. Read More
  • Here are some images of spark plugs and what happens to them How spark look like and how they should look like
  • Changing your Air and Oil Filters the Importance!
  • The purpose and benefits of a catalytic converter As your engine burns fuel, it produces many different types of different gases that have an immediate effect and it is very bad for our environment. Noxious gases are hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. Read More
  • Images of a Catalytic Convertor
  • Why oil spraying your vehicle makes sense. Undercoating your vehicle is one the smartest things you can do to protecting your vehicle and keeping all your repairs at a vast reduction. The main reason is that when you do have your vehicle undercoated your providing lubrication to all major and functional components such as wiring, lights and electrical items Read More
  • Images of vehicle not oil sprayed
  • Inspection of all Belts and Hoses on your vehicle Your belts and hoses are basically the blood line to keeping your engine operating at its peak performance. Read More
  • Automatic Tensioner will keep your belt tight and running properly
  • How To Read Tire Codes Trailers tires are defined by the symbol "ST" which stands for Trailer Tires, "P" stands for passenger vehicles and "LT" stands for light duty trucks and SUV's. "ST" tires are made specifically for use on trailers and differ considerably from automotive tires. Read More
  • How often should l change the oil on my vehicle? As a rule of thumb, you should have your oil changed every 5,000 KLMS or every 3 months for normal driving conditions. If you live out in the country where the roads are much dustier, Read More
  • 2006 Dodge Truck Engine
  • Tips on why your Air conditioning system is not working efficiently With todays technology all you have to do to make your air conditioning work is press a button, that simple. Most air conditioning systems today are very reliable on a modern or relatively new vehicle Read More
  • Working on the Braking system of Chevy Silverado 3500 Brake systems are designed to slow the vehicles wheel movement friction. There are primarily two types of braking systems, ABS and non ABS (anti-lock brake system). Read More
  • Images of Brake of Brake Parts
  • 5 Key ways to keep your vehicle running at peak fuel efficiency! There was a time when the price of fuel was affordable and it was not a factor to fill up our vehicles. With the ever unpredictable cost of fuel which only seems to go one way, almost on a daily price increase. Read More
  • The 1950 Chevrolet 3100 Pick Up. Not many around in this condition
  • Thanks for Review this site Hope you have found that the articles here will help you keep your vehicle in peak performance Joseph F. Botelho