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UVM Integrative Health Week 2014 Integrative Nutrition Kim Evans


  • 1. ObjectivesYou will be able to 1. State the benefits of using an Integrative NutritionModel 2. Describe the five key areas that impact, and areimpacted by, the biological information that food,nutrients, and herbs provide. 3. Review case examples

2. The Common Condition 3. Our Integrative Center 4. 4 Pillars of Wellness 5. Take a Trip to the Moon 6. What does it mean?collaborativeIntegrativelittle bit of everything 7. Integrative NutritionOptimalWellnessDiseasePreventionDiseaseTreatmentNodeficiency 8. Integrative NutritionEvidence-based CollaborativeCompassionateHolistic Personalized 9. What aboutFunctional?What is functionalnutrition? 10. IFMsFunctionalMedicine Tree 11. What is Functional Medicine/Nutrition?Functional Medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease usinga systems-oriented approach not just treatingsymptoms engages both patient and practitioner in atherapeutic partnership involves understanding the origins, prevention,and treatment of complex, chronic disease. 12. Hallmarks of a functional approach include:Patient-centered care. Promotes health as a positive vitality; not just the absence of disease. Listen to the patients story, tailors treatments that address the individuals uniqueneeds.An integrative, science-based healthcare approach Look upstream to consider the patients history, physiology, and lifestyle that canlead to illness. Consider the unique genetic makeup of each patient, along with both internal (mind,body, and spirit) and external (physical and social environment) factors that affect totalfunctioning.Integrating best medical practices. TraditionalWestern medical practices alternative or integrative medicine, creating a focus on preventionthrough nutrition, diet, and exercise use of the latest laboratory testing and other diagnostic techniques prescribed combinations of drugs and/or botanical medicines, supplements,therapeutic diets, detoxification programs, or stress-management techniques. Reference: 13. Nutrition is a critical component ofIntegrative and FunctionalMedicine! Nutrition = a key part of prevention and a key part oftherapy Research is exploding in areas that link food, nutrients,herbs, nutrigenomics, and prevention and treatment ofchronic conditions and disease states. Consumer demand for more natural approachesto optimizing health, and a more holistic, person-centeredand collaborative team management isdriving the need for RDs to be skilled providersin Integrative Nutrition. 14. What differentiates an DIFM-RD? Employs a systems assessment of a persons biochemicalindividuality to develop a nutrition care plan Includes information from emerging sciences such asnutritional genomics Recognizes Client uniqueness Focuses on addressing the root cause of diseaseand preventive care Strives to help the client achieve optimal health, not just theabsence of disease 15. Food as Medicinewhole foods therapies targeted supplements andmind/body modalities.and is based firmly in theIntegrativeMedicine model. 16. Lets learn about functionalnutrition. 17. Chronic Pain Nutrition Foundational Eating Plan Anti-Inflammatory Function Tart Cherry Juice, Salmon, Avocado, Flaxseed Supplementation Boswelia, Fish Oil, Turmeric Adjunctive Dry Needling, Yoga, Mindfulness Therapy,Neurac, Graston Testing HS-CRP, Cortisol, ESR 18. GI Issues Nutrition Foundational Eating Plan Elimination/Immune Health Plan Function Kombucha, Kimchi, Miso, Artichokes, GreekYogurt Supplementation Probiotics, DGL, Aloe, MarshmallowRoot, L-Glutamine Adjunctive MBSR, Somatic Education, Massage, Yoga Testing SIBO, Food Sensitivities, HS-CRP 19. Obesity or Diabesity Nutrition Foundational Eating Plan Hi Protein and CleanFoods Function Ceylon Cinnamon, Green Tea Supplementation Fenugreek, Multiple Vitamin, AlphaLipoic Acid, Adjunctive Exercise, Yoga/Meditation Testing Insulin Response Test, TSH, Vitamin D 20. Sports Specific Nutrition Foundational Eating Plan IndividualizedFueling and Hydration Protocol Function Crystalized Ginger Supplementation Probiotics, DGL, Aloe, MarshmallowRoot, L-Glutamine Adjunctive MBSR, Somatic Education, Massage, Yoga Testing SpectraCell Micronutrient Test, VO2 Max 21. Depression Nutrition Foundational Eating Plan Tryptophan RichComplex Carbs w. Protein Function Salmon, Avocado, Pumpkin Seeds, Black Berries,Saffron Supplementation SAMe, 5-HTP, B12, Vitamin D,Probiotics, Fish Oil Adjunctive Psychotherapy, Yoga, Neurac, SomaticEducation, Exercise Testing Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, TSH, Iron 22. Resources Institute for Functional Medicine. Jeffery Bland, MD and Mark Hyman, MD Center for Mind Body Medicine James Gordon, MD Dietitians in Integrative Functional Medicine Kathie Madona Swift, MS, RD Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine University ofArizona (Integrative Medicine Fellowships) Food as Medicine Conference