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St. Ignatius LoyolaPart I

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Background Information

Baptismal name- Inigo Lopez Loyola. Born in 1491 in the Basque region of

Spain in the Tower House in Azpeitia. Born of a noble Spaniard family. Was a soldier for the king of Spain. Attended the University of Paris. Estimated to be about 4 feet 10 inches


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Loyola Family Crest

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Loyola Family Crest (cont.)

The right side of the crest is 7 red stripes on a gold background.

The gold background represent the king.

The 7 red stripes represents the blood spilled for the king.

This symbolizes the loyalty.

The Loyola family crest focuses on loyalty and generosity.

The left side of the crest represents two wolves getting food from the pot in the middle.

This symbolizes the generosity.

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Important Dates 1491: Inigo Lopez Loyola is born. 1521: While defending the city of Pamplona from

the French, Inigo is struck in the leg with a cannon ball and severely injured.

September 27, 1540: With the papal document Regimini Militantis Ecclesiae (“To the government of the Church Militant”) Pope Paul III officially establishes the Society of Jesus

July 31, 1556: Ignatius Loyola, Superior General of the Society of Jesus, dies in Rome of “Roman fever”, a form of malaria.

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The Spiritual Exercises

Part II

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Basic Information

A four week retreat written by Ignatius while he lived in the cave outside Manresa.

Broken up into three sections.PurposePresuppositionPrinciple and Foundation

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The purpose of the Spiritual Exercises is to conquer yourself.

You conquer yourself through mortification.

Mortify- Latin for “death” So to mortify yourself means to kill

everything within yourself that is not what God wants from me.

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To give the other person the benefit of the doubt.

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Principle and Foundation

Man is created to praise, reverence, and serve God our Lord, and by this means to save his soul.

Nothing else matters in composition to this fact.

What God wants from me = what my purpose in life is.

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Week 1

“I am a loved sinner.” Chapel image:

Prodigal son – Luke 15:11-32

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Week 2

The life and ministry of Jesus. Chapel image:

The great catch of fish- Luke 5:1-11

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Week 3

The passion and death of Jesus Chapel image:


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Week 4 The resurrection of Jesus and its effects Chapel image:

Mustard seed- Mark 4:30-34

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The JesuitsPart III

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