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<ul><li><p>INVESTMENT BANKING FOR THE MIDDLE MARKET</p><p>15303 Ventura Blvd.Suite 1510Sherman Oaks, CA 91403818.272.8990</p></li><li><p>Craft Partners, LLC is an investment bank that advises its middle-market </p><p>clients on mergers and acquisitions, capital raise transactions, and </p><p>financial restructurings. We take our clientsfinancial and strategic goals seriously, and we work with enthusiasm and determination to produce </p><p>extraordinary results. At Craft Partners, we believe that no two deals are </p><p>the same. We tailor our services for each individual client, and provide </p><p>senior level attention every step of the way.</p><p>For more than twenty years, principals of Craft have advised hundreds of </p><p>companies, in a wide variety of industries, with skill, integrity, and </p><p>ingenuity, to craft the best possible results for our clients. </p><p>Our experience affords us an extensive network of relationships, contacts, </p><p>and capital providers.</p><p>MERGERS &amp; ACQUISITIONS</p><p>FINANCIAL RESTRUCTURING</p><p>CAPITAL RAISING</p><p>ABOUT USABOUT OUR FIRM</p><p>PUT CRAFT PARTNERS TO WORK FOR YOUR BUSINESS.</p></li><li><p>MERGERS &amp; ACQUISITIONSMERGERS &amp; ACQUISITIONS</p><p>If youre anticipating selling your company, selecting an M&amp;A advisory firm that offers a wealth of transaction experience and senior level attention can make all the difference. Craft has achieved extraordinary results for hundreds of companies in many industries, over more than two decades. The partners at Craft roll up their sleeves for each and every client, guiding every unique sale process expertly and professionally to completion.</p><p>Our company operated in the oil &amp; gas region of South Louisiana which was in a cyclical downturn. We needed an advisor that could communicate the strength of our core onshore industrial markets and attract the right kind of long term investor. Craft was an enthusiastic advocate who worked honestly and diligently on our behalf. They identified the type of buyer we were looking for, negotiated a favorable valuation, and worked the process step-by-step until closing. They certainly earned my respect.</p><p>Terry Gold, President &amp; CEO, RPM Services &amp; Rentals</p><p>has been acquired by</p><p>Craft Partners served as exclusive </p><p>financial advisor to IRPM</p><p>WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY.</p></li><li><p>has been acquired by</p><p>Principals of Craft Partners served as </p><p>exclusive financial advisor to All </p><p>Reach Equipment</p><p>"Craft articulated a detailed,credible growth strategy thatattracted both financialinvestors and some of thelargest players in our industry.They managed what became avery competitive process andwe were presented withseveral compelling options.We were ultimately able toachieve a valuation that farexceeded our expectations. Iwould highly recommendCraft to any business ownerconsidering exit alternatives orraising growth capital.</p><p>Joseph Hill, Former President, All Reach Equipment</p><p>Principals of Craft Partners served as </p><p>exclusive financial advisor to Stone </p><p>Pump &amp; Trench</p><p>has sold certain operating assets </p><p>and branch operations to</p><p>"Our business carried multipleproduct lines and serveddifferent geographies. Weneeded a financial advisorwith the experience andexpertise to present ourbusiness on a consolidatedbasis and on a diversifiedproduct-by-product andlocation-by-location basis.Craft marketed our business ina creative, professional, andenthusiastic way thatmaximized valuation for theshareholders.</p><p>Badge Stone, Former President, Stone Pump &amp; Trench</p><p>has been acquired by</p><p>a portfolio company of </p><p>Craft Partners served as exclusive </p><p>financial advisor to Le Mans</p><p>LeMans has been in ourfamily for three generationsand we are very proud of ourcompany and our people. Butthe industry is changingrapidly and we felt it was timefor us to pursue otherinterests. Craft Partnersmanaged our sale processexpertly and professionally.They certainly earned ourrespect and we were verypleased with the result.</p><p>Kirk Beetley, President of LeMansAuto Body &amp; Paint</p><p>HEALTHY M&amp;AMERGERS &amp; ACQUISITIONS</p></li><li><p>"I interviewed other investment bankers and was most impressed by Craft Partnersenergy and enthusiasm. Craft told our story in a very compelling way and ran a very effective marketing process. We were very satisfied with the result both from a valuation and structure perspective.