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May 8, 2014
What did we learn?
Sarnia-Lambton and Chatham-Kent had existing relationships with area health care facilities
Windsor-Essex was a previous provider for one facility (lost contract to Sheppell)
Sarnia-Lambton, Chatham-Kent had partnered previously on School Board Contract and other contracts
Sarnia-Lambton, Chatham-Kent and Windsor-Essex historically have met to collaborate, share information and consult
Describe the existing contracts FS Kent and FCC had with hospitals in your communities. How long did you have these contracts?
Three Executive Directors all hired around the same time
Only Family Service agency in each area
Previously have worked on joint-programming
Sarnia-Lambton and Chatham-Kent invested in maintaining the contract for local health facilities
I think it is important to talk about the fact the three of us started meeting because we were all new (good thing about being part of FSO) is the collegial support we offer.
Keep the work/Get the work
Speak with our current Health Service / Hospital EAP contract contacts about the RFP
Here talk about how the hospitals had begun a central purchasing agency (Transform)
RFPs for a variety of services for the tri-county area began to be rfp’d
Through C-K and S-L contacts, you became aware that eap services would go as one rfp
Knew that other agencies like Sheppell would bid
What we did..
Decided to brand the proposal as Erie St. Clair fseap (matched LHIN area)
Registered the business name Erie St. Clair fseap (consulted with National Management Board first for permission)
Developed a joint venture agreement to clarify the limits of this work (this was an internal document for the FS partners only—not for the health care facilities)
Hired the national office of fseap to write the response to the RFP
Agreed amongst the three agencies to pay each other a higher rate than the fseap nationally prescribed rate of $66.00
Talk about how we divided up the work:
-Richard Lyke wrote proposal
-Diane Lozon from FS-Kent dealt with Transform
-Joyce worked on developing capacity to begin to offer this service
-had weekly conference calls
Outcome—We Got the Contract!
Awarded a five year contract
Windsor-Essex had to quickly create capacity to deliver services (purchase rack cards, magnets, hire new affiliates)
Just commenced year 3 of the contract
We actually operate fairly independently as agencies
Outside of the master agreement, each FS agency set up a separate Addendum with their local Health Service agency / Hospital to address local priorities and enabled flexibility
Payments are made to each individual FSO based on the individual addendum
We need to beef up this section…..
Our partnership was stronger than we had initially thought
There are ways to bid for work without compromising our corporate structure (register a business name, joint venture agreements)
Our approach to work is flexible
Local connections, quality service and reputation are important
We have the capacity to support each other to grow our businesses
What we did really wasn’t innovative—it was practical and made good business sense