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From Facebook's PMD program. Check out this slide deck to learn everything you can about how to most effectively use Instagram when marketing your business! All Credit Facebook®


  • Instagram
  • Instagram is a fast, beautiful way to share photosAvailable on iOS and Android devices around the worldHow it works: Easily take photos on your phone Transform the look of them with an Instagram filter Share them online via Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr Access photo Pages on mobile or new website Follow friends and brands
  • Instagram by the numbers 44% more time spent in 100 Million registered users app than Twitter 50 million app downloads 5 Billion photos on the site on GooglePlay, averaging 250,000 per day Of Interbrands Top 100 5 brands, 40 have Instagram accounts MillionThe Next Web, ComScore, SImplyMeasured photos generated per day
  • Instagrams engagement surpasses Twitter despite existing for less than a third of the time 91,502 53,210 8:55 4:31 30,646 21,814 2:27 12,948 7,632 7,214 2,433 1:26 Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest Total Unique Visitors Average Daily Visitors Average time spentComScore, September 2012
  • How does it complement mymarketing strategy?
  • Businesses on InstagramBuild buzz around your business, product or event How it works: Encourage customers Create a brand presence Create an account and to take photos of your start posting photos that help tell your business business, product or story event and share them to Build a community and engage with them Find social media sites ways to connect with your followers and give them via Instagram opportunities to talk about your brand Monitor your activity Use the Instagram API to access your own content and/or user generated content based on username, hashtag or location
  • Step 1: Create a brand presence1. Create an Instagram account via the app A business account is the same as a user account.2. Update your profile information Be sure to include a name, profile photo, bio and a link to your brand website.3. Start posting photos relevant to your brand.4. Connect accounts Link your Instagram account to Twitter, Facebook and any other social media channels that your brand uses.
  • Step 2: Build a community and engage with them1. Get followers by including a follow me button on your other properties and linking users to your Instagram web profile. Connecting your Instagram account to your Facebook Page and Twitter account will alert your followers that youve joined Instagram.2. Use hashtags to create collections of photos for specific events or campaigns. Invite users to participate by tagging their own photos. Here are some tips for using hashtags.3. Reply to comments on your photos by checking the photos in your account and your news feed notifications.4. Use @ mentions to reference a specific user. The @mention will link to the users Instagram profile and the user will get a notification in their news feed.5. Extend conversation into your Facebook and Twitter communities by sharing the content you post on Instagram to your Facebook Page and Twitter feed.
  • Step 3: Monitor your activityUse engagement with your photos to gaininsights about your users. Understand howand where people are engaging with yourbrand.1. Monitor and respond to the comments on your photos.2. Search hashtag and location pages for your brand/business.3. Use the Instagram API to pull in content by hashtag, location tag or username.
  • 5 tips for leveraging Instagram
  • Tip #1: Bring your brand to life through photos1. Use photos that tell your brand story and showcase your product.2. Utilize photos people cant see anywhere else: sneak peaks of upcoming events, behind the scenes shots, archived/historical photos, current marketing assets.3. Stay authentic to your brand, just like on Facebook.
  • Tip #2: Extend Instagram conversations on Facebook1. Make sure you post to Facebook and Twitter as well when you post to Instagram. When you post from Instagram to Facebook, your photos show up in your fans news feed just like other posts on Facebook2. Start conversations with your fans on Facebook with your Instagram photos.3. Extend the reach of your Instagram photos through promoted posts and Page post ads.
  • Tip #3: Experiment and learn about your audience1. Use different types of photos and post at varying frequencies.2. Listen to feedback from your users and adjust.3. Post consistently, but spread your thoughts out so you dont over-post to your followers.4. Change perspective Sign up for a personal account so you get a sense for the user experience and the images that are most interesting.
  • Tip #4: Bring the Instagram experience intoyour own platforms1. Use the Instagram API to showcase your Instagram presence on your website, Facebook Page or other online properties.2. Use this to bring emotion and rich visuals to your brand.
  • Tip #5: Leverage Facebook and Instagram to get themost out of your campaigns1. Incorporate Instagram into upcoming events or campaigns by publishing an engaging series of photos with hashtags or geotags.2. Promote your campaigns and the hashtags on Facebook.3. Allow people to engage with your photos in other channels like Facebook.4. Monitor engagement and respond to your followers.
  • Additional resourcesWeve put together some tips and resources to help you get started usingInstagram for your brand or organization: Getting Started with Instagram. This is a quick guide for how to set up and start using your Instagram account. Instagram for Business Help Center. The Help Center provides resources and answers to frequently asked questions. Business Blog. The blog highlights great brand accounts, community engagement, unique API examples and general tips for how to manage a brand account. API Developer Page. The site provides detailed information for developers using the Instagram API.