</p><p>Dan Tumminello, Former President and Shareholder, Midwest Aerials</p><p>"We needed a sophisticated financial advisor who had the ability to maneuver through a complex set of issues that included multiple competing stakeholders. Craft Partners ran a comprehensive process and was able to work through the various challenges and ultimately achieved an extraordinary result for our company. Craft brought all the stakeholders together with integrity and great communication, creating a transaction that worked for everybody. I cant say enough good things about Craft Partners and would highly recommend them as professional representation for any transaction."</p><p>Troy Coker, CEO </p><p>Commercial Cleaning Systems</p><p>Principals of Craft Partners served as exclusive financial advisor to Midwest </p><p>Aerials &amp; Equipment, Inc.</p><p>has been acquired by</p><p>Craft Partners served as exclusive </p><p>financial advisor to Commercial </p><p>Cleaning Systems</p><p>has been acquired by</p><p>HEALTHY M&amp;A</p><p>MERGERS &amp; ACQUISITIONS</p></li><li><p>"Craft was a valued advisor during our sale process. They articulated our value proposition in a credible way to potential buyers and </p><p>ultimately negotiated an attractive deal with a buyer that shared our culture."</p><p>Mark Lancourt, Former President, Milwaukee High Lift, Inc., Madison High Lift, Inc.</p><p>"Craft Partners represented our company very well. They helped tell our story in an honest, convincing way and marketed the business very </p><p>effectively. We exceeded our expectations. I would recommend them to any business owner interested in a professional sale process."</p><p>Mike Rand, Former President, </p><p>Independent Aerial Equipment</p><p>I&amp;L Rentals was the largest company of its type on the Hawaiian Islands. We needed an advisor that could communicate the unique but </p><p>compelling aspects of doing business in our geography. Craft told our story expertly and professionally and ultimately delivered several high </p><p>quality potential buyers. I would highly recommend Craft to any business owner contemplating a professional sale process.</p><p>Ira Mendelsohn, Managing Member</p><p>I&amp;L Rentals</p><p>has been acquired by</p><p>Craft Partners served as </p><p>exclusive financial advisor to </p><p>Milwaukee High Lift</p><p>has been acquired by</p><p>Craft Partners served as </p><p>exclusive financial advisor to </p><p>Independent Arial Equipment</p><p>has been acquired by</p><p>Craft Partners served as exclusive </p><p>financial advisor to I&amp;L Rentals</p><p>HEALTHY M&amp;AMERGERS &amp; ACQUISITIONS</p></li><li><p>7</p><p>If you are considering raising debt or equity capital, relationships matter. For over 20 years, the principals of Craft have formed and maintained relationships with institutional investors including banks, finance companies, mezzanine debt funds, hedge funds, unitranche investors, and private equity firms. Whether your goal is to refinance existing debt, finance growth or an acquisition, or to provide for partial shareholder liquidity, the principals of Craft will guide you expertly through the process to ensure the lowest cost of capital while maximizing structure and covenant flexibility.</p><p>We are very excited about this acquisition and the prospects for the future of the Company. The acquisition financing was critical to not only getting the deal closed but also positioning the Company for long term growth. Craft Partners identified multiple high quality prospective financing partners and helped us, as the Founders, to negotiate a very compelling capital structure."</p><p>Steve Frank, CEO of Pioneer Recycling Services</p><p>has acquired certain assets of</p><p>Senior debt financing provided by</p><p>Subordinated debt and preferred equity provided by</p><p>Craft Partners served as financial </p><p>advisor to the Founders of Pioneer </p><p>Recycling Services</p><p>CAPITAL RAISINGCAPITAL RAISING</p><p>WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY.</p></li><li><p>"Craft was instrumental in getting our transaction completed. They identified a financial buyer, helped negotiate the transaction, and ran a competitive process to raise the debt capital for the buyer. I have and will continue to recommend Craft to other business owners and financial investors."</p><p>Robert Schwab, Former President</p><p>Schwab Sales</p><p>"Our business model is unique and we needed a sophisticated financial advisor to tell our story and to raise the capital we needed. Craft demonstrated the required skill and experience and their relationships with investors got our deal done."