immigration 1880 - 1930

Immigration 1880 - 1930 Eric Plunkett EDSC 307 – Online Dr. Costa

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Eric Plunkett EDSC 307 – Online Dr. Costa. Immigration 1880 - 1930. Why would you leave home?. Opportunity. Negative Home-life. Few jobs Political Problems Racial Intolerance. More Jobs Political Stability More Racial Tolerance. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: Immigration 1880 - 1930

Immigration 1880 - 1930

Eric PlunkettEDSC 307 – OnlineDr. Costa

Page 2: Immigration 1880 - 1930

Why would you leave home?

OpportunityMore JobsPolitical

StabilityMore Racial


Negative Home-life

Few jobsPolitical


IntoleranceGet the guided notes for this power point by clicking here:

Page 3: Immigration 1880 - 1930

Where are immigrants

coming from?

In mid 1800’s –Germany, Britain, Ireland

In early 1900’s –Russia, Italy, Austria-


Sourced: “Immigration to the United States in 1854 and in 1907.” 2010 Cooperative Educational Service Agency 6. Retrieved

on 9/11/2010 at


Page 4: Immigration 1880 - 1930

United States Immigration Totals

Can you locate:A rise in 1878 and 1898?

A decline after 1914?

A big drop off after 1924?

Remember the year 1924 for Immigration!

Page 5: Immigration 1880 - 1930

Why did the immigrants come?

German farmers came to the US due to a changing economy. Germany experienced wars of unification – circa 1870. Went from farming-centered to city-centered work.

Jews fleeing Russian Pogroms – Riots against Jews. This occurred not only in Russia, but Ukraine and Poland which were part of Imperial Russia.

Italians seeking opportunity due to an unstable economy. Italian land was still mostly owned by large land lords. Short-Term laborers on these farms went to the US when Italy experienced deep debt in latter 19th century.

A great source for information on why immigrants came in such great numbers, check this link.

Page 6: Immigration 1880 - 1930

Primary Source Investigation

This is a greeting card for the Jewish holidayRosh Hashana.

The people on the right are Jews who are beingwelcomed by Americans to the United States.

Under the American Eagle are the words:“Shelter us in the shadow of Your wings”This is from the Old Testament in the Bible.

Over 2 million Jews fled riots anddemonstrations (called pogroms) from RussiaTo the United States from 1881-1924

This year 1924 keeps coming up!

Page 7: Immigration 1880 - 1930

Ellis Island

Ellis Island 1905

Inside Ellis Island: 1904

Imagine starting a new life here.How would you feel?How does it look?

Biggest Immigration Station in US.Located in New York.Millions came here from 1892-1954

Page 8: Immigration 1880 - 1930

Primary Source Investigation

These are Italian immigrants arriving at Ellis Island in 1911.

What are they wearing?Are they well-dressed?Why?

How much luggage dothey have?

Would the boat captainswant a lot of luggage?Why?

How about the guy onthe left?

Page 9: Immigration 1880 - 1930

Video of Arrivals to Ellis Island

Look closely at the boat, is it filled with people?What are the immigrants wearing? What are they carrying?Are they greeted?

Page 10: Immigration 1880 - 1930

Star Spangled Banner – The sound of 1898

Listen to this version of John Phillip Sousa’s band playing the Star Spangled Banner in 1898.

Think about the fact thatthis was recorded duringthe time immigrationwas peaking.

How is the recording quality?

We still sing this song todaythough it was written as apoem in the War of 1812 byFrancis Scott Key.

Page 11: Immigration 1880 - 1930

What about Asia? Immigrants from Asian

countries were the first to be restricted by law.

The Chinese Exclusion Act 1882 – Supported by post-Gold Rush California. Limited immigration from China to non-laborers.

Gentleman’s Agreement with Japan 1907 – Japanese immigration limited to students only. Frank Leslie's illustrated newspaper,

vol. 54 (1882 April 1), p. 96.

Page 12: Immigration 1880 - 1930


Nativism – Nativists opposed all immigration.Isolationism – Isolationists cared only of affairs

and people in their home country, wanting nothing to do with anything or anybody in other countries.

Class Discussion – What groups would Nativists exclude

today?Do Nativism and Isolationism still exist?What does it mean to be “native”?

Page 13: Immigration 1880 - 1930

The End to Immigration – 1917-1924

Immigration Act of 1917 – This was the first of many acts limiting immigration. The map shows the countries where immigration was limited by the Immigration Act of 1917.


Where is this?

What about China?

What about Japan?

Page 14: Immigration 1880 - 1930

The End of Immigration – 1917-1924 - Continued

Emergency Quota Act – Limited new immigrant numbers from any particular country, to 3% of the total immigrants from that country already living in the US – Used census of 1910.

Immigration Act of 1924 – Limited total immigration from any country to just 2% of the population of immigrants from that country already in the US. Used census of 1890 – Why?Guess what countries had the biggest population of immigrants in the US? England, Ireland, France, Germany.

So what happened? Where was immigration favored?Europe Immigration

# from NW Europe

# from SE Europe

Avg. Prior to 1921

175,000 700,000

Total Allowed after 1924

142,500 18,500Source: Statistical Abstract of the United States (Washington, D.C. Government Printing Office, 1929), 100.