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Many Facebook Fan Pages become ghost towns in short order. This happens for one of two reasons and both tend to be somewhat intertwined: you run out of creative content ideas and your audience never really engages. Helping you avoid that death spiral is the goal of this Facebook Marketing - Ideas for Engaging post ideas presentation. Inside I will give you lots of ideas and examples of how to draw in new audience and get those existing Facebook Fans engaged. Try a few of these strategies and creative tactics and soon your Facebook Fan Page will come alive and with buzzing activity—fans liking, commenting, and sharing. All of that activity will encourage others to get involved and will spark your creative juices to service your new fan base more diligently. Grab a pen and paper and flip through this slide presentation with the intent of filling your notebook with specific content ideas and campaign strategies. Work through the ideas in an active way. Think about each example and how you can apply the technique to your own business. The gems are here. Polish them and get the reward. If I can be of any help or you have a question, contact me with the contact form.


  • Help Facebook visitors experience your business
  • Leverage popular memes to creatively gain product interest
  • Everyone loves a good tip
  • Smartly use super short videos to showcase products and services
  • Videos dont have to be hard
  • Customers love going behind the scenes
  • Simple questions kill it! Lots of Likes, Comments, and Shares
  • Polls gamify your Facebook Fan Page
  • Fans love to play games
  • Ask questions. Inspire action. Create emotion.
  • Great blend of question, timely topic, and great images
  • Everyone loves an inspirational quote
  • Fill in the blank is a great engagement tactic
  • Deliver value and special offers
  • Again, photos and games come together nicely for big results
  • Celebrate your customer and encourage their creativity
  • Encourage customers to be creative with your product
  • Create and leverage memes and #hashtags
  • Deliver quick value
  • Make value beautiful
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