</p><p>Ken Cleveland, Chairman of the Board of Directors, </p><p>Transamerican Auto Parts Company</p><p>has obtained a</p><p>$35,000,000</p><p>Revolving Credit FacilityFrom</p><p>Principals of Craft Partners served as </p><p>financial advisor to Transamerican</p><p>has obtained a</p><p>Senior Secured Credit Facility </p><p>and</p><p>DIP Credit Facility</p><p>Principals of Craft Partners served </p><p>as financial advisor to Fatburger </p><p>Corporation</p><p>A portfolio company of</p><p>has completed the sale of </p><p>$10,000,000 </p><p>In Preferred StockPrincipals of Craft Partners served as </p><p>financial advisor to Celerity Partners</p><p>has obtained a</p><p>$95,000,000Revolving Credit Facility</p><p>$23,000,000 Equity Investment</p><p>from </p><p>Principals of Craft Partners served as </p><p>financial advisor to the equity sponsor</p><p>Craft Partners served as financial </p><p>advisor to Above &amp; Beyond</p><p>has obtained a</p><p>$11,000,000Revolving Credit Facility</p><p>From</p><p>Cascade Grain</p><p>Principals of Craft Partners served as </p><p>financial advisor to Berggruen Holdings</p><p>A portfolio company of</p><p>has obtained a</p><p>$100,000,000 Senior Secured Credit Facility</p><p>from</p><p>CAPITAL RAISINGCAPITAL RAISING</p></li><li><p>If your company is experiencing liquidity issues, it pays to work with a financial advisory firm with the experience and common sense to carefully consider all options. The principals of Craft have decades of experience, advising our clients through the ups and downs of multiple economic cycles. Craft has advised numerous companies with the goal of establishing a more stable capital structure for stakeholders. Our experience includes refinancing existing bank debt, divesting underperforming assets, out-of-court creditor negotiations, and in-court Chapter 11 plans of reorganizations and in-court Section 363 asset sales.</p><p>"My client required a sophisticated financial advisor with competency in both financial restructuring and raising capital as well as the flexibility to adapt to a very fluid situation. Craft managed the process very effectively in conjunction with the companys management, communicating with adverse stakeholders in an effective manner yet insuring the integrity of the process while maximizing value. After a successful acquisition of the senior debt involving the majority shareholder, Craft was instrumental in creating a win-win transaction for the new lender, owner operator, and company management. I would recommend Craft for any client in need of goal oriented complex financial advisory services.</p><p>Chris Reeder, Outside Corporate and Litigation Counsel, Home Organizers and subsidiaries</p><p>Home Organizers, Inc. (dba </p><p>Closet World) has successfully </p><p>emerged from Chapter 11</p><p>Principals of Craft Partners served as </p><p>financial advisor to Home Organizers</p><p>RESTRUCTURING, RECAPITALIZATION, DISTRESSED M&amp;A</p><p>FINANCIAL RESTRUCTURING</p><p>WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY.</p></li><li><p>"I served as bankruptcycounsel to Pacific High Reach,which was a large equipmentleasing company, in what wasa very contentious chapter 11bankruptcy case. Craft did anabsolutely great jobidentifying prospectivebuyers, negotiating the $17.4million sale price with SunbeltRentals, and assisting in theconsummation of that sale. Iwould strongly recommendCraft for any investmentbanking engagement."</p><p>Ron Bender, Managing PartnerLevene, Neale, Bender, Yoo &amp; BrillL.L.P</p><p>has completed a 363 </p><p>Chapter 11 bankruptcy </p><p>sale to </p><p>Principals of Craft Partners served as </p><p>financial advisor to Pacific High Reach</p><p>has converted</p><p>$40,000,000of debt into an equity stake </p><p>in the company</p><p>Principals of Craft Partners served as </p><p>financial advisor to Proactive </p><p>Packaging &amp; Dis[play</p><p>has successfully confirmed </p><p>a plan of reorganization</p><p>Principals of Craft Partners served as </p><p>financial advisor to Max Equipment </p><p>Rental</p><p>"We were a fairly experiencedgroup who wanted to growour company and capitalize onsome of our success. Craftwas open and forthright intheir communications, gavesound guidance whenrequired, and produced asolid confidential informationmemorandum that broughtthe right people to the table.We were very happy withwhom we were exposed to, aswell the final outcome. Iwould highly wouldrecommend Craft, becausethey are knowledgeable,reliable, and deliver on theircommitments.</p><p>Harry Hoyer, PresidentPioneer Offroad Rentals</p><p>Principals of Craft Partners served as </p><p>financial advisor to Pioneer Offroad</p><p>Rentals</p><p>has been recapitalized for </p><p>growth by</p><p>AURIGA PARTNERS</p><p>RECAPITALIZATION</p><p>FINANCIAL RESTRUCTURING</p><p>DISTRESSED M&amp;A</p></li><li><p>Dan Conway is the founder of CraftPartners, LLC. During his career he hasadvised hundreds of middle-marketcompanies with mergers and acquisitions(both healthy and distressed), leveragedtransactions, private placements of debtand/or equity capital, private equityinvesting, and debt restructurings. Prior tofounding Craft Partners, Mr. Conway was ashareholder, managing director, and leadingproducer at FocalPoint Partners, LLC, amiddle-market investment banking firmwith offices in Los Angeles and Chicago.</p><p>DAN CONWAY, MANAGING DIRECTOR</p><p></p><p>OFFICE 818.272.8890</p><p>CELL 310.919.8842</p><p>UNDERSTANDING GOALS.</p><p>ACHIEVING RESULTS.</p><p></p></li></ul>