ireland by: heather. country facts capital: dublin, ireland largest city: dublin, ireland area:...

Download Ireland By: Heather. Country Facts Capital: Dublin, Ireland Largest City: Dublin, Ireland Area: 70,273 sq km Climate: Temperate Maritime, Mild Winters,

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  • IrelandBy: Heather

  • Country Facts Capital: Dublin, IrelandLargest City: Dublin, IrelandArea: 70,273 sq kmClimate: Temperate Maritime, Mild Winters, Cool Summers, Consistently Humid, Overcast Half Of The TimeElevation: Lowest- Atlantic Ocean 0 m Highest- Carrauntoohil 1,041 mPopulation: 4,203,200

  • Country Facts (Continued)Life Expectancy: Male- 75.6 Years; Female- 81.06 YearsNationality: Irishman, Irishwoman, Irish, CelticEthnic Groups: Irish 87.4%, Other White 7.5%, Asian 1.3%, Black 1.1%, Mixed 1.1%, Unspecified 1.6%Religions: Roman Catholic 87.4%, Church Of Ireland 2.9%, Other Christian 1.9%, Other 2.1%, Unspecified 1.5%, None 4.2%Language: English, Irish (Gaelic)

  • Country Facts (Continued)Government Type: Republic, Parliamentary DemocracyIndependence Day: 12/06/1921Chief Of State: Mary McAleeseHead Of State: Brian CowenUnemployment Rate: 11.8%Population Below Poverty Line: 4.2%Exchange Rates: Imports- 63.12 Billion; Exports- 108.6 BillionAirports: 39Paved Runways: 16Unpaved Runways: 23

  • Country SymbolsThe Conventional Long Name Is The Republic Of Ireland, Though The Local Short Name Is Eire, Which Means Ireland In GaelicThe Most Famous Motto Of Ireland Is Eire Go Bragh (Pronounced Eran Go Brah), Which Means Ireland Forever. The Proper Motto For Ireland Is, Fe Mhoid Bheith Saor, Meaning Sworn To Be Free

  • This Is Irelands Coat Of Arms. Believe It Or Not, The Harp Is The Symbol Of Ireland, Not A Wee Man Dressed In Green, Or The Famous Shamrock.

  • Irelands Country AnimalIreland Doesnt Have A Country Bird, But The Country Animal Is A Red DearIn Celtic Mythology, The Stag Represents The God Cernunnos, The Horned One. He Was Seen As The God Of Plenty

  • Map Of Ireland

  • Bordering Countries/ Bodies Of Water

    Bordering Country: Northern Ireland

    Bordering Bodies Of Water: Atlantic Ocean, Celtic Sea

  • Lands PurposePastures

    Potato Fields

    And Open Land

  • Major IndustriesSteel






  • Major Industries (Continued)Food Products



  • James BarryBorn In County Cork, IrelandPopular ArtistSelf Portrait:

    Popular Works:

  • Theo DorganFrom County CorkPopular PoetIs To ReceiveThe 14th O ShaughnessyAwardSome Works: The Ordinary House Of Love,Rosa Mundi, And Sapphos Daughter

  • Justin McCarthyFrom County CorkPopular WriterBegan His CareerAs A JournalistAt Age 18.Was On The Staff Of The Northern Daily Times

  • Colum McCann From Dublin An Award Winning Author Of Literary Fiction.Novels Include A Side Of Brightness, Which He Researched By Living With The Homeless In The Subway Tunnels Of Manhattan, And Dancer.

  • Irelands HistoryIn 1845, The Great Potato Famine Struck Ireland. Considering All Of Ireland Had Mostly Relied On Potato Crops, Many People Died. Celts Began Boarding Ships To America. When They Reached Land, If They Couldnt Pay For Their Passage They Were Taken In As Indentured Servants. They Would Normally Serve About Seven Years To A Family To Pay For Their Passage. If A Family Member Died On The Journey Over, The Surviving Relatives Would Have To Work To Pay Off The Passage Of The Deceased As Well. My Great, Great Grandmother Was One Of The Many To Come To America On These Ships. Her Sister Died On The Way Over And She Had To Work Many Years To Pay Off The Travel.

  • Giants CausewayIt Is Called Giants Causeway Because Of The Legend Of A Quarrel Between Two Giants Named Finn Mac Cool And Benandonner. Benandonner Built The Causeway From Scotland To Fight With Finn Mac Cool. Finn Mac Cool Pretended To Be A Baby And His Mother Told Benandonner It Was Finns Baby Brother, Finn Gal. When Benandonner Saw How Strong The Baby Was, He Got Scared And Thought Finn Mac Cool Would Be Stronger. He Ran Back Across The Sea To Scotland, Tearing Up The Causeway In His Rush. He Left In Such A Hurry His Boot Came Off And Is Still There Today.

  • Newgrange The Entrance Path To Newgrange Leads To A Cruciform Chamber. The Entrance Path That Leads Straight Through Newgrange Is Built A Special Way. At The Top Of Each Entrance There Is A Slot Above The Door. Every Year On The Winter Solstice, The Sun Will Shine Straight Through Newgrange And Out The Other Side. Newgrange Was Used For Burial Ceremonies, And Other Rituals, But People Were Never Buried There.

  • Craggaunowen Craggaunowen Is Located In County Clare, Ireland.The Name Comes From Cragg, Which Is A Lake Or Lakeside Settlement.Ring Fort Is Also In Craggaunowen. A Ring Fort (Or Fairy Fort), Is Basically A Mound Of Earth Believed To Have Been Home To Fairy Tribes. Disturbing One Is Very Disrespectful, And Could End Badly.

  • Hill Of TaraThe Hill Of Tara Is In Slight Danger, Because Of The Recent Building Process Of A Highway Next To This Historic Place.The Stone Of Destiny (Right Picture) Is Said To Have Been Used In The Coronation Ceremonies Of The Celtic High Kings.

  • Cliffs Of MoherDesignated As A Refuge For Fauna In 1988 And As A Special Protection Area For Birds (SPA) Under The EU Birds Directive In 1989.

    The Cliffs Of Moher Are Where Ireland Meets The Atlantic Ocean.

  • Blarney CastleBuilt In 1446, Blarney Castle Has Become A World Landmark, And One Of Irelands Most Popular Attractions.The Blarney Stone, And The Stone Of Eloquence Are Located At The Top Of The Castles Tower. Legend Has It That If You Kiss It, Youll Be Struck With Eternal Eloquence And You Will Never Be At A Loss For Words.

  • Ireland FactsIn Ireland, Red Headed, Green Eyed Female Children Were Sacrificed, For They Were Believed To Be Powerful. They Came Along Every Third Generation. (My Mother Was The First American Born McCann With Red Hair And Green Eyes)The High Kings And Queens Of Ireland Were Crowned In Armagh, Now Part Of Northern Ireland.My Ancestors (McCann And McCaughlan) Are From County Cork. Saint Patricks Day Is One Of Irelands Most Important Holidays.Halloween Is Irelands New Years Eve, A Time For New Beginnings

  • Ireland Facts (Continued)The Celtic Knot (Trinity) Signifies The Continuity Of Life

    A Banshees Cry Foretells A Death In The Family.The Celtic CrossIs Also AMajor Symbol Of Ireland

  • Ireland Facts (Still Continued)Druidism Is Also A Religion In Ireland, But It Is Not Often Spoken Of. Much Of Irelands History Is Passed Down By Word Of Mouth, It Is Not Written. Many Irish Books Arent Allowed In The United States Because The History In Them Isnt To Be Shared With Other Countries (There Are Many Things In Irish History That People Would Question).

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